Adventures of an Alpha.

By LilyAurora

Chapter Three


Once Bella had woken, Jake cooked for her. Feeding her pieces of cut up fruit, bacon and toasted bagel, they drank their coffee as they lounged on the bed. Comfortable in each others presence not to force a conversation. Not one, either wanted to face just yet.

Jake played with the ends of Bella's hair before nudging her gently. "Come on let's get dressed." he said as he climbed off the bed. Confident in his naked form.

"Why? Are we going somewhere?" Bella asked following him.

"Yeah, I want to show you something."

The drive to the garage was quick, situated just before the La Push border. A decent distance between both Forks and the rez. But far enough that Jake had his own space.

"So this is where you work?" Bella asked as she moved around the spacious garage. Fingers moving nimbly over tools and work tops.

"Own Bella." He replied, watching her every movement as he leaned against the old truck, arms crossed against his chest.

"Sorry, own." She smiled softly at him. "I can't believe you did it. Finally got your own garage."

He shrugged. "Took me a while, dad helped with the loan but it's what I wanted. Couldn't really see myself doing anything else."

"You were always good with your hands Jake."

He laughed then. "In so many ways." He watched her as she smiled, continuing her walk around his workshop. Stopping to look at parts of cars which had been taken apart to fix. Running a hand across different tools. She was fascinated by everything in front of her just as much as Jake was fascinated by her.

The sway of her hips captivated him, he flexed his fingers with the need to touch her. Take her. Have her naked once again for him to feast on. She smelt divine, tasted even better. He had always thought that her scent was due to his single-minded need for her when he was younger. Something he had imagined or exaggerated. But it was neither. Her scent was fucking mouth water and she was leaving it all over his garage. Jesus Christ how the fuck was he supposed to work when all he would be thinking of was fucking her over his work top.

"Why did you come back." The question surprised her.

"You want to do this now?" Bella turned to look at him. No anger in her voice, just slight hesitation.

"Yes. I think after everything, the last few days. You owe me and explanation."

"Can we... is there somewhere we can sit down?"

"My office, come on." He pushed his muscular form off the truck, before pointing towards a door at the back of the garage. "It's nothing fancy, just a quiet place where I can catch up with any paper work and escape Quil's constant jabbering." He threw a smile over his shoulder at her.

Bella followed silently. He could smell her nervousness as her heart began to pace the closer they moved towards the office. He opened the door allowing her to walk inside first. He watched as she looked around the room before moving towards the old leather sofa on the far wall. She sat down carefully, her eyes avoiding his as she glanced around the room.

Closing the door with a resounding click he turned to face her. She was still avoiding him, he never took his eyes off her, as he walked towards his desk, leaning on the edge facing her. He tried to keep his body relaxed but he could feel the tension thrumming through him. He wanted her to explain to him why she left. Why she ran from them, from him. They had done everything for her. Nearly died trying to protect her and she repaid them by running away.

"Where did you go?" He asked gaze focused on her.

"Sorry, what?" She was nervously playing with her fingers. He could tell she didn't want to talk about this. If it was left up to Bella, they never would.

"When you left, where did you go?"

"Florida. I went to see my mom."

"Your mom?" He repeated.


He waited for her to continue, to explain but she just sat there. Hands in her lap as her fingers twisted together.

"And..." He pushed, trying to get more out of her.

"And what Jake? What do you want me to say."

"Jesus Christ Bella! Something, tell me something. I deserve to know why you went, why you left. No one knew where you were. We thought... fuck I thought you had run off with him, with that fucking leech. Do you even know what I went through every day, wondering if this would be the day where Charlie finds out you're dead. But you wouldn't have been dead would you have, you would have been one of them. A goddamn fucking vampire." He breathed deeply chest heaving with his barely controlled anger.

"I didn't..."

"You didn't what?" He roared. "Think? That seems a recurring problem with you. You never think. You always do what you want to do and running always seemed to be the easiest solution."

"It wasn't easy Jake. It was the only way I could fix things."

"Fix what? You're not telling me anything Bella."

"Fix me." She screamed at him. "I had to fix myself Jake."

"So you decided to up and leave, no goodbye, no forwarding address."

"No." she shook her head. "I didn't want anyone coming after me."

"You didn't think you owed it to us, your friends. Your fucking father to know where in the hell you went. Fuck sake Bella you were gone for months before Charlie knew where you were. How do you think he felt when you left."

She sat there silently.

"You don't know? You can't even risk a guess?" He was angry now. His body thrummed with tension as he tried to make sense of what she was saying but all he could hear were her selfish reasons once again.

