Adventures of an Alpha

By LilyAurora


Chapter One


Maybe coming here had been a mistake. She thought as her eyes scanned the room. Never catching anyone's, constantly avoiding everyone.

She had refused at first. When she had bumped into Emily at the store, seeing her had been a surprise that left her unable to think as she scanned the isles looking for anyone else from the Rez. The words Emily spoke hardly registered.

"Come on Bella, please. It's been so long since you've been home. I know everyone would love to see you."

Reading between the lines, what she really meant was, 'everyone will be happy to see you're alive.'

So she had agreed. Agreed to attend a house party her and Sam were throwing. She had given no reason for it, just to be there at 7 sharp and to dress up.

Dress up? Really? But who was she to argue.

Charlie had explained it had become a regular thing for them to throw a party at least once a month. He had attended a few times and urged Bella to go and enjoy herself. His relationship with Sue was surprising, but not unwelcome. She was happy for father.

"You need to make peace with everyone Bells. Leaving like you did, well it hurt a lot of people." He told her.

Bella sighed knowing he was right. She had hurt a lot of people, Angela, Emily the pack and Jake. God Jake, how she had hurt him. He had always been there for her. Stood beside her through everything, never faltering on his feelings for her. Never once giving up hope. Yet she left without even a good-bye or an explanation.

Would he still be the same, could he have possibly changed that much in two years.

Her question was answered the moment she laid eyes on him. Yes he had changed. Gone was the boyish charm and innocence. Before her stood a leader a warrior. He looked every bit the Alpha and chief he was born to be. He towered above the crowd, only Sam and Paul came close to his height and they were both a good few inches off. His huge arms were crossed against his impressive chest as he leaned against the wall in the living room. T-shirt pulled so tight you could see the outline of his abs. He had a small gathering of women fluttering around, eager to draw his attention and yet he paid them no mind. His eyes, those dark orbs were focused solely on her.

"You all right there Swan?" some one asked.

Turning Bella was shocked to see who it was, who had spoken to her.


"In the flesh sweetheart," she smiled.

"Wow. You look, wow." And she did. Her hair was longer, her face seem softer. She just seemed happier.

"Thanks, not looking to bad yourself either," she eyed her tight-fitting top. "Who knew Bella Swan had a rack on her?"

Bella blushed, a trait it seemed she would never grow out of.

Leah just laughed. Taking a sip of her drink she allowed her eyes to wander over the pack.

"I left," she stated.

Bella's eyes snapped to hers.

"Once Jake became Alpha and the risk of leeches became nearly non-existent. I asked him if I could leave the pack."

"And he said yes?"

"Of course he did," she smiled.

"He knew how unhappy I was. How unhappy I made everyone. It wasn't even that Sam had imprinted on Emily, it was mainly the fact that no one explained to me why. Just tried to write it off as some love at first sight bullshit. Then I phased and learnt about imprinting, which pissed me off even more and the whole mind sharing shit, well let's just say I became one very angry woman."

"Yes you did," Bella agreed laughing at the look Leah gave her.

"I just couldn't do it any more. I wanted a life, a family. Did you know I stopped having my periods when I phased?"

"No, I didn't know."

"Yeah, so I wasn't even a real woman. So when I went to Jake with this huge speech prepared because I thought he would argue the point, he stunned me when he just agreed. No arguments, nothing."

"He's a good person." Bella added.

"Yes he is."

They stood in silence just listening to the noise around them.

"I'm pregnant," Leah said.

Bella looked at the glass in her hand. Leah rolled her eyes.

"Iced water, Embry would kill me."

"Embry?" Bella spluttered, quickly looking around to see if anyone had heard her. Luckily the noise and music were too loud.

She nodded. "Before I stopped phasing, he plucked up the courage to tell me. I wasn't the easiest of people to speak to back then."

Bella laughed.

"So we talked, a lot and he made me realize that I needed to let all the anger go. And I did, it took me a while but with his help and my mom's. I forgave Sam and Emily, even thought it wasn't their fault. It was something I needed to do."

"That's amazing Leah. I'm so happy for you." And she was. If anyone deserved to be happy it was Leah.


