Title: Kurterella

Rating: M

Pairing: Kurbastian

Disclaimer: Glee and its characters belong to Ryan Murphy and the Fox network, although I wish they would belong to me ; ) I don't own Cinderella either. All I own is a brain full of crazy ideas!

Warnings: bisexual!Sebastian (necessary for the story), emotional/possible physical abuse (nothing too graphic), MPREG, Minor Character Death, and Boy-on-Boy-Smut. Don't like,(then I don't know what you're doing in the M section of FanFiction), Don't read.

A/N: I love Cinderella and couldn't get the idea of a Kurbastian one out of my head. This story takes place in modern times and, sadly, Burt does die for the purpose of the story.

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Ch.1 *The Story of Kurterella*


"Mommy! Mommy! Tell us the story of Grandpa Sebastian and Grandpa Kurt!",a little girl, of about 8 years old, with long, dark brown curls called as she ran to her mother.

Her mother, a tall woman with pale skin, bright green eyes and dark brown hair, smiled,"Lilliana you've heard that story a million times!",Karissa said.

"Please mother? Lilly and I love that story!",another girl, older than the other by about 4 years, with the same hair stated as she walked into the room.

"You to, Chantelle?",Karissa asked, amused.

Chantelle nodded, with wide green eyes and flushed pale skin; she was practically her mother's twin. Two deep brown eyes blocked Karissa's view of her eldest as Lilliana leapt into her arms,"Please mommy! Please! Please! Please!"

"Allright, allright, Lilly!",Karissa laughed as she lowered Lilly onto her lap instead of her arms.

Chantelle quickly took the seat beside her mother and sister, waiting anxiously for the story to begin.

"As you both know, this story begins with a young man named Kurt Hummel, who was 16 at the time. Our story goes like this. Once upon a time, not so long ago, in this very land, there lived a young man named Kurt Hummel..."


Kurt Hummel was a man of many talents. He could sing like an angel, was flexible and athletic enough to be captain of the Cheerios, smart enough for the honorole, made almost all of his own clothes, an amazing cook, and kind to everyone. He figured he had to be with it just being him and his dad for so many years, his mom died in a car accident when he was 8. His dad, Lord Burt Hummel, was a full-time member of parliament, full-time mechanic and owner of Hummel's Tires and Lube, and full-time single father. Kurt would never know how his dad had managed to do all of this and still keep a smile on his face. Burt was one of the kindest, gentlest, and happiest men anyone had ever known. He was one of the most important men in parliament and there was even talk of him being elected as the Prime Minister someday. But despite all of Burt's many accomplishments, there was none as special to him as his son Kurt.

Kurt had been the center of Burt's universe. Everything he said and did was for him and Kurt. He had always been so proud of Kurt's accomplishments, kindness, and beauty. He knew his son was meant for greatness in every way. Burt had always loved how much Kurt looked like his mother, Elizabeth. Kurt had her pale skin, deep chestnut brown hair, stunning glasz eyes, and slender frame. He was the most beautiful creature in all the land. Men and women all over Lima fawned, were envious of, and desired his great beauty and gentle heart. Kurt would take it all in stride with a sweet smile and kind words, kill em with kindness, Burt would always tell him and that's what Kurt always did.

The two were extremely close, best-friends, and would tell each other everything. They knew that they could always depend on each other and that as long as they had each other, they didn't need anything else and would be fine. Which is why it came as such a surprise to Kurt when his father introduced him to his new fiancee, Terri Delmonico, and her two daughters, Quinn and Rachel Goolsby.

Terri Delmonico, a stunning woman with blond hair, hazel eyes, and a lovely smile, was very kind and loving to his father. She was a very wealthy woman, having come from a rich family and having numerous ex-husbands, and therefore doted on them all. They went on many lavish trips to the Carribean and Europe, shopped until they dropped daily, and even took in two more servants. Kurt and Burt had already had two servants, who were more like guests that helped around the house, named Brittney and Samuel Pierevans. They were orphans, whose parents had been killed in a fire while the two were at school when they were 6, and were about to be separated and put in the system. Burt and Elizabeth, being the kind-hearted people that they were, took the twins in and the rest is history. Brittney and Sam were the sam age as Kurt and the three became fast friends.