"He was devastated. Spent nights looking for you, ringing around your school friends. The Cullen's had gone and he was positive you have left with them. That you had run off with Edward to get married."

He began to pace. His eyes flashing with anger as he tried to control himself. He was every bit the leader he was born to be.

"You don't know how close I came to telling him everything Bella. To watch someone you care about slowly crumble in front of you." He shook his head. "It's not something I want to see ever again. And knowing you had done that too him. God I wanted to hate you. Wanted to forget about you, push all the thoughts of you of of my mind. Find someone who would love me the way I loved you. Worship me for a change. Care about me." He roared punching his own chest.

"I'm so sorry Jake." She sobbed from her seat.

He laughed then. A deep and cruel sound.

"Sorry? You're sorry? You think that's enough to convince me you're going to stay Bella. Do you think I'm that same carefree teenager I once was who would do anything for you, believe anything you said."

She shook her head. "No, you've changed. Grown."

"I had too. I became Chief of the Tribe and Alpha to the pack. I have responsibilities now Bella. People depend on me, just as much as the pack. I have no time for games."

"I'm not playing games Jake. I came back for you. I want to be with you."

He watched her closely. Listened to her heartbeat as she spoke, knew she was telling the truth. But he just couldn't allow himself to fall into that same old routine. He would not allow his heart to lead him this time no matter how much he wanted it to.

"You have to prove to me you're here to stay."

"Anything, I'll do anything." She quickly replied.

He stood there watching her, finding the right words to explain how serious he was about her. How much he wanted her to stay here with him.

"I want you to take my mark. Allow me to claim you as my mate in the packs eyes ."

"Your mate? But the council, your father? And what if you imprint."

"I won't and it has nothing to do with them. I choose you Bella, all you have to do is accept."

"I don't know Jake, it's a lot to take in. I mean I only just got back and you want to mark me as your mate."

"This isn't a new thing for me Bella. I've loved you since I was a child."

"I know." She whispered.

"Then why is it so difficult for you to say yes to me? Were you not serious when you just said you wanted to be with me, that you loved me?"

"I do love you, I want to be with you Jake."

"Then why is this so hard for you to commit too?"

"I don't know." She yelled.

"Yes you do. You either want to be with me, or not Bella. I'm done fucking waiting for you, all I've ever given you is time. I've always been there for you, gave you my heart my soul and all you've done in return is spit it back at me."

"I can't do this Jake," she stood rushing towards the door but he was blocking her path in a blink of an eye.

"Running away again Bella." He snarled.

"I don't want to argue with you Jake."

"You can't keep doing this Bella. You can't run away from everything, you need to face things like an adult."

She shook her head.

"Stop running from me Bella, stop fighting this." He took hold of her arms gently.

Twisting in his grasp, she tried to break free.

"We need to talk about this. I won't act as if the last few days never happened Bella, like I never had you naked in my bed not hours ago."

He face flushed as she pleaded with him. "Please just let me go."

"No," he growled.

She struggled beneath him pushing at his chest, trying to kick at him but he just pressed her more firmly against the wall. His whole lower body trapping hers as he held her arms above her head.

"Stop fighting and just tell me."

Bella continued to thrash beneath him. He had never seen her so irate, so wild. He would be lying if he denied that it turned him on.

"Goddamn it Jake, fuck off..."

The rest of her words were cut of as Jake slammed his mouth against her. Lips pressing against one another as he thrust his tongue deep inside, exploring her warm wet sweetness.

"Jesus," he gasped pulling back sharply as he licked the blood from his lip, where Bella had bitten him. He looked down at her tousled form, cheeks flushed eyes bright, pupils blown wide, chest heaving with every breath she took. She had never looked more beautiful. Before Jake had time to think his lips were back on hers, fingers locking around her wrists as he pushed them further up the wall forcing Bella on her tip toes.

Tongues battled, as he thrust his hips against hers, soft moans escaped her delicate lips as he pressed harder against her body.

The kiss was brutal, teeth clashed, lips were bit as they devoured one another. Jake's wolf howled in ecstasy. He loved this animalistic side of his future mate.

Pressing a thigh between Bella's parted legs. Jake gently nudged against her jean covered pussy before sucking on her plump bottom lip, he rubbed his chest against her breasts feeling her hard nipples through the fabric of her top.

"Jake," she panted against his swollen lips.

"What Bella?" He asked nose brushing against hers.

"Please," she begged grinding herself down on his muscular thigh.

He kissed her neck smiling into her skin as she ground herself on him.