"So did you and Embry get married?"

Leah went to answer but was cut off by someone butting in their conversation,

"Nah, she keeps turning me down," Embry spoke as he slide next to Leah. Wrapping his arms around her, kissing her temple.

"It's not for lack of trying on his part. I'm just... I'm not ready," Leah explained.

"Even though she's gonna have my baby," he teased resting a large hand on her flat stomach.

"I'm so happy for you both," Bella smiled.

"How are you Bella? You don't know how happy we all are that you're ok."

"Alive you mean."

"Well, yeah," he chuckled. "How were we to know you were still alive?"

"I know, I'm sorry."

"But sorry doesn't cut it, little bird."

"Don't start Paul," Leah cut him off. "She's back isn't she? That's what you all wanted."

"She should have told us," he spoke to Leah, but his eyes were hard as he looked at Bella.

"I wasn't ready. I needed to fix myself."

"And what? You couldn't do that here? With all your friends, people who would have died for you nearly did die for you." His anger was understandable.

"Enough!" The voice cut through the noise silencing everything and everyone.

"This is not the time or place to be having this discussion Paul," Jake's voice was calm and steady but you could hear the authority in it. That Alpha timber.

"What ever," Paul spat as he stalked away from us.

"I see some things haven't changed," Bella said watching his retreating figure.

"Nope, he's still an ass," Leah answered.

"Maybe this was a bad idea," Bella voiced as she sat her drink down. "I'm just gonna head home. I don't want to cause any trouble."

"Bella you don't have to go," Leah looked at her with sympathetic eyes.

"I do Leah. I-I shouldn't have come."

"You're always welcome Bella," Embry added. "Come by tomorrow, catch up."

Bella smiled at their attempt, "ok." She nodded.

Embry beamed. "Awesome, you remember where Sue lives?" he asked. "Well just come on by any time, we'll be there."

"Ok ,sure I'd like that." Saying a final farewell Bella slipped over to where Emily was stood with Sam. She explained she was leaving, apologizing for everything. They made plans to meet later in the week.

Just as she was walking out the front door. Bella locked eyes with Jake. He didn't smiled, he didn't do anything. Just stood next to Quil watching her. Turning quickly she closed the door behind herself. "Stupid stupid," she chastised herself. "What was I thinking going to that party." She shook her head at her own stupidity. She had only been back a few days, it was too soon to see everyone, especially him. God, how he had changed. He looked so, good. So beautiful, it was hard for her not to throw herself at his feet and beg for forgiveness. How could she have been blinded for all those years. Having not seen what had been in front of her that whole time. Just waiting for her to say the word and he would have been there. Would have loved her with everything he had, he would never had hurt her not like Edward did. Never.

Hunting through her bag, Bella fished out the keys to her truck. Thankfully she only had one beer so driving home wouldn't be a problem. Just as she was unlocking the truck door, the keys were snatched from her hand as Bella's, whole body was spun around and pressed against the side of the truck.

"What the hell, do you think you're doing?" he asked angry eyes holding her own.

"Going home?" Bella replied smartly.

"You were going to drive?" He asked.

"Well, yeah. How else am I supposed to get home Jake?"

He closed his eyes as she spoke his name.

"You've been drinking," he replied opening his eyes slowly.

"1 beer is all I've had. I'm more than capable of driving home on just 1 beer."


"No?" She repeated.

"No, you're not driving home."

"Well I'm not walking. And excuse me, who the hell made you the boss of me?"

He just looked at her. An amused expression on his face.

"What's so funny?" Bella snapped, trying to prise the keys from his grasp.

"You're not driving home Bella," he whispered. Jesus if that soft silky voice didn't send a shiver down her spine.

"I want to go home Jake, please give me my keys." She held out her hand.


"Fine," she yelled. Ducking under his arm and walking towards the main road. "I'll walk," she shouted over her shoulder.

Before Bella had even take 2 steps he had grabbed hold of her arms, slamming her against the side of the truck. His whole body pressed against hers, holding her in place. The heat from his skin felt comforting, his warm breath fanned across her face as she stared at him in shock.

"I told you Bella," he breathed. Dark eyes watching her closely. "No."

