Final Chapter!

"EHHH?" Both Natsu and Gray jumped up with their hands raised in the air in surprise. They then look to one another when their reactions shocked each other as well.




And just like old times, Gray and Natsu went for each other, but this time it was more violent than usual. Their strengths have increased throughout the years. A small fight between the two of them could lead to the destruction of the guild.

Out of no where, the two were splashed with cold water. Natsu looked up and saw that it was Gray's other son, Regen, whom had drenched them with water. Must've taken after his mother. He then saw ice appearing on Gray's wet feet, keeping him in place. He looked down and saw that both of his own feet were covered in ice as well.


"Haruhi, you're getting better with your ice. Now can you let go of Papa?" Gray said in a soft tone.

"You never taught me, Papa," replied Haruhi. Just then, Natsu felt the ice beneath him break into a million pieces. The ice melted and turned into water. He looked up and saw that Kuro had his hand held out. It was him that had unfroze him. Suddenly, all the water around them started to move towards Kuro. A huge ball formed on the tips of his hands. He watched as it hardened and turned into ice. Suddenly, the frozen ball turned into a rose.

Natsu watched as the rose floated towards Natsuki. She accepted the rose with a huge smile on her face. Natsu's chin fell to the ground. He was an ice mage and a water mage. Natsuki ran over to him and raised the rose up to his face.

"Papa! Isn't it pretty?"

Natsu folded his arms. It was very detailed. He couldn't find anything wrong with the boy.. as long as he didn't inherit his father's stripping habits. Maybe the fact that she had a boyfriend right after claiming himself to be a father shocked him a bit. Even worse it was his rival's son. This must be karma for not watching over her properly. He definitely never expected that their kids would ever get involved in a relationship. They're only five and six years old. They might not take their relationship seriously now, but they will in the future.

Natsu couldn't help but smiled. If Lucy were here, she would be all for it.


Natsu, along with Gray, watched as Natsuki, Kuro, Regen, and Haruhi played around with each other in the beach. One of the best things about the guild was having the beach as the backyard.

"They all have magic in them. Do they have the same strong magical power as Natuski?" asked Natsu.

"Well.. not as strong as her's, but they're still strong. Regen's full body is water, just like Juvia's, so he's had his magic from the start. For Kuro, he wasn't like Juvia, but water was his first magic. We found out he could use ice when he froze the guild's pool. Juvia was never able to do that so we assumed he inherited both our magics. As for Haruhi, she can use ice maker magic, but she uses it unconsciously. She isn't as strong as her brothers'. She's still learning."

"I see. Must've inherited their strength from their mother.."


Natsu laughed.

"By the way, you never told me about Natsuki and Kuro," said Natsu.

"I've always saw it coming, but I never knew they'd get together this young. Just know that I'm completely against it, but since its Natsuki, I couldn't say no."

"You know if they get married, that would make us in-laws."

Gray scrunched his nose in disgust as he turned to Natsu. Natsu had a blank expression on his face. But they bursted into laughter at the thought. Natsu remained quiet. He never expected to reached this stage so early.

"Are you prepared for the responsibility?" asked Gray.

"Erza, Laxus, and Jii-chan handled all the crucial parts. Its my turn to do the rest."

Natsu stood up and walked over to Natsuki. Gray watched as he swept her off her feet and held her in his arms. He's growing up. He's finally returned to his old self again. It felt like old times seeing him like this again. He missed their fights and arguments they would have everyday. It was all thanks to Natsuki that he got do this again.

"Are you ready?" asked Natsu.

"Un!" Natsuki replied.


Natsu held onto his daughter's hand tighter as he face the three who looked after Natsuki when he couldn't. It was time. It was time to stand up and move forward.

"Are you really sure?" asked Erza.

"It's no walk in the park. It won't be easy," said Master.

"I took care of Happy when he was born. I'm ready for it," replied Natsu.

"What if she's sick?" questioned Laxus.

"I'll go to a hospital."

"If she's crying?"

"I'll kill the reason."

"If she's hurt?"

"I'll comfort her."

"If you lose her?"

"I'll find her."

"And if she's in danger?"

"I'll protect her."

Laxus was impressed. He folded his arms and nodded his head in approval. Erza looked down to hide the smile that was growing on her face. This was the Natsu she was looking for and waiting for to come out of his shell.

"I'll be watching then," said Laxus.

"Natsuki's stuff is ready and packed in Master's office. I'll send everything else as soon as possible," said Erza.

"If you need anything, all you need to do is call," said Master.

Natsu's expression brightened. Natsuki squeezed her father's hand. She didn't really understand what was currently happening around her, but her father looked so happy. She never saw him this happy before. All she wanted was to be with her father, nothing more. Laxus kneeled onto one knee and Natsuki ran over.


"You're going to be staying with your papa from now on. Be a good girl and cause a lot of trouble for him, okay?"


Natsuki giggled. Laxus planted a kiss on top of her head.


"Don't go too far, Natsuki! You could get lost!" yelled Natsu.

"Hai~!" Natsuki skipped ahead on the unfamiliar path. They were way up in the forest and out of the city. Natsu held all of their stuff with one hand. It was heavy, but he was happy. He was the happiest man alive. And he was happy to be alive. Although, he was upset when Happy declined his offer.

"Why don't you live back with me?" asked Natsu. "We're fixing the house and making it look good as new."


"Wha.." Natsu was shocked with his reply. Happy's face had confidence written all over it.

"I'm a big cat! I can take care of myself!"

Natsu smirked and folded his arms. Obviously, there was a reason behind this.

