Hello, and welcome to yet another one of my Hetalia fanfics.

Note: This story will be the darkest I have written. I might bump the rating up when I get to the gruesome parts of it. (If I do change the rating to 'M', it will NOT be because of sexual content. Not at all. However, I am planning on adding some pretty horrific torture scenes to this story [it actually plays a big part in the plot ^_^'], so that is what will cause the rating to jump up a level.) However, for right now, I will keep it at 'T', since there won't be anything intense in the first few chapters.

This story is set in the year 2030.

This chapter might be a bit short, but that's because it's the prologue.

Since Iceland doesn't have a human name, I took the liberty of giving him one, for this story.
NOTE: I have looked at countless sites, and have concluded that Iceland does not have a human name. (Himaruya stopped giving the Nations human names.) I have also read countless fanfics with the Nordics as central characters, and have seen quite a few names being used. The most popular were Emil, Erikur, and Haldur. I chose 'Erikur' because I liked the way it sounded. (Plus, I used that name for him in 'The Number Three', and I am used to calling him that.) If anyone knows of a genuine source that says Iceland has a human name, link me to it, and then I'll change his name.

*Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. Not me. (If I did, the 'Polish-Swedish Wars' comic would, like, totally be animated…)*

Chapter 00

"Is this some sort of a joke?" Vincent Crowley pounded his fist on the table, just missing the four open folders that were laid out in front of his spot.

"No sir, it's no joke." One of Crowley's subordinates, known only as Schramm, nervously adjusted his tie. "Everything in those folders is completely factual." He coughed and continued to fiddle with his clothing. "We, er, actually knew about this a year ago; we just wanted to get a research facility and willing scientists available in advance so we can get started on this as soon as possible."

"You knew about this for a year. Yet you didn't tell me." Crowley's voice took on a dangerously low level.

"W-we wanted to make sure we got the facts straight and the right people for the job before we went to you!" Stanfield, Crowley's second underling, stuttered.

Crowley nodded, pursing his pale lips. "Very well. What does this have to do with our organization, and our goals?"

Schramm was quick to answer this one. "Well," he began, "the people in these folders might be expendable, but with the tests our scientists have set up, we can get information from them. Information on the inner workings of the American and Russian governments, for example. Information we can use to topple said governments from the inside out."

"However," Stanfield added, nervously pushing his glasses higher on his nose, "none of our first targets are over seventeen years of age. Are you willing to sacrifice children for this movement?"

"Of course." Crowley didn't bat an eye. "Sacrifices must be made in order for us to be successful." He gestured to one of the folders and wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Besides, they're not even human; they're unnatural beings whose existence should be impossible."

"If you say so, sir." Stanfield said nothing more, but his eyes softened as he brushed his hand over one of the folders. Hoping that no one saw his expression change, he quickly fixed it to a scowl. He was lucky; no one said anything.

"If I may ask, where did you come across this information?" Crowley narrowed his eyes.

"Well, sir," responded Schramm, "one of our tech guys accidentally traced this one's—" he pointed at the last folder, "—phone call. From what the brat was saying, the tech discovered his true identity. We did some more research on this guy, and voila, we found out exactly what he, and the others, are. There are more of them, too. One for every country in the world."

"Interesting." Crowley picked up each of the folders and studied them. "Erikur Pettersen: the personification of Iceland. Raivis Galante: personification of Latvia. Eduard von Bock: personification of Estonia. And Peter Kirkland: personification of Sealand." He paused, dropping Peter's folder. "What the hell is 'Sealand'?"

"It's a micronation off the coast of England," Stanfield explained. "Personifications of micronations exist too, apparently."

"Whatever." Crowley waved his hand. "Moving on, you said before that these…things…will help us take down the American and Russian governments. How?"

Once again, Schramm answered the question. Stanfield didn't mind; he was actually starting to feel sick. "If we hurt the brats, and maybe kill one of them, odds are someone is going to give us the identity of America or Russia, or even both. Once that happens, we can approach them and force them to give us the information we need to infiltrate their governments. Once we're in, we can plan a coup. With how corrupt and faulty both governments are, it'll be easy to take over and gain control. With one or both of the world's superpowers under our foot, it'll be easier for the Sunrise Party to take over other nations. If we play our cards right, the world could be ours in a decade." The large man took a breath before continuing. "Plus, by experimenting on these four, we can see what makes these…creatures…tick. If we find out how their bodies work, we can possibly create our own."

Crowley nodded, listening intently to every word. "Schramm, Stanfield. Good work. I will endorse this project; it seems to have promise, and will further advance the Sunrise Party's goal. How soon will you be able to capture the four?"

"Whenever you're ready," Schramm stated. "We just need to give the scientists the green light to move into the facility. Once they're set up, I'll nab Pettersen and Kirkland, while Stanfield'll get von Bock and Galante. I'd estimate that we'll be able to capture them in a week, to give the scientists plenty of time to settle in."

"Perfect." Crowley smirked, leering at the photos of their victims. "You're dismissed."

Stanfield and Schramm nodded. They each took the folders of their targets, and went their separate ways. As soon as Stanfield made it to his car, he opened the folders, looking at the youthful faces. He closed his eyes, his stomach feeling sicker than it did before. Raivis Galante, age fifteen. Eduard von Bock, age seventeen. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry…

Opening his eyes, he closed the folders and composed himself. It's for the greater good. Remember that. The Sunrise Party will create a better world for everyone. But as he started to drive, Raivis's innocent pale-blue eyes bore into his soul, making him dread what he was ordered to do.

I know that was short, but I hope it was interesting!

As for the four 'targets', why did I choose Sealand, Iceland, Latvia, and Estonia? Well, I chose the last two because they're my favorite characters. (Don't worry, Lithuania will have an important role in this story, too, though he'll show up later.) As for Sealand and Iceland, I love them, too, and wanted to practice writing them, so I figured 'why not make them the other two protagonists?'

I know this focused on the OC villains (I hope they were interesting enough), but the next chapter, and the others following it, will focus on Latvia, Iceland, Estonia, and Sealand.

This takes place in the future, but everything is pretty much the same as it is, now. (Except TVs and computers'll be a little more high-tech.)

Once again, I hope everyone enjoyed this. This is my first time writing something sci-fi-ish for Hetalia, so hopefully, it isn't too awful.