She trembled against him, mewling as he teased her with his thigh and mouth. The fingers of one hand nimbly working open the buttons on her top, exposing her breasts to his hungry eyes as the other still held her hands captive against the wall.

Bella yelped at the feeling of Jake's warm mouth wrap around a nipple before sucking hard. Her head fell against the wall with a resounding thud, words were lost on her as she pushed harder against his thigh trying to find some small amount of friction.

He had her bottoms off before she even realized what had happened. His mouth never left her chest moving from one breast to another to distract her. Her shirt slipped open exposing her completely to his heated gaze. Jake maneuvered her as he wanted, gently lifting her before placing her back down on the edge of his desk.

He stood there silently just watching her, eyes traveling across her flushed skin, taking in her dilated pupils, the way her chest heaved with each breath she took. His eyes closed as he inhaled her delicious scent, her arousal thick in the air.

"Place your hands flat on the desk behind you and lean back slightly."

Bella did as instructed, so lost to the overwhelming feeling of arousal she would do anything he wanted.

"Lift your hips for me."

She followed his orders.

"Yeah like that, good," he replied before slowly pulling her panties off and stuffing them into his pocket. "Now un-clasp your bra."

She didn't even hesitate, dropping the garment to the floor.

"You look fucking gorgeous Bells," he whispered huskily. "All on show and just for me. You smell fucking amazing as well. Can't wait to taste you, have my tongue deep inside you as I fuck you with it."

Bella moaned eyes falling shut remembering Jake's tongue from this morning.

"Would you like that Bella? Of course you do, you love the thought of me fucking you with my tongue again."

She nodded, breathing heavier.

"Sorry I can't hear you?" He whispered against her ear, his warm breath sending goose bumps across her skin.

"Yes, yes I do." She managed to pant out.

"Good," he was further away now. Bella opened her eyes to see he was seated on the sofa opposite his desk, casually leaning back as his dark eyes roamed over her whole body.

"Lick your fingers for me Bella, lick them then play with your gorgeous pussy."

Bella shivered. The deep tone in Jake's voice was doing delicious things to her body, aided by his heated gaze Bella was ready to burst.

Slowly she placed her two fingers into her mouth swirling her tongue around them before removing them and running them down the front of her body, stopping just shy of her exposed pussy.

"Show me Bella. Show me how you make yourself nice and wet."

The initial contact had her moaning, she threw her head back as pleasure coursed through her body, causing her clit to throb and nipples tingle.

"Yeah just like that." Jake encouraged. Voice deep and delicious. "Use your fingers Bella make yourself nice and wet for me."

Bella ran her fingers across her sensitive clit, before dipping them deep inside herself, using her own wetness to lube her fingers before teasing her clit once again. She was close, she could feel the tell-tale tingles in her body as her orgasm approached.

"You're close aren't you Bella? I can smell your orgasm approaching. Rub your clit for me Bells, that's it yeah, harder."

Bella moaned, head thrown back as her legs shook.

"Are you ready to cum Bella?"

"Yes," was her choked out reply.

"Stop!" he ordered.

Her fingers froze as Jake's words slammed into her. She whined quietly, body shaking from the denial it craved.

He was there in-front of her, clothes scattered carelessly on floor. The heat from his naked flesh brought comfort, his large hand wrapped around her much smaller one moving it away from her sensitive pussy.

"Lay back."

She did as she was asked.

"Oh god," she moaned as Jake teased the head of his cock against her sensitive clit.

"Feel good Bells?" he asked as he continued his teasing.

"Yes," she moaned as his head pressed against her swollen clit.

"You look so fucking good," He purred.

She cried out as he gently pushed the head of his cock into her, before pulling it away.

"Do you want me Bella?" He asked still teasing her.

"Yes," she called out as he pushed in a little further. He was slowly breaking down her resolve. He knew she needed to be pushed, needed that firm hand to guide her.

"I've wanted you for years Bella. There's never been anyone else for me," he said rocking his hips back and forth pushing himself into her a little deeper each time.

"Then why do you need to mark me."

"Because I want everyone to know you are mine. That you belong to be," he roared thrusting into her completely. Bella's orgasm ripped through her, her small body bowed off the desk fingers clawing at wood as wave after wave of pleasure ran through her. Jake continued to thrust into her body, watching as Bella moaned beneath him, legs locking around his waist as she tried to anchor herself to him.

Bella panted beneath this muscular man, heart beating as her orgasm slowly ended. He crowded over her, their chests touching as he pistoned his hips in and out of her. The desk rocked from the force of his movements.

