Six weeks. Cassandra frowned as her parents explained for third time that she had been in a coma for the last six weeks, well technically it was six weeks and four days but Cassandra had rolled the number down. Apparently she had been in some kind of accident, that she suddenly had a fit on a busy Tottenham Court road, fell hit her head and then proceeded to have a couple more seizures before falling into a coma. Cassandra didn't honestly know as she had no recollection of the event but she supposed that made sense. All she remembered was waking up for a brief moment, falling asleep again, waking up again and having a light shined in her face, that happening a few more times before finally waking up for good. Then it took a few days for her to even string a coherent sentence together.

"Cassie? Are you listening?"

"I'm sorry what were you saying mum…" Cassandra wearily asked looking down at her legs, she couldn't currently move them and it wasn't a result of her accident it was rather her lack of muscle tone due to being in bed for six weeks. Cassandra's doctor explained that it was next to impossible for people to wake from comas, climb out of bed and resume living their lives. Cassandra already knew that, it was still taking time to get used to the fact she couldn't really move much, that and the coma thing.

"I was saying that you won't be able to come home for a few more days, the doctors want to monitor you for a little while longer. Do a couple more tests to see how your brain is doing, talk to you about the recovery and a few more thing. Then you'll be able to come home." Lydia said much to Cassandra's chagrin as she had already been here for six weeks and now they wanted her to stay for longer.

"The wedding…" Cassandra wearily said glancing at her mother, it was one of the few things she distinctively remembered in the run up to her accident. According to the timeline of her coma, Cassandra's wedding was supposed to get married during the second week of her six week long nap.

"Postponed." Lydia replied.

"I'm so sorry mum…" Cassandra honestly said trailing off, no doubt her mother postponed her wedding due to her situation. Despite the happiness that radiated off her mother's face over her being awake and healthy someone who had just come out of a coma could be, Cassandra could tell by the tired look in her eyes and the bags that her mother practically spent every waking minute by her side. It made Cassandra feel extremely guilt, her mother had put her own happiness and wedding to the side to be with her. As much as Cassandra badmouthed her she knew that she didn't deserve to have a mother like Lydia Huntington, the woman loved her as much as a mother should love her child and more.

Lydia lifted Cassandra's hand up and placed a kiss. "Don't be."

"Can you do me a favour mum? Can you go get me some stuff from home like pyjamas and some books? I know I'm going to be stuck here for a while and I just would feel better if I had some of my own things." Cassandra asked.

"Sure thing sweetheart."

'Thank you." Cassandra replied as her mother get up and leave, she didn't really need things from home, well she did but not quite in the urgency that she had made her mother believe. But she had made it seem that was as she had caught Mycroft's eye several times and it was clear that he wanted to talk with her, no doubt out of her mother's earshot hence Cassandra sending her mother away. "Hello Mycroft."

"Cassandra" Mycroft replied as he took a couple of steps forward. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I've been in a coma for over six weeks." Cassandra sarcastically replied.

"Glad to see your accident hasn't affected your witty sense of humour." Mycroft said. "Do you remember what happened? Why you were at Tottenham Court road in the first place Cassandra? I find it curious that you were there in the first place Cassandra as you were supposed to be at school the time of your accident."

"That's a very interesting observation to hear, thank you for telling me."

"I know that you were with Sherlock and the reason I know that is because when you were brought here and the doctors were working on you they found the message 'Find SH' written in your palm. I also know that he triggered a seizure and you were aware of what he was doing and for some reason you let him do it." Mycroft stated and Cassandra sighed.

"If you know that Mycroft then what is it you want to ask me? Surely you have all the answers about what happened to me. You know even more than I do." Cassandra calmly stated although she was surprised yet not too surprised that her uncle was somewhat involved in her accident. Judging by what Mycroft had said, Sherlock was directly responsible for it.

"I want to know why you agreed to my brother's stupid request, why you agreed to put your risk at health Cassandra… You were in a coma for weeks, your mother sat by your side every day, neither of us knowing when or if you were going to wake up."

Cassandra didn't respond as firstly she couldn't even remember anything from that day and even if she did, she probably wouldn't even tell either of her parents the reasons for allowing her uncle to induce a seizure. She didn't know why or what possessed her to do something so stupid but despite all the confusion she knew that there was a reason she let Sherlock do what he did. "I don't know Mycroft."


"It's like when I have a seizure and can't remember anything from what happened but it's worse. I can't remember anything from the days leading up to that happened. Whether or not you believe me Mycroft it doesn't matter as I can't remember, it's all a blank…" Cassandra honestly admitted.

"I get phone calls about you quite often Cassandra and I think you know that and have known for a while. The phone calls range in length depending on what your doing or who I'm talking to, now phone calls about you getting into trouble at school I can deal with. Phone calls telling me that my daughter; my only child has been in a serious accident is a call I don't like getting."

"I'll try and keep the calls down to only headteachers calling about my imminent expulsion from now on." Cassandra dryly retorted and she could have sworn she saw a smirk on his face before he too took his leave, no doubt before she could accuse him of caring.

Cassandra sat alone in her private room with nothing to do and alone with her thoughts when a nurse walked in and handed her a small blue box. Cassandra looked at her in surprise as she simply wasn't expecting this and she kind of wanted an explanation. "I was asked to give this to you when you woke up."

"From who?" Cassandra asked as this simply wasn't either of her parents styles, Lydia liked handing things over to see the look in Cassandra's eyes whilst Mycroft often left surprise gifts out somewhere she'd come across it like in his locked top desk draw underneath a couple of very important files with a little note.

"He said you'd know." The nurse replied before leaving and Cassandra waited a moment before she finally opened it. Inside the box was a silver pocket watch, it was beautiful and Cassandra slowly turned it around in her hand until she saw the message or rather engraving.

About time LB

Cassandra laughed, at times Sherlock may be a pain in the ass and yes he was responsible for her falling into a coma but she had to admit the man had style.