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Leon and Kurah had been driving for hours before they came to a small collection of buildings located just off the road. A battered sign read Highway 69 Rest Stop. The sun was setting and the desert sky was painted with red and gold. The rocky ground was slowly turning purple in the lengthening shadows. A coyote howled in the distance as Leon parked his bike next to a gray, concrete building.

"Is this place safe? There doesn't seem to be anyone here."Kurah asked.

"Guess we'll find out." Leon said smoothly as he pulled a shotgun off the side of his bike.

"What's that for!" Kurah gaped at the size of his gun.

"Shut up and stay in the open. They'll be attracted to the noise." Leon replied darkly and moved off.

Kurah huddled near the bike as Leon kicked in the door to a nearby building. He disappeared from sight and there were a few moments of silence before sound of the shotgun racketed out of the building. Several shots were fired before Kurah began to hear the tell-tale shuffling and scraping of more zombies. She turned and saw a dozen zombies emptying out of the other buildings.

"Leon!" she screamed and began to run towards where Leon had entered.

Several zombies turned and began chasing after her, their twisted legs moving unnaturally fast. Kurah tripped in the dirt and tumbled to the ground. Searing pain flared up her leg. She'd twisted her ankle! She rolled away in fright as the zombies fell on her, their black, gnashing teeth dripping with noxious, brown saliva.

"Leon!" she screeched again. She tried to crawl away but the zombies had her! They grabbed at her feet, their cold, bloated hands leaving trails of bloody slime on her skin. She tried to kick at them, but one zombie grabbed her foot in its mouth. Its torn, rotten lips sucking on her skin before its broken teeth grinded into her tender flesh.

Kurah howled just as an explosion went off in the middle of the buildings. Leon had thrown a grenade out into the crow of zombies and chunks of malodorous meat and dirt began falling from the sky. The zombies that had been on top of Kurah tumbled to the ground and she scrambled away, her foot bleeding in the dust.

Leon came then, the smoke swirling around him. He held a long barreled pistol in his hand, the shotgun strapped to his back, and shot the last few zombies in the head. Their dark red brain matter bubbled out onto the ground.

"Are you alright?" Leon asked, looking Kurah over. His eternal smise deepened into a troubled brood as he caught sight of her foot.

"They bit me!" she sobbed.

Leon seemed to think for a moment, and then "It'll be alright. I know what to do."

He put his gun away and lifted her in his arms. He carried her to a house that the zombies had crawled out of and placed her on a bed inside.

"Take off your clothes." He ordered.

"W-what!" Kurah cried, "Why?"

"If you want to live, you'll have to have sex with me." Leon said evenly as he stripped off guns and plain black tee.

"That doesn't make any sense!" she argued.

"It happened when I was in Spain. I was infected with a virus, but I was able to receive the cure. The cure is still part of my body. If we have sex, you should be fine." He ended, unbuckling his pants.

Kurah watched his movements, his muscles rippling under his skin. "Alright, fine." She said and pulled off her halter top. She wasn't wearing a bra under it, since her boobs were too huge, so she slowly peeled off her pair of nipple pasties and kicked off her shoes. She threw her shorts to the side and pulled off her black, lacey underwear.

She watched as Leon stepped out of his tight, black jeans. He wore a pair of cute boxer briefs underneath. He pulled them down and kicked them off, revealing is taught, dimpled ass. He turned to her now, his rippling eight-pack glittering in the last light of day that creeped in from the window blinds of the room. The light caressed every muscled crevice of his chest like delicate golden fingers.

Kurah's breasts began to rumble in excitement, like a pair of she-lions ready for the hunt. She glanced down between his coiled thighs to gaze upon his large, quivering manhood. He was thick, and ready, swelling like a silky, penis-shaped sail, ready to meet her slick, oceany hole.

His body creeped upon hers, his tender lips fell upon the sweet honey swell of her breasts. They encircled her rosy nipple, making her moan with pleasure. She ran her hands through his delicious hair as it fell fragrantly across her chest. He smelled like cloven spice, and the desert morning, mixed with the faint scent of gunpowder. He was so fucking hot.

He grasped at her slender hips and held her tightly as he entered her. She gave a whimpering gasp at the strength of his dong. She wrapped her arms around him as his face fell into the kraken harboring twilight zone that was the space between Kurah's breasts, his breathy grunts vibrating them pleasantly.

Leon pounded her slowly, their soft rhythm growing in the fading light. Kurah could feel his sculpted body against her own; his pecs were so sharp she was sure they would leave scrapes on her skin. Leon began to pump harder, his teeth scraping against the soft skin of her neck. She moaned as his hands caressed the flowering streambed of her inner buttcrack. She could feel herself on the edge, and she dug her fingernails into the pulsating ropes of Leon's back. Leon growled against her neck and bit down as she arched into him, waved of pleasure radiating through her body. Leon stiffened as he came, his precious, life-giving cum coating her insides with its hot sweetness.

They collapsed together on the bed, sticky with their love-making.

"That was amazing." Kurah breathed heavily. She could already feel the wound on her foot healing.

"Damn right." came Leon's heady reply, "I am Leon S. Kennedy after all."

They looked deeply at each other, oceans of feeling passing between them.

Then they both laughed and put on a pair of sunglasses.


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