"I'm not going anywhere Jake," she soothed hands cupping his face as she leaned up to kiss him. Jake kissed her back, mouth hungry and desperate. Hips slamming against her hard enough to move the desk across the floor.

Bella moaned, fingers slipping on his sweat covered skin.

He growled into her neck, tongue lapping at the area there.

"Oh god," she cried out as her body was rocked by another orgasm, stronger this time.

Jake continued to thrust into her, mouth sucking a bruise on her delicate flesh.

"Fuck Bella," he groaned. "So fucking good," he roared before picking her up and slamming her against the wall not missing a beat as he fucked her, arms holding her beneath her thighs as he dropped her body down onto his eager cock.

"Jake," she mewled. Head thrashing from side to side, fingers pulling at his short hair as she bit into his shoulder.

He dropped them to the floor then, landing so he took the brunt of the force, before flipping Bella onto her back. Jake slowed his thrust down into a gentle rocking motion, his hips circling in a tantalizing way, which had Bella begging him within seconds.

"Jake please," she called out pulling at him, feet digging into his ass, trying to get him to move deeper, faster.

He ignored her and continued his slow pace, teasing pace.

Bella cried out, body twisting as her hands squeezed her own breasts, teasing her nipples before they went back to grabbing at Jake. He just smiled above her, watching as she lost herself to the pleasure he was giving her, he licked at the bruise he left on her neck, before taking a sensitive bud into his mouth toying and teasing it with his tongue.

"Please, please," she was close to tears as she thrashed beneath him trying to find some friction but Jake would give her none.

His large hands cupped her breasts squeezing them together, her nipples hard and erect begged to be teased, so he did. Alternating between licking, sucking and pinching them, each sensation had Bella moaning beneath him.

His blatant refusal to give Bella what she wanted, what she needed was driving her crazy. Her body was balancing on that edge and Jake was deny her.

"Jake please..."

His hands squeezed her breasts a final time before disappearing from her over sensitive flesh.

"Why won't you let me mark you," he whispered in her ear before sucking on her lobe.

"I can't... I don't..."

"Just say yes Bella," he cooed rubbing his nose along her face. "We don't have to do it now, just tell me you want to be mine always."

Bella moaned.

"Mine forever," he whispered against her lips before thrusting his tongue into her mouth, he kissed her passionately, sucking on her bottom lip before pulling away.

"I'm scared Jake." She whispered against his lips.

"Don't be," he soothed. "I'm not going anywhere Bella. I've waited all my life for you. I can wait a while longer."

Bella kissed him frantically. Hands grabbing at his face as she teased his tongue with her own..

Jake growled before thrusting his hips deep and hard. Her small body moved across the floor as he fucked her. Legs wrapped around his waist as he lifted her ass slightly to get a better angle, hitting all kinds wonderful spots deep inside.

"So fucking good," he moaned as he thrust faster, harder.

All Bella could do was hold on and moan as the sounds of their lovemaking filled the small office, flesh slapping together echoed around them as words were lost to heavy breathing and gasps of pleasure.

Jake growled as his rhythm began to falter.

"Shit shit," Bella could feel her walls begin to clench around him.

Jake tilted her body slightly as he slammed into her. The thrusts were so powerful, Bella saw stars each time he plunged back inside her, eyes rolling to the back of her head from pleasure.

"Come on," he called out.

Bella's legs locked around Jake just as her orgasm slammed into her. She screamed out her release, body shaking as Jake continued to thrust inside, once, twice a third time before roaring his own release. Collapsing on top of her, before rolling to the side taking Bella with him. They both panted, taking in deep greedy gulps of air.

"After a few minutes Jake spoke.

"You ok? He asked brushing the hair from her sweat soaked face.

"Yeah," she nodded smiling. "I'm sorry about everything Jake. About leaving you and everyone else behind."

"It doesn't matter Bells."

"Yeah it does. We still have a lot to talk about but I want to, I need too. I came back for a reason Jake. I came back for you. I was so worried you wouldn't want me or worse had found someone else and when I seen you at Sam's my heart stopped. I had missed you so much and I just kept denying myself the truth for all these years... I needed to grow to mature to realize what I had right front of me. What I always had."

"I always believed in you Bella. Believed that one day we would be together, it just felt so right being with you, it always came so easy.

"I know and I think that's what scared me the most. With you I could just be me. You didn't expect me to be anything else other than myself."

"Why would I? I love you."

Bella looked at him smiling. "I love you too and I would be honored if you would claim me as your mate."

Jake looked shocked for a moment before returning her smile and pulling her to him, kissing her deeply.

"Fuck I love you," he purred rubbing his face across hers.

Bella laughed. "I love you too."