She couldn't speak. This was a side of Jake she had never seen, the dominant side. The Alpha male side.

He buried his face in her hair inhaling deeply. "You still smell exactly the same," he purred. His nose ran across her cheek, as he kissed her neck softly. His tongue trailing a path across Bella's jaw. "I've always wondered what you taste like," he breathed in her ear.

"Oh," Bella moaned, barely able to hold herself up. She was hyper aware of every touch, every breath he made.

His hips shifted against her own, she could feel him. Feel how hard he was.

"Jake," she whispered.

He didn't answer just stared at her. He had her arms pinned either side of her head, warm fingers wrapped around, delicate wrists. He made no attempt to move and neither did she. She wanted to ask what he wanted, what was wrong. But she didn't want to break this, what ever it was that was happening between them.

He shifted his hips again, Bella could do nothing more than moan, as her eyes fell shut. She could feel him rub against her. When had he become so, confident?

Opening her eyes, she was met with a look of pure smugness. He knew exactly what he was doing to her.

Bella shifted then, trying to move her body away from his, but he just pressed her harder against the truck.

"You're not going anywhere Bella."

"You can't keep me pressed up against my truck all night Jake."

"Wanna bet," he cooed at her.

Bella's eyes shifted towards the house. No one had followed them.

"They won't come out here Bella. They know better than that," he said as his face lowered, closing the distance. Bella's eyes fluttered from his dark orbs, down to his lips and back again. Watching as his lips twitched slightly.

"Something you want Bella?" he asked smugly.

"I, um no," she shook her head.

"You sure?" he asked against her lips. He was that close she could feel them brush against her own.

"I, what?"

He just smiled at her. That beautiful, full smile, the one that made you smile along with him.

They stayed like that for god knows how long, he was so close all she would have to do was shift slightly and their lips would be touching. But she wasn't going to be the one to do this, if he wanted her then it was up to him to end this game he was playing. He hadn't spoken to her all night and then as soon as she leaves he stops her? Well screw him. She was not, going to give in first. She wasn't. He could be all Alpha male, Bella was not one of his pack to order about.

"Bella," he whispered.

"What Jake?" she snipped. "What do you want?"

His eyes narrowed slightly as he moved back.

"What do I want?" he asked before laughing. It wasn't a joyous sound. "What do I want? Something I've always wanted. Do you know what that is Bella?" he asked pressing against her once more. "What is it that I've wanted more than anything, hmm?"

She shook her head.

"Come on Bella, don't act like you don't know," he growled. He was angry. Bella could feel the air change around them.

"I don't know," her reply was barely a whisper.

"Please," he spat. "You know what it is Bella, Jesus everyone fucking knows, everyone's always known. Even you, when you played your little games."

Her eyes snapped to his. "I never played games."

"Yes you fucking did," he snarled, before calming himself. He took long deep breaths. "You led me on," he whispered into her ear. She shivered.

"I didn't mean to."

"No, you didn't," he agreed.

Bella watched him closely. She could feel his thumbs rubbing circles into her skin, his dark eyes ran across her face, taking in every detail.

"You still look exactly the same as you did 2 years ago," he said. "Although, you have gained some extra curves," he chuckled glancing at her chest. As Bella glared at him.

"What? I'm not saying it's a bad thing," he shrugged. "You look sexy as fuck, always have."

She blushed then.

"I've missed that," he whispered. "Your blush."

"I'm still me Jake."

"Yes you are," he stated before claiming her mouth. She was unprepared for the onslaught of emotions. His hands still held hers against the truck, as she struggled against him. Wanting to touch him, needed to. But he refused to release his hold on her. His one knee worked its way between her legs widening Bella's stance as he pressed against her. Rocking in such a way, that he had her moaning into his mouth and Jesus his mouth. There are no words to describe how amazing he felt. Soft yet firm as he took control, tongue exploring and teasing, lips tasting as he kissed her. As he claimed her.

The sky clapped above them as the first sounds of a storm erupted.

And still he continued to kiss her. Thighs rubbing against places that had her whole body tingling. Bella pressed down against his leg wanting more friction. Needing more.

