Summary: After Lucy's death, Natsu's world turns upside down. For five years, he stays in his home wasting his life. Even leaving something important behind. After five wasteful years, will Natsu find the meaning of life again?

This takes place eight years after the time skip. So, I'm not really sure how the ending of Fairy Tail would go. Whether something huge happens or if someone died, so I'm just going with what's currently happened now (5.11.12).

"What should we name it?" asked Nastu. He smiled and softly rubbed his wife's large belly from behind. Lucy leaned back so she rested on her husband.

"It's a bit hard if we don't know the gender."

"Okay then.. what if it's a boy?"

"Then I would name him after you. Though I hope he doesn't act like you though," Lucy muttered the last part. He laughed at the thought. Thankfully, he didn't hear. One Natsu was enough in the world.

"That would be funny if someone's calling us. What if it's a girl?"

"Then I would change your name to a girl's."

Natsu sweatdropped.

"O-Oi, that's-"


Natsu remained silent. His expression softened. He smiled. It was a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning behind it. Lucy looked up. Natsu closed his eyes and hid his face on her shoulder.

"Why are you naming our kid after me? There should be some of you in there," he muttered.

"Because I love you most."

Natsu's eyes fluttered open. He felt some weight on his head and realized his arm had been there since he had fallen asleep. He groaned and removed his arm. His back and his neck was aching like crazy. He had fallen asleep again. He kicked his legs and knocked down some empty bottles of booze.

He tried his best to sit up. When he felt that his weight couldn't support him, he leaned his back on the wall and raised his knees up. He rested his elbows on his knees with his hands to his head. He pinched his eyes closed and bit his bottom lip. He slammed his fist to the wall behind him.

He had another dream. A memory. He's been having a lot of them recently. All of them were from the times he spent with Lucy. Back when she was still alive. That was over five years ago.

Three years.. or rather ten years after they met, they finally decided to spend the rest of their lives together. By doing so, they got married in Magnolia. The one place they spent their lives together. Their first decision after getting married was getting a home they will live in together.

By Natsu always breaking in to Lucy's apartment, it was as if they were already living together anyway. But Lucy wanted a home that overlooked the whole town. Together, they rebuilt Natsu's home and made it their own where it was big enough for him, Lucy, Happy, and possibly their own baby.

Their wishes came true four months after their wedding. Together, they would decorate the nursery. Along the way, Lucy wished for a home birth in the guild. Nothing would've made Natsu happier.

Natsu shook his head. He slowly got to his feet with support by leaning on the wall. He took a step and paused. There were hundreds of bottles of booze everywhere. The floor was filled with trash and the only spot that was clean was the spot he slept in. He ignored the mess and just slid his feet against the ground to avoid stepping on anything. The house hasn't been clean since Erza's and Wendy's last visit.

The two mages would often visit him once a month to check on his health. They would clean the house and reorganize some of his belongings. That was over a month ago. Meaning, they should be coming in sometime soon.

Natsu managed to get around the mess and end up in the hallway. It was quiet and dark, just like any other day. He walked in the kitchen and made his first stop in the fridge. He looked inside and found it to be almost empty. He hasn't been grocery shopping since Erza's last visit as well. Natsu scrunched his nose when he smelled a hint of raw fish.

He quickly closed the fridge and sighed. It's been five years since Happy left the house and moved in with Wendy and Charles. After Lucy's death, Natsu fell into a state of depression. He couldn't care for the blue cat nor go on jobs. Happy even said he would get aggressive and start throwing things around. Wendy was more than happy to take him in.

Natsu's state of depression only lasted a few years. After that, he gave up on life. He never set foot on the guild ever since nor has he been in any jobs. Being an S-Class Mage, he had a lot of money to spare from his jobs from back then, but now he was running out.

He was startled when heard the front door crash open followed by a few murmurs. He sighed.

"Erza-san! We should have just knocked! This isn't our house, you know."

"Sorry, but the door was locked and he might've been sleeping."

Natsu glared at the two mages when they came in. Wendy blushed out of embarrassment and looked away.

"Oh, you're awake," Erza acknowledged.

"Knocking would've been nice," murmured Natsu.

"I apologize. But we need you for something."

"What could you possibly need with me? I haven't left this house in five years. Go ask Gray."

"It's really important and only you can do it," said the new S-Class Mage. Eight years have passed since they came back from Tenrou Island, meaning eight people in the guild became S-Class Mages since then. Natsu was up first to take the title. The last seven years came out victorious for Gray, Gajeel, Cana, Elfman, Juvia, Freed, and finally, Wendy.

