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It has been over a year since everything happened. Matthew sat on their new porch as he thought back to all that had happened since he had been captured. A lot had happened, but nothing terribly dramatic.

After all the chaos of finding mates and him being able to change between forms once more, everything had calmed down. Kiku had informed them all about a village where a community of Hybrids had made permanent residence. He and his mate, Heracles, had lived there for over a decade and he had left for a while to learn about engineering. It would help the other residents and many did similar things to learn skills that would benefit the community as a whole.

He had offered everyone the opportunity to join the community. The village was exclusively for Hybrids who had found mates. They wouldn't turn away those who hadn't, but would help them and send them out once more. There were a few children who were too young to search for mates living there though.

Since all of them had found their mates they were welcome. Kiku allowed them all some time to think and added that he would be returning soon. He would lead anyone who wanted to come right away.

It hadn't taken long and the next day everyone had agreed to come, however at different times. Gilbert and Matthew had chosen to follow Kiku as had Antonio and Lovino. Ludwig had wanted to earn some money by selling the house and getting everything out of the bank that his grandfather had left them. It would take some time, but having extra money could help a growing village later on. Kiku said it wasn't necessary, but Ludwig was insistent. Since Feliciano wouldn't go without his mate, he remained behind with Ludwig.

Arthur had to finish some business in England that he had been planning to do anyway. His job was one where he couldn't just vanish without people searching for him. He would have to close deals and actually quit to prevent people searching. He didn't have any family that would search, so that was all he had to do. Alfred, of course, had to go along to make sure the Brit was safe and sound. Matthew couldn't help but laugh when he saw how overprotective his brother was. Unless it was being directed towards Gilbert.

Kiku had left both pairs directions to find the town, but also instructed them not to tell any humans. They would get suspicious if they found a town that didn't age. Kiku, Matthew, Gilbert, Lovino, and Antonio had left a few days later. The town was located in a hidden valley in the Rocky Mountains. It was only accessible by creatures as small as cats, which meant that normal humans couldn't gain access.

It was a nice town with kind people. Most of the homes were cabins, as there was a lack of brick and concrete in such a desolate place. However, the Hybrids had found ways to keep the homes heated and provide electricity. Matthew didn't ask how as every time he did, he got a very technical answer.

When they arrived Kiku had gone and found his mate, bringing him over to meet the others. Heracles was a nice person, if not lazy. He showed showed his feline tendencies even as a human. Afterwards, they had introduced them to some of the other residents. Toris and Feliks, Matthias and Lukas, Berwald and Tino, and Roderich and Elizaveta were a few of the couples they met. They soon discovered that some had lived here for over a century, while others only a decade or two.

There was only one cabin available at the moment and three more would soon be built. At the present time, Matthew and Gilbert had taken the original cabin as their home, while Antonio and Lovino had moved into a newly built one. A third one was under construction at the time. Since they somehow had service out here, Gilbert had received a call from Ludwig that he and Feliciano would be leaving in a week.

That meant that they would be rooming with Matthew and Gilbert for a few days while their own cabin was being constructed. Matthew hadn't heard from Alfred and Arthur yet, but neither were really the type to call before they came. They could be on their way right now and he wouldn't have known.

Matthew smiled. He couldn't wait for them all to be reunited again. Gilbert came out at this time and sat beside his mate, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek that made the Canadian blush.

"It's our turn to head to town. You ready?" Matthew nodded and stood from his spot.

"Yes. I just hope you don't get us lost again." Gilbert laughed his normal, yet strange, cackle and stood up as well.

"Someone as awesome as me can't get lost! …Twice!" Matthew simply nodded and headed towards the town entrance with an energetic Prussian following him the entire way.

Okay, so I've been thinking of maybe continuing this in another story with a new central character, maybe someone who stumbles upon the town. Maybe Sealand? Lolz. We'll see where that goes, but I would probably use him or another character who hasn't been mentioned. Not many to choose from... Maybe a Francis reincarnation could pop up too, who knows?

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