Raindrops fell then, hitting her face softly.

Jake must have felt them as well, as he slowly pulled from the kiss. Bella watched as he licked his lips, her hungry eyes watching every movement of his tongue.

"You're wet," he breathed huskily.

Bella dragged her eyes away from his lips.


"You are wet," he breathed emphasizing the word wet, with a gently knee nudge.

"Oh," she blushed madly.

She could feel his eyes on her, as she avoided his gaze. She was embarrassed that he could smell her. Once she regained some control over her over-heated skin. She chanced a look at him. And the heated stare he was giving her stopped Bella's breath.

"Want you," he stated honestly.

Bella licked her lips as she watched him move closer. His hands finally realising her own, which quickly grabbed at his top. Pulling him closer.

"Want you," he repeated.

"Want you," She replied.

He hummed happily, before grabbing her around the thighs. Bella wrapped her legs instantly around his waist, as he held her to him. Walking them god only knew where.

His lips were back on hers. Every step he took caused Bella to bounce slightly in his hold. Her hands were entangled in his hair as she hungrily kissed him back. Jesus, had he always been such a good kisser. She allowed herself to remember back to that kiss they had shared before the battle. Even back then he had set her world alight. His warm lips and delicious taste, had Bella wanting more but her blinded love for Edward stopped her. But never again. Never was she going to deny him. If Bella was honest with herself, she had come back for him. Hoping and praying he still wanted her.

Large hands squeezed her ass. All previous thoughts were lost.

He pulled away from her lips. "We're here," he said.

Looking over her shoulder, Bella realised they were walking towards a small house. One that was partially hidden by the forest.

"Who lives here?" she asked. Shocked at how breathless she sounded.

"I do," Jake answered.

"It's yours?"

"Yes." No more was said as he walked up the few steps and pushing the door opening. As he walked them inside. Bella was expecting him to place her on her feet, but he kept a firm hold on her as he walked around the house. Flicking lights on here and there.

He made his way towards the kitchen opening the fridge and taking out a large bottle of water. Handing it to Bella, as he closed the fridge. She gave him a look.

"You're gonna need it," was all he said.

She swallowed thickly. Oh my.

Finally reaching the bedroom he lowered her carefully to the floor. Placing the water on the sideboard. He turned to face her as he sat slowly on the edge of the bed, leaning back on his arms so he could watch her. An amused expression on his face.

Bella shifted nervously from foot to foot. His eyes on her made her extremely self-conscious.

"Come here," his voice was like honey. All sinful and delicious.

Bella locked eyes with him as she moved closer. He opened his legs so she could stand between them. They didn't say anything, just watched one another.

He sat up which brought his face within perfect height of her chest, he smiled smugly before pulling his T-shirt off in one fluid motion. Bella's found it hard to breath, as she watched the muscles flex under his skin with every movement. He tossed the top to the side leaning back giving her a perfect view of his sculpted abs. She licked her lips subconsciously.

"See something you like Bells?" he teased.

She smiled then, that was the first time he used her nickname.

Bella nodded. Not trusting her own voice.

He held out a hand. She stepped closer placing her own in his. He quickly pulled her to him, so she was straddling his lap.

"Ok?" he asked.

"Yes," she nodded shifting slightly.

His hands were on her hips as he held her to him. "Kiss me," he said. Bella blinked at first, not sure she had heard him correctly. Moving slowly, Bella placed her hands on his shoulders. The warmth from his skin seeped into her cold hands, causing her to sigh. She brought her lips closer, licking her own before touching them against his softly, carefully.

"I'm not gonna break Bella," he said. "And neither will you."

He wrapped his arms around her. One around her waist, the other on the back of her neck; his thumb brushing against her pulse as he took control of the kiss. Bella could do nothing more than hold on and let herself go. His lips were relentless against her own, his tongue dominant and demanding, yet soft and careful. He changed between hard and gentle causing her head to spin. Jake broke the kiss, to trail his hungry lips down her neck, licking at her collar-bone. Hands moving to unbutton her top.

"Clothes, we are wearing too many." Bella panted out.

He chuckled. "Yes, we are."

"Oh," Bella blushed not realizing she had said that out loud.