"What do I need to do?" Natsu asked while scratching the back of his head.

"Right now, just get dressed into some decent clothes," said Erza while pushing Natsu to the hall. "Your appearance will give off a bad impression and bystanders might think you're a hobo."

Natsu's eyes widened at what she was trying to say.

"Oi oi! I have to go into town? I'm not going down there!" Natsu protested.

"Please Natsu-san. Get dressed while we clean your house. It's the least you can do," Wendy begged. Natsu furrowed his brows. The sky dragon slayer wasn't little anymore. She grew up to be a beautiful and strong woman fit to be an S-Class Mage. He and Erza are about the same height now and he sometimes forgets she's only twenty years old and still growing.

Natsu sighed and began climbing up the stairs. Erza eyed Natsu until he disappeared from her view. She turned around and cringed when she just now realized how messy the house was. She also noticed the paint outside the house has been fading. They'll worry about the outside of the house some other time. As soon as Natsu finishes getting dressed, they need to leave as soon as possible.

"Erza-san, are you sure what we're doing is okay?" Wendy hesitated.

"It's been five years."

"But Natsu-san hasn't set foot on the guild since.. you know. And I would hate to see his face when he does come back."

Erza sighed.

"He's a grown man. He needs to start working again. It was a mistake leaving him alone here."

Upstairs, Natsu stopped in front of a door. It was opened slightly and just from the small crack on the door, you can see different objects on the ground. Natsu pushed the door open and his vision immediately blurred from tears. He fell to his knees from the sight. He ran a hand through his hair as more tears escaped his eyes.

The room in front of him was the nursery, but it didn't look like a nursery after his rampage in the room five years ago. After Lucy's death, the sight of this room brought nothing but hatred. He ruined everything from the crib, to the curtains, to all the toys they prepared for the baby's arrival.

Even from behind the tears, he could see someone close the door and kneel down in front of him.


Natsu wiped away his tears. Wendy helped him up and helped him on his way to his bedroom. Wendy gently set him down on the bed and walked in the bathroom. His bedroom was the only room that was left untouched, for Natsu hasn't been in here in years. Lucy's scent filled the room and smelling this scent brought nothing but memories.

"I've prepared your bath and placed some new clothes to the side. If you need anything, please call me."

"Thank you, Wendy," Natsu muttered. Wendy's expression softened. She bowed before leaving the room and closing the door behind her. Wendy walked down the stairs to find that half of the floor was already clean.

"Sugoi, Erza-san."

Erza smirked.

"I won't lose to a simple mess like this."

"H.. Hai," Wendy sweatdropped.


Natsu looked at himself in the mirror. The bags under his eyes weren't as visible as before and the smell of alcohol was gone. His hair had grown to where it reached his shoulders, but Wendy gave him a haircut to where he looked like his old self from eight years ago. His appearance looked like his old self again as well. His plain white capri sweatpants and his signature one sleeve vest that went all the way down to his knees.

He chuckled to himself. He remembered how Lucy would always tease him on how it looked like an apron. He stuffed his hands in his pockets. Today was the start of a new day. He grabbed his traveling bag from the bed and placed one strap over his shoulder. If he had time today, he might even go on a job just to get away from the city. Whatever the case may be, he had a feeling he'll need it.

He walked down the stairs to find the floor spotless. His japanese styled house was reorganized to when he first built it. Stains were gone and it smelled like cherry blossoms everywhere. He had to remind himself to thank them later.

He walked out of the door to meet his two friends standing a few feet away from the door. Wendy waved to him.

"Hurry up, Natsu-san!"


Erza crossed her arms as she looked at her surroundings. She gripped the handle of her sword. Every now and then, she could hear the sound of leaves being moved along with a few sticks being snapped. She also felt as if she was being watched. Natsu's and Lucy's house was just outside of Magnolia and you could easily get lost. Not only that, but it was on top of a hill that overlooked the town. You needed to really know where you were going otherwise you'd get lost along the way.

"Erza, are you coming?" Natsu yelled. Erza blinked and returned to her senses. Natsu and Wendy were already far ahead. She let go of her sword and ran ahead. There were more important things to worry about.

A few facts I need to clear up: When I listed out who became S-Class during the eight years, I listed them out in order. So it goes from Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, Cana, Elfman, Juvia, Freed, then to Wendy. I know Wendy doesn't look to be fit to become S-Class now, but eight years have passed.

And again, I'm not sure who joins the guild after the games.