(a/n: this a birthday fic for my good friend and roommate Kurah! It's a bit late, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.)

The sun beat down heavily on the broken sands of Las Bolas desert. Kurah reigned her smoking, bright blue '67 chevy into a dusty, weatherworn gas station on the side of Highway 69.

"Shit!" she bellowed, her silky brown hair billowing in the steamy desert breeze as she kicked open her door and popped the hood of the car. The hood opened, sending a jet of black, salty smoke into the air.

"Fuck, ass-tits!" she cried hatefully. The engine of her car was completely ruined and she was alone in the middle of nowhere, deep in Las Bolas.

She threw her waving mane out of her face and stomped up to the gas station. On closer inspection the place looked like it had been abandoned for years. Desert dust hung thickly on the outside of the once pea-green building, clouding the windows. She attempted to look through the glass door, but saw nothing. Shrugging in the high, desert sun, her glittering green sequined halter top shimmering, she yanked open the door and stepped inside.

Kurah was hit immediately with the scent of stale air and something more rancid and… meatier. She gave a few dry heaves before walking farther in. It was very dark inside since the windows were coated in grime. A few streaks of sunlight managed to creep in, and illuminated the gas station's innards. The shelves were dusty and covered in all sorts of rotten and stale snacks. Beetles nested in the molded food, and skittered across the linoleum as she passed. A giant cockroach crawled across the ceiling and then dropped down in between her large, supple, raging breasts.

She gave a piercing scream as the bugs legs waved menacingly between her ample bosoms. She began slapping at her chest in an attempt to get the cockroach off. Finally, she wrenched the bug off and sent it flying across the room, where it spattered against the wall. She heaved a sigh of relief, her hands resting on her lovely, baby-faced knees, her breasts jostling with effort.

Suddenly there came a low pitched moan from the back of the building.

"Is someone there?" Kurah called out hesitantly. Why would anyone be living here in this dump?

"Hello?" she said loudly, and the moan came again, followed by heavy, thunking footsteps.

A shadowy form lurched from behind a half open door. They moved slowly and jerkily towards her.

"Are you, alright?" Kurah murmured, backing up towards the entrance. The figure moved into a beam of light and Kurah gagged at what she saw. The person had once been a man, but he was deformed and rotted. His jaw hung open at 60 degree angle, his elongated purple tongue slipping out and slapping against his melted chin. His eyes were nothing but sunken, fetid holes. His skin was crinkled and tattered like old tissue paper.

Kurah ran out of the building screaming. As she ran, the dead man moved faster to catch up with her. He loped out of the gas station, chasing her across the rocky ground as she ran to the highway. Kurah ran for her life. She had never seen something like this before! Her sandaled feet slapped the pavement as she raced down the desert highway in the hot sun. Where could she go? There was no one around for miles, and the dead man was gaining on her!

The sound of a motorcycle echoed across the desert. The bike jammed down the highway and was heading straight for Kurah! Kurah lept off the road and landed harshly in the dirt. The bike skidded past her, ramming directly into the dead man, who exploded in a spray of putrid blood and stinking essence.

The bike fishtailed to a halt, several feet away, and Kurah rose from the ground and slapped the dust off her clothes. The biker wiped rot-juice from the visor of their helmet, before the removed it from their head. Before her sat the most beautiful man Kurah had ever seen. His chiseled face held the most intense smise that had ever been known. His dark, broody, 90's hair virtually reflected the glory of the sun.

"Are you alright?" he asked, the timbre of his voice shadowy and mysterious.

"Uh-um, I- I guess so." Kurah stammered, her breasts vibrating in nervousness.

"What's your name?" the man said, smising her up and down.

A blush rose on Kurah's cheeks, "K-Kurah!" she replied.

"Well, I'm Leon S. Kennedy." He said, his words punctuated by a breeze blowing his luxurious hair around. "What are you doing out here?"

"I was just driving through and my car broke down. I don't think it's fixable. I went inside that gas station, and that thing was in there!" she motioned to the pool of lumpy juice congealing on the hot pavement.

"That's unfortunate. This are is dangerous right now. There's been an outbreak and Las Bolas is teeming with zombies right now. If your car is broken, hop on my bike. I'll drive you to safety." Leon said spinning his bike around and putting his helmet back on.

Kurah looked around tentatively. She didn't really have a choice. She got onto Leon's bike and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist as he started the bike and sped off.