"But I'm working on rectifying that," he said removing her shirt, as he kissed an exposed shoulder. Teeth biting at her bra strap. He threw her top across the room, allowing himself a moment to look at her, his eyes ran across her exposed skin. She felt self-conscious and made a move to cover myself but he easily caught her wrists.

"No, don't do that," he said softly.

Bella moved them back to her sides. He smiled at her softly before standing. Jake undid his jeans, slowly lowering the zip. Bella watched every movement his hand-made with hungry eyes. Hooking his thumbs into the side of his jeans, Jake slowly pushed them down his hips.

Bella blushed. He wore nothing underneath, his hardened length jutted out proudly in front of him, as he kicked his jeans to the side. She swallowed nervously, he was very large but that was to be expected considering the size of him, everything it seemed, fell into proportion.

Sitting back down, Jake slowly raised his hands, to gently cup each breast. Bella's eyes closed from pleasure, as her nipples hardened underneath the material of her bra.

"Take it off," he whispered. Her hands were moving before she was even aware of it. Undoing the clasps at her back, Jake's large fingers were sliding the straps down her arms. Their eyes were locked on one another. It was only when he had dropped the garment to the floor did he look at her. Bella watched as his eyes took in each breast, hands followed his eyes as he cupped them, squeezing them and brushing a thumb over each hardened peak, causing her to moan. He pulled himself up then, attaching his lips to one breast, as he kneaded and teased the other.

His warm mouth on her had Bella crying out in pleasure. She ground herself onto him as he sucked and teased her. Teeth nipping and pulling at her sensitive nipples. Bella's hands wrapped in his short hair pulling him closer, to where she wanted him to go.

Warm hands ran down her stomach as he popped the button free on her jeans, hands slipping inside to cup her ass, squeezing it hard as he sucked on her breasts.

"Oh god," she moaned loudly.

Jake removed his mouth with a pop. "Stand up," he ordered.

Standing on shaky legs. Bella allowed him to remove her jeans. His hands brushed down her thighs as he buried his face against her stomach.

Bella ran her fingers, through his hair as he stayed pressed against her. Lips kissing her stomach softly. She could feel his thumbs rubbing against her thighs. Gentle movements, softly working their way up, until they were hooked in her panties. Slowly he tugged them down her legs. She didn't even think about stopping him. After all, it was Jake, her Jake. Someone she had known her whole life. And if there was anyone she trusted, then it was him. Once Bella's panties were free from her body, they were thrown towards her other clothes.

"You smell so fucking good," he purred as he lifted her leg. Bella had to shift slightly, turning her other foot so she didn't fall. Jake must have sensed her worry.

"I won't let you fall Bells," he said dark eyes watching her closely. "Promise."

Smiling at him, Bella ran a hand down his face cupping his cheek, he kissed her palm. Her leg was held under the knee she watched in awe as Jake lowered his face to her, burying his tongue inside her before, licking her from front to back.

"Holy shit," Bella cried out, clutching at his hair; as he continued to eat at her. Tongue delving deep inside before teasing her clit, sucking hard. Her other leg shook. She didn't know how long she could hold myself up for, if he carried on, with what he was doing.

"Jake," she cried out. Body shaking from pure pleasure.

Without missing a beat, he grabbed hold of her turning them so she was now lying on the bed with Jake's face still buried in her.

He pulled Bella's legs over his shoulders, allowing himself better access to the area he wanted.

"Oh god," she panted. Hands twisting in the bed sheets. Bella could feel his tongue inside her as she tried pushing herself closer.

"Jake, please." Bella begged.

His lips attached themselves to her clit, flicking and teasing until her body locked.

"Shit," she cried out as her orgasm rocketed through her body. She jerked and thrashed in his grip as he continued to tease her with his tongue. Bella panted above him as he finally removed himself from her over sensitive clit, letting out a sigh of relief as he moved his body over hers, his hips rested between her legs. Bella could feel him hot, hard and heavy resting against her opening.

