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Ch.11 *The Plan*

Kurt's POV

Kurt woke up the next morning with feelings of both immense happiness and fear. He was in his tower at home and preparing to do his morning duties for the last time. He was moving into the palace the very next day by order of the King and Queen and he couldn't be happier. The ball last night had been right out of a dream and he had been worried that he would fall asleep that night and awaken this morning to realize that it had all been a dream. Luckily, he had risen and instantly looked down at his hand to see his engagement ring still on his finger, gleaming beautifully in the morning sunlight. Finally ready for what was promising to be a trying day with his stepfamily, Kurt opened the door of the rickety, old tower and made his way down the creaky, wooden steps. Opening the door he saw Tina in the laundry room as always, Rachel's clothes were being done first this morning.

"Good morning Tina.", Kurt beamed.

Tina gave him a sympathetic look before quietly answering in a somber tone that wasn't like her at all, "Morning Kurt."

Kurt looked back at her in confusion as he continued to make his way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. "What was that all about?"

Entering the grand foyer he heard a distant humming. Looking up he saw movement outside of the huge window and gasped. "Sam's actually working! I normally have to wake him to get him moving!" he thought as he watched Sam mowing the front lawn. Shaking his head at the oddity of it all, he continued to make his way to the kitchen only stopping when he came across Brittney.

She was dusting the study just like every morning only instead of her permanent smile and odd conversations with only people she can see and hear she was silent and frowning.

"Morning Brit-Brit."

She looked up at him, her bottom lip trembling and tears brimming her eyes, "G-G-Good morn-n-ing Kur-r-rt.", she stuttered.

Kurt was terrified. Brittney was never upset. NEVER!

"Brittney? What's wrong?"

Instead of answering she just shook her head and continued to dust with a sniffle.

"Brit?", he tried again but to no avail. She continued to dust, pretending he wasn't there.

Walking on he saw Mike mopping the grand foyer minus his usual dancing. He stopped when he saw Kurt, shook his head sadly, and continued mopping.

"M-Mike?", Kurt asked, but Mike just looked up sadly again before picking up his mop and bucket and walking out of the room.

Kurt had half a mind to follow him and demand to know what was going on with everyone but was stopped by a voice that normally didn't come from that direction at this time of morning and especially not in that tone of voice.

"Kurt Darling! Would you come here for a moment please?"


Kurt was terrified. More terrified then he had ever been in his life. Why was Terri in the sitting room at 5 in the morning? Why was she asking for him? Why was she ASKING and not demanding? Why was she calling him darling? And most importantly why was she using that sweet tone of voice?

Knowing that things would only get worse if he didn't listen to her, he reluctantly walked into the sitting room. He stopped short at the door when he saw that Terri wasn't alone. Sitting amongst her were 4 other people. Rachel, Quinn, the town Magistrate, and Blaine.

"Wait? Blaine?!"

"What's going on?", he asked.

"Kurt have a seat, sweetheart.", Terri said with a smile as she tapped the spot on the loveseat beside the chair she was sitting on.

The loveseat that was also being inhabited by Blaine who was looking at Kurt lovingly.


Kurt gingerly sat, trying to keep as much distance between himself and both Terri and Blaine as possible.

The room was awkwardly silent for a few moments until it was broken by Terri, "Kurt, honey, we have to talk."

Kurt lifted his eyebrow, giving Terri his "bitch-please" look that he hadn't worn in God only knows how long.

"What about?" he asked.

Terri smiled as she grasped his hands, that were resting on his lap, far too tightly.

"About your engagement, of course."

"What about my engagement?" Kurt asked, preparing himself for a fight.

Terri sighed as if what she was about to say was physically painful for her, "Darling, i'm sorry to have to tell you this but i'm afraid that you can't marry Prince Sebastian."

Kurt tensed, "Oh really? And why not?"

Terri's right eye twitched as her smile got more firm and her grip on his hands tightened, "Because you're already engaged to another man, my dear. And he and his family, as well as I, are not willing to break our agreement. This has been planned for years, Kurt. The contract had been drawn up and the ink has long dried. This contract has been in affect for years, love. We were planning to wait a little longer before telling you, but it seems that you've decided to jump the gun. I didn't know that you were so ready to be married. If I had then we would've done things sooner. But now you know and we can proceed. You know I only want your happiness, sweetie."

Kurt was scandalized as he stared at this wretched woman, which was probably why he didn't think to mind his words or tone, "What the hell do you mean already engaged to another man?! Who is he?!"

Terri's eyes widened at his tone but before she could answer another voice piped in, "Me."

Kurt turned to look at the man beside him who had answered. He swore he could've passed out right then and there from shock.

"You?! No way, Blaine! There is no way! I am not going to marry you! And I know you don't want to marry me! You broke up with me! You didn't want me! And now you will never have me! I am going to marry Prince Sebastian! There is no way this contract is real! Magistrate! Magistrate please tell me this isn't true!", Kurt begged.

The Magistrate looked away, as if meeting Kurt's eyes was too difficult for him, and answered with a frown, "I'm sorry Kurt but it's true. I'm afraid that you have no choice but to marry Blaine. At least until you're 18 and can decide for yourself. But for now, you must do as your step-mother says and marry the man she's chosen for you. That's the law.", he finished with a slightly frustrated tone.

Kurt realized that the tone wasn't for him though when the Magistrate shot Terri a stern look.

