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Chapter 2: Do not take away Naruto from Hinata

Ino Yamanaka lay in the hallway outside of the Feudal Lord's bedroom, staring at the ceiling, and listening to the sound of her teammates sleep. Her teammates, Naruto Uzumaki, Kiba Inuzuka and Hinata Hyuga were on a mission to take out a group of bandits who were living in some mountains outside of the mansion of the Feudal Lord of The Land of Fire. But as of right now, they were just being The Feudal Lord's body guard. He was a very cowardly man, and was terrified of the bandits breaking into his house, like they did last week, to steal money. And go use it to buy booze (sake in japan I guess) and meat.


Ino jumped as Naruto rolled over in his sleep and began to snore loudly. Ino didn't know how Hinata and Kiba could sleep with all that noise going on, but she NEEDED to know. After all, she needed her beauty sleep. So she quietly slipped out of her sleeping back, and crawled over to Kiba, gently shaking him awake.

"Huh? What… oh it's you Ino, what's wrong?" Kiba muttered grumpily.

"Come with me, I need to ask you something. And be quiet." Ino ordered.

Kiba growled something as a reply and crawled out of his sleeping bag, and then followed Ino down the hallway and into a small empty room.

"Whatta want Ino?" Kiba hissed. Ino took a deep breath.

"How are you sleeping? Naruto makes so much NOISE when he sleeps!" She said angrily waving her hands in the air.

"Wait-what? You WOKE ME UP FOR THIS?" Kiba yelled angrily. Ino hit him on the head.

"Don't you dare yell at me! Of course I did! I NEED my beauty sleep! If I don't then I get these huge bags under my eyes, and then I can't do my makeup right and…"

"Ino," Kiba grabbed Ino's shoulders, "You. Always. Look. Fine. And I managed to fall asleep BEFORE Naruto did, because I wasn't taking a 5 hour bath in the hot springs!"

"It was not 5 hours! Only 3! And those hot springs are amazing and-wait did you just say I always look amazing? Well, you have better taste then I thought Kiba." Kiba began to blush, and stammered that that wasn't what he meant.

And then there was a loud crash down the hallway. Kiba and Ino looked at each other, and then bolted down the hall and into the Feudal Lord's bedroom.

"Feudal Lord-Sama are you alri…." Ino trailed off. Hinata was laying on the floor, passed out and tied up, while the Feudal Lord was sitting in a corner, waving around a candlestick, his face covered with some sort of beauty cream.

"Hey, what the hell happened here?" Kiba yelled, running over to check on Hinata. While Ino surveyed the room. Whomever came into the room, came in through the window, and then… then what happened.

"Hey! Tell us what happened!" Ino yelled at the Feudal Lord, "Where's Naruto? Who broke in through your window?"

"It was the same bandits as before! They broke in, and the Hyuga and the boy in the orange jumpsuit came in. And the boss of the bandits said something about jumpsuit being REALLY cute, and saying that he wanted to make him his. And then jumpsuit said his heart belonged to the Hyuga girl, and the boss made his men knock them both out, and tie them up! And he took Jumpsuit, and left the Hyuga… And I was so scared the whole time! But how could they just ignore me like that though! I am the wonderful…." Ino hit the Feudal Lord, knocking him out. Then she walked over to Kiba, who was busy checking over Hinata.

"Is she okay?" Ino asked

"Yeah, just knocked out. We should probably take Hinata with us and go get Naruto." Ino nodded in agreement as Akamaru, Kiba's dog came running into the room, sliding to a stop in front of Kiba.

"Hey boy! Could you carry Hinata for me?" Kiba asked Akamaru, while rubbing him on his head. Akamaru barked a yes, and Kiba set Hinata on Akamaru's back, while complaining about the crazy-ass Feudal Lord making such a good dog sleep outside.

Once Hinata was all settled on Akamaru's back, Kiba and Ino headed out of the window, Kiba tracking the bandits scent with his nose.