The two servants Terri bought were named, Michael and Tina Cohen-Chang. Mike and Tina had been dating for years and had been working in the same house until the man who they worked for, lost his money and the two had to go to auction. That was where Terri bought them and the two are now engaged.

The family had been happy for a year until trajedy decided to put a stop to their happiness. Burt Hummel had a massive heartattack and died. Kurt was distraught. His only blood related family member was gone and he had never felt more alone. They had found out shortly after Burt's passing that Kurt was to be left in Terri's care until he was either 16 and married or 21 and of legal age to live alone. They had also learned that Burt had left Kurt almost everything, including the car shop, the house, servants, vehicles, almost all of the money, etc. Terri received a good sum of money and Burt had even put money into Quinn and Rachel's college funds. However, Kurt, Quinn, and Rachel would be unable to access the funds until they were 21. Which meant that, until Kurt was 21 or married at 16, everything, including himself, belonged to Terri. It was then when he saw the true colors of Terri Delmonico and her wicked daughters.

The second they arrived home, Terri broke the news to Brittney, Sam, Mike, and Tina. The four were devastated but Terri gave them no time to mourn.

"Brittney do the laundry! Sam scrub the floors, Tina cook our dinner, Mike polish the silver, and Kurt!",she called out to him, stopping him as he was going up the stairs to his room,"Just where do you think you're going?"

Kurt turned to face her,"I was just going to my room, step-mother. It's been a very hard day and I just wanted to try and get some rest."

Terri sent him a cold glare and a cocked eyebrow,"YOUR room? YOUR room? All of the rooms in this house are MY rooms! And besides, only the family of the house sleep in the nice rooms upstairs. The HELP sleep wherever I say they sleep! Those four sleep in the basement from now on and you sleep in the tower!"

"What do you mean they sleep in the basement and I sleep in the tower? We all have our own rooms. That's where we sleep.",he said, albeit a little harshly.

"Not anymore! I am in charge now and this is how it's going to be! From now on you will cook, clean, sew, and do whatever Quinn, Rachel, and myself say you will do. None of you will go, say, or do anything without permission first! Do I make myself clear?",she replied with her hands on her hips.

"B-But, step-mother, I..",Kurt tried to say.

Terri interrupted,"DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?"

The four servants answered in unison,"Yes, Ma'am."

Terri's glare at Kurt could have melted an iceberg.

"Yes, step-mother.",he reluctantly agreed.

"Good! Now Kurt, go clean all of the chimneys. It's supposed to be cold tonight and my daughters and I want a warm home without all of the soot getting everywhere.",she said, beginning to make her way up the stairs with her two smirking daughters following closely behind her.

Kurt tried to fight back the tears,"Yes, step-mother."

2 years later

It has been two years since his father's death, also known as the night his entire life changed forever. Kurt is now 16 and living a life he would never have imagined. He is a servant for his stepfamily in his own home. Kurt hasn't seen his bedroom in two years, having been living in the rickety old tower as a bedroom. Despite the fact that his life isn't exactly ideal, Kurt makes the most of it. It's really dificult to do, however, when his life has had so many changes in the past two years. For example, having step-sisters. He used to always want siblings and was so happy when he discovered that Terri had Quinn and Rachel. Of course, that hadn't lasted for very long.

Quinn Goolsby is the type of girl who will do absolutely anything to get what she wants and what she had wanted two years ago, was to take Kurt's spot as captain of the Cheerios. Quinn had never liked it that Kurt was a better cheerleader then her, nor did she like having Kurt tell her what to do.

Therefore, after the night of Burt's death, they went back to school a few days later but, before they could leave, Terri approached Kurt,"Quit the Cheerios and Glee club today. You won't have anytime for them anymore because I need you to do your part here. Be thankful i'm even letting you return to school! Also, you are to do everything Quinn and Rachel tell you to do at school, as well. If I hear that you have disobeyed then you will suffer the consequences."

Kurt had simply nodded and walked out the door.

That, of course, brings him to his other step-sister, Rachel Goolsby. She could only be described in two words: selfish diva. Rachel was under the impression that everyone, especially Kurt, was beneath her and would never fail in telling everyone that. She hated that Kurt was the Glee club star and got all of the solos.

