Chapter one

- Boat House-

Callen and Sam are questioning a suspect that has ties with Callen's past.

"Why do you think that you are here?" Callen asked the man.
"Because you want to know about your past and what your first name is." The man states saying that he knows Callen's first name.

"How would you know what my first name is? All i Know is that my mom named me with G name and never told me what it is because before she could she got killed." Callen said.

"Your name is Garrett." The man said.

"Garrett Callen? That makes sense and it fits but i don't know." Callen states.

Callen and Sam walked out of the interview room.

"This changes nothing, G. I am always gonna called you G because that's been your name for the past 5 years that i have known you." Sam states.

"I really do need my vacation time tomorrow." Callen states, Callen is heading to hawaii for a week and half.

Callen looks down at his phone right when he gets a unknown text and sees that there is the hospital that he was born at. Callen decides to go there and find out his first name.

- The hospital-

"are you the guy that is trying to find out what's his first name?" The nurse asked Callen.

"yes, madam. I am. My mother only left the intial G; I was hoping that there is any news that i can find?" Callen said to the nurse.

"your name is Gabriel ." The nurse said to him. "I was there the night that you were born."

"okay thank you." Callen said to her. He was surprise that his mother had named him Gabriel. He started to called Sam and let him in on the news.

- The park-

" Your mom named you Gabriel." Sam said shocking. He wasn't so sure about that.

"The nurse that told me said that she was there the night that i was born." Callen said.

"it doesn't change anything. I am still going to call you G." Sam said to him. "Is it time for you go to vacation?"

"yeah. I leave in a hour." Callen said to him and got up and went to his house and started to pack.