"But what about my engagement to the Prince?! By the time i'm 18 he'll be married to someone else! He has to be married before the end of his 18th year! That's THIS year! And royalty can't divorce! If I don't marry him now then i'll never be able to be with him! And I love him! Not Blaine! Surely if i've found my own husband then what Terri says gets ruled out! Right?"

The Magistrate sighed, "You're not married to him, Kurt, only engaged. So i'm afraid you have no choice but to break the engagement with the Prince and honor the agreement that was made to have you wed Blaine. I know you love the Prince and I wish that things didn't have to be this way. I really am sorry, Kurt. I wish there was something I could do to help you."

Terri cleared her throat before chiming in with a snap, "Well there isn't Magistrate so now that that's done we can start in on the details."

The Magistrate glared at her, "Yes the details. Kurt, you will move into the Anderson estate as soon as this discussion is over and you're wedding is set to take place in 2 months time. Now I know that that isn't a lot of time to plan a wedding, but your step-mother and Blaine's parents insisted that the sooner it happened, the better. Blaine would you like to explain to Kurt how things are going to work?"

"Of course, Magistrate.", Blaine answered with a grin as he took Kurt's hands out of his lap and away from Terri, "My love, when we get back home tonight you will have your own room right next to mine. We will meet my parents for dinner when they return tomorrow night. Now the estate will become ours after our wedding. My parents are giving it to us as a wedding present as they prefer our summer home in the Carribean and plan to live there. You will be permitted to come and go as you please so long as you take one of your bodyguards with you. The bodyguards are there for your protection. I can't have anything happen to the man I love. You will be in charge of running the estate while i'm working as head of my father's company here in Lima. When we have children you can choose between having a nanny or doing it yourself. That choice is yours. Though we Anderson's usually have nannies. Are there any questions my love?"

Kurt gaped at Blaine before ripping his hands out of Blaine's and standing.

"I will be damned if I become some little housewife with bodyguards to watch my every move and report back to you and taking care of an estate instead of choosing what I do with my future! And you expect me to have some nanny come in and take care of MY children?! 2 months until I'm going to become even more of a prisoner than I already am here! And how do you expect me to believe there was a contract that you knew about when you broke up with me?! You would never have broken up with me if there were! Or you would've tried your hardest to get the contract broken! And this just so happens to have come up right after my engagement to Sebastian is announced! And you've never cared about my happiness! None of you have! Terri you have been working your whole life to get either Quinn or Rachel married to the Prince! You've never been kind to me! You've never cared about me so how do you expect me to believe any of this! And what have you done to get the Magistrate in your back pocket for this?! I refuse to go through with this! I am going to marry Sebastian and there's not a thing any of you can do to stop me!", he screamed before storming toward the door of the sitting room.

Throwing it open he stopped when he was met by two large men with hardened expressions.

"Now Kurt, darling. Let's not have to do this the hard way. The Magistrate already told you that you have no choice. We don't want to have to involve the law in this, do we? Let's not turn this happy occasion into a nasty one.", Terri calmly said as she sipped her tea, "I've had Tina and Brittney packing your things while we've been speaking."

Kurt turned back to the doorway and saw Tina and Brittney setting a few bags on the ground behind the bodyguards, tears streaming down their cheeks as they tried not to meet his eyes.

Tears began to pour out of his own eyes as he turned back to Terri, "What have I ever done to you to make you hate me so badly? Whatever it is i'm sorry. Terri, i'm so, so sorry!", he cried.

Terri remained calm as she spoke, "Nonsense Kurt. I've never hated you sweetie! I know this is hard for you to see right now because you're confused and blinded by your supposed love for the Prince but this is what's best for you. With Blaine you will truly be loved and happy."

Kurt couldn't even respond due to his sobbing. Suddenly he was wrapped in a pair of strong arms that guided him out of the room. Through his tears he could just make out Blaine's form and he didn't have the strength to fight him off.

Terri's voice broke through once more as she came up and took him from Blaine's arms into her own, "Goodbye my darling. I can hardly wait until the wedding. I'm so glad that i'm able to provide you with true happiness. I will miss you so much though."

She released him and Quinn came up to take her place, "Bye Kurt. I hope you finally get what you deserve. Happiness.", she clipped on the last word as she pulled back just enough to give him a cruel smile.

Rachel skipped forward and embraced him, "Bye Kurt!", she said in a sing-song voice, "It warms my heart to know that you've finally gotten what's been coming to you. No one deserves this more than you!", her smile was as fake and condesending as they come as she released him.

"Shall we go home now, my love?", Blaine asked as he put his hands on Kurt's shoulders and pressed a gentle kiss to his pulse point that almost made bile rise in Kurt's throat.

Tina and Brittney picked up his bags and carried them out to the limo that was waiting out front. Blaine wrapped his arms around him once more and led him out to it. The bags were already in the trunk and Tina and Brittney went to stand next to Mike and Sam. The driver opened the door to the limo and Blaine began to guide him inside.

"Wait! I haven't said goodbye to...!", he began as he pointed toward his friends.

"Oh don't worry about saying goodbye to the help, honey!", Terri called as she stood at the front door with Quinn and Rachel, "Kurt there's one more thing before you go. Did you want me to send the ring back to the Prince or do you want to do it? I'm sure he'd want it back."

Kurt didn't answer as more tears began to fall and Blaine finally succeeded in getting him into the limo. Once Blaine was also inside and the limo began to drive off, he took Kurt's hand and kissed it.

"Next stop. Happily ever after.", Blaine beamed.

Kurt's only response was to sob harder.

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