To this day, Rachel was the Glee club star and Quinn was the captain of the Cheerios while Kurt was a servant at home and school. You would think that he would be used to the emotional and neglectful abuse that his stepfamily gave him constantly. There would be days when he would be unable to sleep or eat because they kept him hopping all over the place with their orders. It wasn't easy to have to follow the orders of three demanding, stuckup bitches who would all demand outrageous things all at the same time. Terri would want him to run to the market to fetch her one thing or another, while Quinn would demand he do her homework, and Rachel would want him to stand there and turn the pages of her sheet music as she sang. They would all have a timeframe for these orders that was simply impossible for him to meet, and they would insist that he did them and no one else. Of course, he would be punished when he didn't meet the timeframe or couldn't come right when they called.

At school, he would have to carry Quinn's books to class, often resulting in him being late to his own, and Rachel would make him admit in front of large groups of people, while holding her purse, that he was a loser and she was a star. It is so humiliating, but it has become his life. The only saving grace he has are his friends and fellow servants. Just two weeks ago he had also had his boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, Blaine.

Blaine had been Kurt's best-friend since early childhood and four months ago they had finally progressed into lovers. They were each other's first love and boyfriend and were so happy together. Blaine has known about Kurt's evil stepfamily and what they do to him this whole time, yet he still felt like it was Kurt's fault that he was unable to spend very much time with him. He knew that Kurt's freedom and choices were limited, but being the attention whore that he is, Blaine left Kurt anyway.

Kurt is still devastated. He had thought that he and Blaine would marry now that he is 16, the legal age for marriage, and Blaine is 17. But he was, unfortunately, mistaken. He can't help but feel very betrayed by Blaine. Blaine had been his best-friend for years and his first love for months and he had trusted him to be there for him. There were times Kurt wondered if he would ever be able to fully trust someone to love him ever again. His friends loved him, of course, but he had no man or family who loved him anymore and sometimes he didn't think he ever would.

"Kurterella!",Terri's amused voice rang throughout the house to where Kurt was peeling potatoes in the kitchen.

"Coming step-mother!",he called in return, trying to bite back the extreme humiliation that always erupted when they would use that degrading name.

Sighing, he set the knife and potato down on the counter and braced himself for anything, as he walked out of the kitchen and into the drawing room to see what his step-mother wanted now.

Ok so here is ch.1. Let me explain a few things.

Sebastian will be in the next chapter along with his parents (bet you can't guess who they are :D)

This will be brought up later but, Dustin Goolsby is Quinn and Rachel's father.

Brittney and Sam's last name, Pierevans, is a mix of Pierce and Evans.

Tina and Mike are supposed to be in their twenties which is why they were engaged when Terri bought them.

Karissa is the Queen of Lima because, in my world, the first born, male or female, becomes the heir to the throne. She is Sebastian and Kurt's daughter. Chantelle and Lilliana are Kurt and Sebastian's grandchildren. Karissa married some random guy.

This will be brought up later but Kurt and Sebastian also have 2 other kids. A son named Lucan and a daughter named Vivienne. Lucan is gay and lives in the palace with Karissa. He will be in the story later. Vivienne is married to some Prince from another land and lives there with him. She won't appear in the story but she will be mentioned.

This will be brought up later but I will tell you who all of Terri's ex-husbands are and their stories. There are 4 of them, Burt was hubby #5.

Blaine will appear in the story but he is a minor character and there will be no Klaine romance, except for what was mentioned in this chapter.

I mentioned this in my A/N at the top but just in case you missed it, Sebastian is bisexual in this story. It is necessary to keep his options open when it comes time for him to choose a spouse (basically more options for me to work with lol)

This will be an MPREG fic but not until the end and I will put a warning on for when it's time.

I don't know if this was clear or not but the story officially begins when Kurt is 16. Burt marries Terri 3 years before he's 16 and dies 2 years before he's 16. Blaine broke up with him 2 weeks before the story officially begins and they were together for 4 months.

This will be mentioned later but Sebastian is 18, Quinn is 17, and Rachel is 16.

Kurt is 13 when Burt marries Terri. 14 when Burt dies.

I changed Terri's eyecolor to hazel instead of blue to make her, Rachel, and Quinn look a little more alike. Quinn's supposed to look a lot like Terri and Rachel's supposed to look a lot like their father, Dustin.

Brittney and Sam don't go to school, even though they are Kurt's age, because Terri doesn't believe that servants need an education to. The only reason Kurt goes is so she can keep up appearances.

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