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The world is full of millions of cats of many different breeds. They all look like normal cats, but there are a select few that are something much more. Hidden among millions, there are but hundreds that are Hybrids. This is a different type of hybrid than what most people think. These are special cats that have the ability to turn into humans.

They are also immune to death, but only under certain conditions. These creatures are born as humans and gain the ability to switch between their forms at the age of 10. However, they stop aging at the age of 20. From then on, they have a total of 100 years to find their destined mate who could be hidden anywhere among billions of humans. If they cannot, their age will catch up with them and they will die.

Many consider their traits a curse. Others see their temporary immortality as a gift. However, if they do manage to find their mate in the allotted time, both mates will be able to gain immortality permanently. Not many actually know what happens if they find their mate, since it is so rare to actually do so. It's a process of trial and error for the majority of Hybrids. They will know immediately if it is their mate by kissing them. Something magical will happen to both parties.

This story will focus on four cats in particular. So, shall we begin?

An employee walked towards the door to the store and flipped a sign to indicate that they were open. The slight noise of the worker moving was enough to wake one of the cats in the cage. The cat stood up from his curled position and stretched like every cat does, before sitting and staring at the other occupants.

His name was Lovino Vargas, and he and his brother had accidentally gotten themselves caught by animal control. There are quite a few of them running around this area. Fucking bastards. He turned to where his younger brother was still sleeping with an overly cheery expression even in sleep. Feliciano would be waking up sometime soon, but for now he was happy his obnoxious brother was asleep. He then turned and looked sadly at the third cat that was facing the wall. A wave of pity washed over him as he recalled the cat's story.

His name was Matthew, and he had been caught along with his brother. They were Hybrids, like Feliciano and himself. They had also been forming an escape plan, but something had thrown a wrench in their plans. A man had come in and adopted the other cat, leaving Matthew alone. He and Feliciano came about a week afterwards.

He sympathized with Matthew after thinking about how he would've reacted if some bastard suddenly took Feli away. However, thinking about it would get him nowhere anytime soon. Matthew had explained their plan to them and they were going to execute it tonight. They would wait until all the employees had left and one of them would change into their other form, then they would proceed to open the cage and leave as cats. They had spent the last few days watching the camera at the back, and realized that it wasn't even turned on. For all they knew, it might not even work.

The bell rang behind him and he turned to see two men walking into the store. One was a brunette with jade eyes who walked straight over to their cage. The other, an albino, was complaining about something but followed him. The brunette looked at him and Lovino felt the urge to hide, but there was nowhere in the cage to do so. The men began to speak to one another, so he stayed silent and listened.

"Well, here are the gatos! Do you see one your brother would like?" The man spoke with a thick Spanish accent. At the mention of adoption, Lovino stepped back until he was right next to Matthew.

"I still don't see why I'm getting West a cat. He loves dogs!" The other had a German accent, but bent over to look at the cats. His attention went to Feliciano, who was still lying near the front of the cage. "This one looks fine, cute too. I think he's awesome enough for my little brother!"

Lovino bristled at this and moved to step forward, unintentionally stepping on Matthew's tail in the process. The other cat shrieked as he quickly stood up and ran to the front of the cage away from Lovino, who followed close behind trying to calm the other down. The ruckus woke the sleeping Feliciano who noticed the people and ran towards his brother. This resulted in the two crashing together while Matthew finally calmed down and sat in a corner.

It was silent as the cats tried to rationalize what had just happened, but their attention was stolen by the laughter of the two people in front of them. The Spaniard was laughing loudly and the German was bent over holding his stomach.

"Toni! Taking only one would be so boring, why don't we take all three?" 'Toni' looked at his companion in disbelief.

"Three cats? Surely Ludwig won't be able to tolerate three?" The German looked at Toni like he was an idiot.

"Of course not! He's not awesome enough to care for that many cats. I was thinking that each of us would take one too. West can have the one that was sleeping, and I have deemed the fluffy one awesome enough for me. Why don't you take the other one?" Lovino felt his fur stiffen as they talked as if they were items.

"I would feel bad leaving him alone here, Gilbert. I suppose I could take him in!" He opened the cage and picked up Lovino. He cradled him in his arms before poking his nose with his finger. "Hello there. I'm Antonio and I guess you're my little kitty now!"

Lovino was going to struggle until he heard Matthew below him. "Please don't panic Lovino. If these two are close, then the home Feliciano is going to is also probably nearby. We will most likely be able to see each other regularly if we go with these people."

He thought for a second, but complied and allowed himself to be held and nuzzled. Matthew had a point. This was a rare opportunity that they had been given. Having owners that were clearly friends and being able to see one another was definitely better than being sent to some unknown home.

Gilbert called over the female employee who had been watching them closely. She smiled when they told her that they wanted to adopt the three cats. She ran into the back while Gilbert crouched down to see his new cat. "Ne, Toni? What are you going to name yours?"

"Hmm? A name? Uh…I don't really know. Maybe Gato?" Gilbert looked at him as if he were an idiot.

"You're going to name your cat 'cat'? That's so not awesome." Antonio pouted then thought for another two seconds. "Okay, how about Tomate? He can be my little tomato!"

"It's better than Gato. What if I named mine Birdy?" It was Antonio's turn to look at the other like an idiot.

"And you said my names were bad. Why would you name a cat after a bird? Aren't they supposed to be enemies or something?" Antonio rubbed Lovino's ears, earning a reluctant purr from the cat. Gilbert reached towards Matthew, who backed away slightly.

"He seems sort of flighty though. Besides, I love birds! They're one of the most awesome animals in the whole freaking kingdom!" The woman came back and handed some paperwork to the two. Antonio shifted Lovino so that the cat was sitting on his shoulder and was amazed when he actually stayed there. The paperwork wasn't too bad, but it took about half an hour to finish up everything.

While they were filling out the papers, the woman took the opportunity to put Matthew and Feliciano into crates. She tried to do the same for Lovino, but the Hybrid hissed at her. Antonio rubbed his back and said that he was fine without a crate. Why the idiot trusted him as a cat, he had no clue, but it's not like he was going anywhere. Gilbert took the crates from the woman and once the papers were done they walked out of the pet store.

"How the heck is that cat staying on your shoulder!" Gilbert asked in disbelief and Antonio rubbed under Lovino's chin.

"I guess he just likes me!" He cringed when the cat bit his finger and quickly hid it from Gilbert, hoping he hadn't noticed. Thankfully he didn't and turned to walk in the opposite direction.

"Well, have fun with your little Gato! I'll see you tomorrow at the normal spot." Antonio waved back, missing the insult, and walked in the opposite direction. Lovino looked back uneasily as he felt the distance between himself and his brother growing every second.

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