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Chapter 49 The things I didn't say

John ran his hands over his face, the last box was packed and tomorrow he would be leaving for his new home. The past three days had been messy, he hated what he did to Raven but he figured it was right. It was too much,for both of them. Thinking about that look on her face when he broke the news was enough to have him welling up. Quickly, like a coward he fled, just so she wouldn't see how much it affected him. Breaking up was always hard to do but for some reason, this time was a million times harder. He spent three days in his room and fixing things up, according to Iziah, Raven had left for some thinking space and just like that it was over. He was only thankful that the last three days were spent in his own company, Iziah had gone on another convention and Jamie was with her father. John flopped down on the bed, it was a time where he should be excited or at least happy about this new home and being independant again, but his heart just wouldn't let him leave Raven.

"Cena! Get down here!"

Iziah was back and annoyingly bellowing up the stairs. He had told the other girls that he was moving out and why, Iziah took one look at her sister's heart broken face and just lept, luckily for him Jamie's scared scream was enough to make her stop and John only got away with a sore ribcage, nothing was broken thankfully. John headed downstairs and as he pictured, Iziah's face was flushed with red anger, those silver pools seemed darker than usual.

"Where is she?" Iziah demanded tapping her foot on the floor.


"Raven!" Iziah shouted "She's not home yet, I thought maybe you had seen her, you know, to spit on her broken heart"

"I don't know where she is"

Iziah looked at him with such loathing it was enough to make John to feel the stinging guilt all over again. John didn't know what else to say and in a way, thankfully, Iziah was pulling out her phone and speaking harshly at him. "If I lose her to her fifth suicide attempt Cena, I swear I will hunt you down and skin you alive and your vital organs..."

John didn't hear the rest of the threat, she was busy listening to Raven's latest voice message.

"Izzy if your hearing this your back, welcome home, I'm fine really, just need some time to think. I will be back tomorrow night. Love you, and I swear I'm fine. Make sure Jamie does her course work and please don't hurt John this isn't his fault. Love you"

"Not your fault my ass" Iziah muttered flicking the phone down, grabbing her jacket she flicked on her jacket. "I'm going to find her, you stay here and think about what you did, you took a sweet, lovely girl and smashed her heart into a million peices. You people are all the same, I hope the guilt strangles you in your sleep, it'll save me doing it."

The loud bang relieved John that she was finally gone, at least he would be in his own home and with any luck he could forget Raven, he knew that wasn't possible. Still he freaked out that Raven was gone so he rung Storm, Raven had always said that if Iziah didn't know, Storm would. John litterly paced the floor while she made her way over. When she walked in, it was obvious that Raven hadn't told her what had happened, she was perfectly nice to him.

"Everything alright? You seemed really freaked out on the phone"

"Raven's gone missing apparently,"

Storm's eyes narrowed in concern, "Did she leave a message on her phone saying she would fine?"


Storm relaxed a little, "Obviously Iziah didn't remember the obvious," She gave John a look that he couldn't dechipher, "Go upstairs John"


She looked at him pointedly, her mouth saying words, "Go upstairs" Her hands telling him to stay and be quiet. John in all his confusion didn't know what to do, he was rooted to the spot as Storm went to the cupboard in the kitchen. She took a seat right in front of it and tapped lightly on the door. "Raven?"

John almost jumped out of his skin when he heard that sweet voice return, "I'm fine really"

"You can't be fine, you're in the cupboard. You only go in there when you're really upset about something" Storm said gently, this wasn't new for Raven sadly, whenever she had had enough of the world she locked herself in the cupboard in the kitchen. Raven fit in there quite nicely, it was her place to just sit in the dark and think.

"I'm just thinking about stuff"

"John related stuff?" Storm asked gently, "Is he still mad at you?"

"That's kinda bad news/good news situation"

"Good news?"

"He's not mad at me, we talked about it and we've sorted it out"

"So whats the bad news?"

"Well instead of having fantastic, mind-blowin make-up sex, he's decided that he's just gonna break up with me and move out"


Even behind the wood Storm could see Raven's shrug. "He's decided that we shouldn't see eachother any more, and he's gonna move out"

She cast a look at John but continued on as though he wasn't there. "So you're just gonna stay in the cupboard forever?"
"Nah just until tomorrow night," Raven let out a sad sigh before going on "Do you know how hard it was to watch him leave for work? It was heart wrenching, but I took comfort in the fact that he was comin home to me. I don't think I could watch him leave knowin that he ain't coming back" Another sigh "I should of seen it comin actually"

"What do you mean?"

"A girl like me has no business with a man like him. He deserves better and as much as I hate it and as much as you people will say different, the truth is, I'm not better, I'm a down grade"

"Raven don't say that about yourself" Storm said firmly, Raven was always so confident, hearing her say things like that was heartbreaking, she had been hurt badly, Storm knew that much. Usually Raven didn't let anything bother her and just went on, but clearly John was different, he had shaken a foundation of self-confidence to its core. No one had been able to do that in her entire life. "You are not a down grade, he should of been at the church, on his knees thanking God for your mere exsistance"

Raven let out a sad chuckle "You're very sweet, but thats the truth. Think about it, John Cena and all his greatness, and me, the psychopath covered in tattoos. Oh thats really depressin now that I think about it"

"Raven, do you want me to stay with you?" Storm asked gently, she heard it in her cousins voice, so close to breaking into sobs.

"Nah, just tell me when John leaves, it'll be easier if I don't gotta watch him leave" Raven sighed again "Now I know the lesson for next time"

"Which is?"

"I tried and I failed, the lesson is never try. At least when I die alone I won't have to worry about my spouse. I'll only have to worry about my millions of cats. Wait I don't like cats, snakes. Millions of snakes"

The next day the entire room had cleared out and John was gone, Raven pushed out of the cupboard and went upstairs to the room that was once his, sadness reigned down and for a while she just stared at the empty space. Iziah came up and lent her head on her shoulder, "You ok?"

"Yeah. I will be, in time"

"I'm sorry Rae, I know you really liked him" Iziah kissed her on the top of the head, "I'll make you a nice sweet coffee, it might take your mind off him"

"Thanks Izzy"

Raven kept staring into the room, his scent still lingered and Raven was forced to hear all the things she didn't say. She didn't say, don't go, I love you. All she said was good-bye, good luck and God bless you. If only she had said something, maybe it would of been different.

"Raven! Phone!" Iziah shouted from downstairs, "Its that guy from your latest job interview!"

Raven shook herself, and pulled away from John's old room. "Good-bye John, I love you" She whispered into nothing before going downstairs to try and put her life back on track.