He watched her closely, kissing her lips softly. Bella moaned as she tasted herself on him. She licked his lips, causing him to growl deep within his chest. Lips bruising against her own as he dominated the kiss, his large hand wrapped around her thigh lifting her leg, as he slowly slid inside her. Bella's breath caught as he stretched her slowly and deliciously. He was bigger than anyone she had been with. In all honestly there had only been two before him.

A shift of his hips had her crying out, as he slipped in deeper.

"Jesus Christ," he moaned.

"Jake," Bella whispered.

He lifted both her legs then, giving him better access. His large hands moved around to cup her ass, as he rocked into her.

"How many?" he breathed out.

Bella didn't answer, she was confused by his question.

"How many before me?" he growled.

"Jesus Jake," was he really asking her this now?

"How many Bella?"

"Jake," a thrust had her answering quickly. "Just 2," She practically screamed out.

He growled then thrusting harder.

"Oh god," Bella cried out as she clawed at his back.

"Mine," he growled circling his hips before slamming into her.

He moved them again, her legs wrapped around his waist as he slid his arms underneath her body to hold on to her shoulders.

"Best hold on," he purred at her as he slammed into her.

Bella's head thrashed from side to side as he fucked her hard. Their bodies bounced on the mattress as he continued his punishing rhythm.

"Jake," Bella cried out as her orgasm hit her fast. Her walls clenched around him as her whole body arched towards him.

"Jesus Christ," he panted, slowing down his thrusts; while she rode out her orgasm.

Bella's eyes opened slowly, locking onto his face. His eyes were closed and his mouth open slightly. He continued to move in a slow steady pace.

Bella's hand cupped his face causing his eyes to open, he smiled then moving his body yet again, his arms resting on either side of her head. He changed his rhythm to long deep strokes which caused Bella's eyes to roll to the back of her head, breath catching as the pleasure from his movements rushed through her.

She moaned loudly. Hands moving to cup her own breasts. Squeezing them together.

"Fuck," he hissed. Eyes locked onto her hands, licking his lips as he continued to thrust into her.

"J-Jake," she moaned.

"What Bella?" he asked.

"Harder. Please," She begged.

He smiled at her, leaning down to kiss her softly, before whispering, "no."

"What? Why?" she moaned.

"We're doing this my way," he stated.

"Please," she begged.

"My way Bella. I'm gonna fuck you, so you never forget it, never want anyone else."

He moved again then sitting on his calf's as he pulled her onto him. His hands running up the length of her body, cupping and squeezing each breast, before wrapping gently around her neck. Thumb brushing against her lips.

"Open," he said.

Opening her mouth, he slipped his thumb inside.

"Suck," he demanded.

She did as he asked. Sucking on his thumb, teasing it with her tongue.

His hips snapped against her then, as he set a hard pace.

Bella moaned around his thumb.

"Suck," he ordered in a tone she had never heard before.

He lifted her legs with his other hand laying them flat against his chest, her light skin against his darker looked beautiful together. Jake lifted her slightly gaining a better angle, hitting places that had her gasping. His thumb forgotten as it traced against her lips. She was so close, she could feel her body building up to the orgasm which was going to rip through her, especially if he continued to hit that place right there, a few more times.

Then he stopped, didn't move, didn't withdraw.

Bella opened her eyes wondering what was wrong, she was shocked to see him watching her. Eyes intense, as they looked at her appraisingly.

"Jake, what's wrong?"

"Do you trust me Bells?" he asked.

"Yes, yes of course I do," she tried to move.

"Stay still," he barked eyes clenching.

Bella laid back down.

"I'm an Alpha Bella, do you know what that means?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied. "You have responsibilities."

"No," he cut her off. "It means I'm not the same submissive boy, I once was. It means I'm in charge Bella. I need you to understand that, that I have to be in control. I have to take charge."

"OK, you have to be in charge," she repeated not truly understanding.

"I don't think you understand," he took a deep breath. "Look at me Bella, look at my eyes. Tell me what you see?"

Bella looked at him, their eyes locking on to one another. At first she didn't notice anything different, but then just on the outer rim of his iris, a thin yellow color.

"Your eyes," she whispered.

"It's my wolf."

"Your wolf?" she questioned.

