Amy Rose and Knuckles were sitting at one of the wooden tables nearby Waluigi's Taco Stand, with Knuckles having four tacos while Amy had a mountainload behind her, all of them of different kinds, of course. Amy kept stuffing her mouth with the spicy but tasty tacos as Knuckles watched in amazement, slowly eating his first taco.

"Man, Amy, you sure as hell have one appetite," Knuckles commented as he chuckled.

Amy burped loudly, blowing Knuckles' headlocks back. She giggled as she closed her eye, shrugging. "Well golly, Knux, that's nice of you to comment!" After three brief seconds, she resumed stuffing her mouth with tacos.

Waluigi approached the table, his hands on his hips. He turned to Knuckles. "She sure does love her food."

Knuckles scoffed as he pointed at Amy. "Wait until you see her after she doesn't get breakfast or lunch. She goes insane."

Waluigi rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as he curiously eyed Amy. "That sounds like some people I know..."