All the days of my life.

I met her short after graduating from high school; she was beautiful and complicated. I still remember the day we met. I was in TORTS class; it was the first day and I hoped the day would be over soon. The door opened and she walked in. And in the moment I saw her, I just knew. I knew she was going to be mine. She stood in front of me with her polka dotted handbag. I could see her pink lips moving but I could not hear any words. She shook her hand in front of me. "Hello?" She asked. "Yes?" I finally responded; "Is this sit taken?" She asked once more. I looked at the empty sit beside me. "No, not at all" I said, between laughs.

"May I..?"

"Yes, of course"
"No problem"
I could not help to stare. She was playing with her dark, brown curly hair. She noticed I was staring at her and turned to me. I turned to my notebook and cleared my throat. I hadn't written anything. "It's my first day here, well, my first day in town and I don't know anyone, so…I was wondering if you could help me find a loft or something" I could tell by her American accent that she was from Chicago. I narrowed my eyes, thinking of the chances of taking her home before I thought possible. "I mean, if you're not available or just don't want to it is okay. I'm some crazy girl you just met"

"No, no, I mean…I don't think you're crazy"
She smiled shyly. I could feel my heart beating faster.
I smiled back at her.
The teacher arrived and she took out five pens. I watched, not speaking.
She laughed nervously, and so did I.

"It's always better to be prevented, right?"
She put a notebook on the desk and all the pens dropped.
I gave her my pen.
She looked at me, startled.
"What are you gonna write with?"
"It's okay, I'll just listen" I smiled at her.