Sunset's Edge


"Edward, what are we going to do?" My voice was a high pitched squeal as we headed out to the car. "He knows about us! He knows what we are!"

"Stay calm, Bella." Edward unlocked and opened his passenger side door for me. "We'll talk to Carlisle."

"But—" My mind was in frantic mode before he cut me off by shutting the car door after I got in. I furrowed my brows as I watched him walk around the front of the car, finding the sudden slam of metal in my face a bit bad-mannered.

"He doesn't know for sure," Edward said as calm as he could when he sat down, then pulled his own door shut with a heavy slam and buckled his seat belt.

"He guesses though, doesn't he? And his guess is right, isn't it?" I was still in high pitch mode, and in slight irritation at the door being closed on me before I could finish my sentence. I decided to let it go. Edward was obviously more upset with what had just happened than he was willing to let on.

"Bella…" He started the car with more rev than was necessary, gripping his hands tight around the steering wheel, staring out in front of him. I got the feeling when he said no more, he wanted me to stop talking, but that wouldn't happen. I had to know more.

"You're worried, too, aren't you?" I knew I was right by the way his body tensed heavily under his all-to-calm exterior.

He glared over at me. "I'm not going to worry until we need to. But yes," Edward sighed, "he guesses what we are, and yes, he is right." He put the car in drive and pressed his foot to the pedal, looking away from me as he sped out of the parking lot.

"I can't believe this is happening." I threw my hands to my face. "I would have never guessed this could be possible. We're so careful."

"There is always one or two we come across that guess correctly, love. This isn't the first time. And we do what we need when the moment arrives." He stared heavily out the front windshield, trying to remain composed.

"But you always leave. That's what you end up doing. I don't want to leave. This is our home!" The squeal in my voice refused to disappear.

"We'll talk to Carlisle, Bella. Please, don't worry about it anymore for now."

I stared at Edward for the next few miles as he drove swiftly down the highway, him trying to relax and me watching his varied expressions.

"You're worried, too." I stated again.

He looked down at the wheel he could bend backwards at any moment, then back up to the window, letting out a deep breath. "Yes. I am."

I knew it.

"What do you think Carlisle will say?" I tried not to sound nervous for the answer Edward might give.

"I don't know." He shook his head slowly.

I spun and sat still in my seat, staring out the window with him as I thought about all the ways this could end-arriving at the same conclusion no matter how I looked at it.

The Cullens were going to have to disappear…