"He's part of me Bella. Before it was just something we did, shifting into wolves. But now, now we've accepted it, accepted our wolves. We're better, stronger and he wants you just as much as I do."

Bella was shocked. She knew they had a bond with their wolf counter parts, but she never really gave it much thought. She never once thought about them as part of one another, just as two separate things entirely. But she could see that if they wanted to live peacefully, live harmoniously they would have to accept one another. Completely. And sharing feelings, even thoughts would certainly become something of a norm for the pack and their alter egos.

"Bella, we are dominant in every aspect of our lives. I don't know if we can be gentle with you."

"But you have been gentle."

"That wasn't gentle Bella and you know it. That in all honesty, that was me holding back. A lot," he admitted.

Bella swallowed thickly, nervously biting her lip. If that was him holding back, Good lord what was he like when he let go.

"You know I trust you Jake and if I say stop, I know you will," she tried to comfort him.

He nodded, "I will."

"Show me, show me the real you."

He growled then deep and feral. Manhandling her into the position he wanted. His whole body vibrated with excitement as he slid down her sweat slicked body, licking her stomach before locking eyes with her.

"We want to taste you again," he growled.

Bella nodded expecting him to lower himself to her but he didn't. He flipped them around until she was sat hovering over his face, his arms wrapped around the top of her thighs. Holding her to him as he licked her.

"Oh my god," she tried to pull away, but he held her in place. Bella was still so sensitive from previously that her body convulsed instantly. She had to grab hold of headboard, as he ate at her. Her whole body went into pleasure overdrive, twisting and turning trying to escape his tongue. He growled against her then. The vibrations adding another sensation as she bucked on him. She could feel her orgasm fast approaching. This time he wasn't going to deny her, her release.

"Oh god Jake," she screamed.

He didn't answer just wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked hard. Her orgasm crashed into her like waves breaking on the shore. She screamed again bucking wildly. Jake quickly lifted her sliding her down his body, impaling her on his long hard length. Causing another small orgasm to burst forth suddenly and violently.

"Oh shit," Bella threw her head back as she ground her hips against his. Large hands held her in place as her body recovered.

Jake slowly rocked into her, small upward thrusts. She was so exhausted already but he showed no signs of slowing down.

"Bend your head back Bella," he whispered.

She did as he asked.

"Good girl," he said as his hand wrapped around her hair. Pulling her head further back.

Bella moaned from the feeling. It was different, not being able to move. Her back was arched and her neck exposed. It was a vulnerable position to be in. But she trusted him. Jake had a firm grip on her as he thrust into her, she had no where to go, nothing to hold on to. So she settled on holding onto her own thighs as Jake's other hand gripped her hip hard, fucking her viciously.

"Oh, oh J-Jake," she cried out.

"Come on Bells," he urged.

Her eyes fluttered shut, as her body contracted again. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had, but Jake was moving again. He had some how manage to sit up manoeuvring them to the edge of the bed. He held Bella's arms behind her back, as he stood. Her whole body at an angle. Her head was tilted towards the floor. She could feel the ends brush against the rug, as he continued to thrust into her.

Bella couldn't speak, the noises she made were incoherent and made no senses. Deep moans followed by shallow panting and blabbering.

"Fuck you feel so fucking good Bells, so tight around my cock."

Oh god his naughty words sent a jolt straight to her core.

Liked that did you babe," he licked her chest. "Like me talking dirty to you," he said as he thrust harder.

"Y-yes," she managed to squeak out.

"Love seeing you like this, impaled on me. Watching as my cock disappears inside of you, feeling your walls grip me tight."

"Jake," she whispered. "Please."

"I'm not done with you yet Bells," he cooed. "You won't be able to walk for days when I'm through fucking you." He added an extra tilt at the end hitting something deep within her, causing Bella to cry out.

"Fuck," he panted angling to hit that spot again and again.

"Yes yes," she cried out. Bella didn't care that her arms hurt from the hold he had on them, or that there would be bruises tomorrow. All she cared about was him fucking her like this.

He spun them around then, her back hit the bed as he bent her legs back. Her ankles were next to her head as he pounded into her. The position causing him to go deeper. Hit places that had her seeing stars.