"Its because you want to stay with Charles, right?"

Happy froze.

"You liiiike her."

"Don't copy me!"

Natsu chuckled. He'll miss living with his best friend. He looked up and saw that Natsuki had found his house. Anyone who hasn't been through his path before could've gotten lost easily. He walked up behind her and patted her head.

"It looks bad now, but we'll fix it and make it as good as new. How does that sound?"


Natsu smiled. He lead the way to the front door and opened it for her. Natsuki ran inside. Natsu was thankful for Erza and Wendy to come at the right time. If they hadn't, the whole place would've been filled with bottles and the place would've reeked of booze.

Natsu placed her stuff to the side. He'll know where to put them once they reorganize the whole house. He walked over to Natsuki and placed her over his shoulder. She squealed in surprise. Natsu laughed.

"Let's go get supplies."

He walked out of the front door and immediately stopped. Natsuki looked at the back of his head when he abruptly stopped. She turned around and saw the reason. Gray, Erza, along with the rest of the guild had gathered in their front lawn. Each of them carrying all sorts of equipment with them that would be useful to repair a building.

"W.. What are you doing here?" asked Natsu.

"We thought you could use some help," said Erza.

"Repairing a house, that's a man!"

"You're only capable of destroying things after all," said Gray.

"I don't want Natsuki living in a dump like this," said Master. Natsu was taken back. "So, I thought we should help you repair it."


"Alright, brats! We're not only building a house here. We're building a home! Put your magic to work and show what a Fairy Tail Mage is capable of!"

A whole month everyone had worked for. After that month, the big house had looked the same way Natsu and Lucy had built it, only it expanded. It looks somewhat similar to the Heartfilia mansion. Although, Natsu didn't see why they would need that much space for only two people. But he understood the reason when Gray, Erza, and some of his friends would barge in unannounced. He didn't care at first, but after a few weeks, he really started to get irritated. He didn't understand how Lucy could put up with them throughout the years.


Today was the day. Natsu tightly held onto his daughter's hand as she led the way. Natsu felt happy yet somewhat scared and nervous. Its been years since he's been to the cemetery, and it looks like Natsuki knows the way around it quite well. They stopped in front of a certain tombstone. A small platform was created making it look the tallest out of all the tombstones. Natsuki took the flowers from her father and sat on her folded legs. She placed the flowers in front of the tombstone and placed her hands together.

Lucy Dragneel

July 1, X767 June 20, X794

Natsu was on the verge of tears. He never saw Lucy's tombstone before. Just the sight of it was a bit overwhelming. He placed his hand on his head to hide the tears. He bit his bottom lip as he tried to hold them back.


Natsu fell to his knees.

"It's okay to cry, Papa."

Natsuki hugged her father as her own tears started to fall. Natsu looked up when he saw tears that weren't his fall to the ground. His expression softened. He wiped away his tears with his shoulder and wiped away Natsuki's tears with his thumb.

"Sorry, I just miss your Mama."

"I miss Mama too."

Natsu wiped away the final tear that escaped her eyes.

"Remember what we're here for.."

Natsuki nodded and faced the tombstone. Natsu got into the same position and placed his hands together. Together they prayed.

Natsu leaned back onto Lucy's tombstone as Natsuki walked around the cemetery. She would often place flowers in front of tombstones that had weird names on them.


Natsuki started running around while throwing flower petals in the air.

You must be disappointed in me.

Natsuki laughed as the petals fell over her.

I lost my way for five years. I gave up and left our daughter all alone. I regret everything.

Plue appeared from his key and as usual started to shake as if he were in the freezing cold. Natsuki kneeled down and petted it.

I want to change. I want to be the father Natsuki needs. I want to make up for the five years I abandoned her. I want to have the right to love her.

Out of no where, Happy came flying and crashed into Natsuki and Plue. Natsuki and Happy laughed.

Your last words... I never considered them, but I understand now and I completely ignored you. You counted on me to watch over her, but I was too much of a coward to do it.

Gray as well as Erza walked over. Gray swept Natsuki off her feet and raised her high in the air. Natsuki spread her arms out with a huge grin on her face.

I'm going to make things right from now on. I'm so sorry I disappointed you, but now I'm going to make you proud.

"Oi, Natsu! Let's go! We've got a job all ready!" yelled Gray.

"Ah! Give me a minute!" yelled Natsu. He stood up and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

Ne, Lucy...

Natsu watched as his team started walking down the hill, disappearing from his view.

Was there ever a reason why you named her 'Natsuki'?

He turned around to face Lucy's tombstone.

Natsuki.. summer hope.. it really suits her.

"Natsu! Hurry up!" yelled Happy from the bottom of the hill.

"Let's go, Papa!"

I miss you, Lucy. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you then, but I'm going to do a better job in protecting our daughter. I'll protect Natsuki. I'll protect my reason for hope.

Natsuki (Summer Hope The reason I chose this name was because it pretty much sums up the whole story. 'Natsu' means summer and I wanted the daughter to have a nice meaning to her name especially after what Natsu has been through. Her birthday is on June 20 and I found out that it was the first day of summer this year, I hope, so it fits well.

I felt really bad when I found out that Lucy's mother actually died at age 27. I was actually intending on making Lucy alive and kidnapped this whole time, but I wanted to focus on the fatherly side of Natsu and his bond with Natsuki.

First completed Fairy Tail story! Kinda sad but happy that its over. Thank you to all that have read and reviewed this story. I'll be back again with more Fairy Tail stories.