It didn't take long for them to find the bandits hideout, which was in a cave that was carved into the base of the mountain.

"Okay, Me and Akamaru will go in and rescue Naruto and you stay out here with Hinata." Kiba ordered Ino.

"What?" Ino exclaimed indigently, "You sexist jerk! Just because I'm a female doesn't mean you can boss me around, and leave me out here! I'm a Kunochi of the Hidden Leaf and I'm going to rescue Naruto with-"

"I-Ino-chan?" Hinata had waken up and interrupted Ino chew out Kiba with a slightly afraid expression, "What happened to Nar-Naruto-Kun?"

Kiba and Ino gave each other meaningful glances.

"You're the male. You tell her." Ino told Kiba, crossing her arms under her chest.

"What? You were just chewing me out for being sexist?" Kiba yelled

"tell me what." Hinata whispered quietly, her large lavender eyes filling with fear.

"… Don't worry Hinata. Naruto was kidnapped by the bandits, but we are about to go save him, so it's okay and-" Kiba was cut off by Hinata leaping up and grabbing both of his shoulders and shaking Kiba, her eyes now filled with panic and she yelled

"Kiba! HOW could you let this happen? The leader of the bandits was being really perverted and telling Naruto-kun ho-how CUTE he was! N-not that I'm disagreeing, but that man w-was a ba-bad man! He could be… doing…. All… sorts… of… perverted… things…. To Naruto…-kun…" Hinata trailed off, her face going blank, as she stopped shaking Kiba. Kiba was dizzy from all the shaking, his eyes were spinning in circles.

"Hinata….?" Ino said the lovestruck girls name uncertaintly.

Hinata let go of Kiba's shoulders, and she stood up straight, staring at the hideout, with an expression that would turn away an army of a million demons. That was the face, of a young girl, who's boyfriend had been stolen from her. Because when you try to take a girls love. You start the 5th ninja war.

In other words, Hinata was pretty damn pissed.

So she did something about it. She activated her Byakugan, and ran towards the hide out, Gentle Fisting the two guards so hard they flew straight through the solid rock mountain, and out the other side. And then she ran into the hideout, blocking chakra points, breaking limbs, and kicking ass until she arrived in the Leader's room, where the bandits leader was kneeling beside a tied up Naruto, and stroking his chin gently and saying

"Who's a cute little foxy-woxy? You arreeee-"

"Gentle Step, Twin Lion Fists!" Hinata interrupted his creeping on Naruto, with her fists slamming into his stomach.

"How DARE YOU! SEE THIS!" Hinata pointed at Naruto angrily, who cringed, his eyes widening in fright at his normally sweet girlfriends demon aura, "THIS IS MY FOX! YOU DON'T TOUCH HIM YOU PEDOPHILIC CREEP! GO CREEP ON SASUKE WITH OROCHIMARU AND KABUTO! BUT STAY AWAY FROM NARUTO!" She yelled heatedly.

The bandits leader peed his pants, and attempted to stammer out an apology to the angry girl, but she ignored him, slamming his chest open palmed, and sending him flying through the wall. And then she turned to Naruto, and reverted back to her old self.

"Ar-are you alright Na-Naruto-kun?" she smiled happily at him, dropping to her knees and untying his ropes, and removing his gag.

Naruto didn't say anything for a minute. He just stared at her in shock.


Naruto laughed out loud and threw his arms around his girlfriend, kissing her cheerfully on her lips and making her blush.

"Hinata, you are badass! Don't ever let anyone tell you differently!"

And with that, the two of them joined Ino, Kiba and Akamaru outside, and headed back to the Feudal Lord's mansion, where they informed him of Hinata singled handedly storming the hideout and taking out the whole bandits group by herself. And it became a known rule throughout the the Land of Fire, that you do NOT kidnap Hinata Hyuga's boyfriend, and you DEFINITLY do not call him foxy-woxy.

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