"Oh god," she groaned. She couldn't move under his weight. He had her pinned to the bed, arms trapped underneath her as his whole body held her legs in place. His hot breath fanned across her neck as he panted.

"Feel so fucking good," his hand cupped her cheek, thumb rubbing against her lips. She opened her mouth, flicking her tongue across the tip of his digit.

Bella watched as his eyes darkened.

"Want you to do that to my cock," he purred. "I want to feel your sweet little mouth wrapped around me, as you kneel on the floor, sucking and teasing me until I cum. And you're gonna swallow every drop like a good girl, aren't you Bells," he whispered.

"Y-yes, god yes," she moaned.

His hand wrapped around her neck, his thumb still managing to brush against her lips as he applied some pressure. Not a lot just enough for her to know he was there.

"You like me man handling you, don't you Bella. You like me using you, as my very own fuck toy."

He didn't wait for an answer.

"Of course you do," his nose ran across her cheek. "You have no idea, what we want to do to you," he purred. "But not today. Today is just a taster, a tease to let you know what you can have."

Bella moaned, trying to get some friction but the steady pace he had going wouldn't let her gain any ground. He was in control, he set the pace, he decided when she would come.

"But hear this," he moved her head so he could whisper in her ear. "If you stay with us, if you want this, us. You are ours. So think carefully Bella before you answer, because if you say yes," he thrust hard causing her breath to catch. "If you want us," he thrust a few more times making her see stars. "Then you," he thrust again. "Will be ours to claim, to mark."

"Yes, god yes. Please." The incoherent blabber was ignored by Jake he knew that wasn't her answer. Even if it wasn't he wouldn't accept it. Not until she had time to process what he had just told her.

He smiled crashing his lips to her. It was hard and punishing but she loved it. Loved every nip, every clash of teeth.

"Ours," he growled as he set a hard pace. He removed his had from her neck and lowered her legs.

"Harder," she begged.

He growled as he pounded into her. "Fuck," he yelled flipping her over onto all fours. Bella didn't have a chance to move before he was lifting her up and sliding back into her. Bella's fingers gripped the bed sheets as he held onto her hips slamming into her.

"Fuck yeah," he groaned.

Bella needed release the relentless fucking had her a quivering mess and she needed to cum badly. Sliding her hand down to her clit she was refused release as Jake gripped her wrist, pulling her flush against him. His fingers wrapped in her hair, as he held her to him. Hips circling before thrusting into her.

"Rub yourself," he said after a few minutes. "Make yourself cum, as I fuck you," his voice deep and delicious.

Bella worked her fingers against her sensitive clit. It wouldn't take much to push her over the edge.

"That's it babe. I can feel you, feel your walls fluttering around my cock, getting ready to drain me. Fuck," he swore as his hand moved to cup a breast, squeezing and pinching her nipple.

Bella cried out as her orgasm swept over her. Jake held her to him as her body shook.

He thrust a few more times before coming with a deep groan. She could feel him twitch inside her as he slumped forward slightly, arms still wrapped around her. His breathing hard, on her neck. After a few moment he still made no attempt to move.

"Jake," she patted his hand gently.

"Mmm," was his reply.

"Can you move please, my legs are hurting."

He slid out of her carefully. Watching with a satisfied expression as her body quivered, slumping on to the bed exhausted. Leaning over her he grabbed the bottle of water. "Here drink this," he said handing it to her. Bella didn't even realize how thirsty she was.

He smirked as she drunk deeply. "Told you, you'd need it," he chuckled.

"Shut up," she laughed slapping at him. He just pulled her to him, moving them so they were laying on the bed. He had her cuddled into his chest protectively, as he pulled a sheet over their naked bodies. Bella fell to sleep almost instantly. Jake smiled to himself. He had never expected her to respond to him like that. She had been so willing, so submissive. He knew waiting for her had been the right thing to do. He could have taken many a mate. But he didn't want just anyone. He wanted Bella. Always had. And now he had her, he couldn't be happier. She was someone who he could really explore his dominant side with. A willing partner, someone who trusted him.

He kissed her head softly as he tightened his hold on her. Bella Swan was going to find out exactly, who Jacob Black was.