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Prologue: From Willowsby to Spielberg.

"B-but mom, I've always wanted to go on an adventure! What this poster talks about, might be my one chance to make it big as a hero!" a young brunette man, around his twenties said desperately, as he drops to his knees begging. But, the old woman wouldn't yield and shook her head disapprovingly.

"I said no, and that's final Marcus Donnelly! It's too dangerous for one as young as you. Especially since you just graduated from that Adventurer's School; I think you should rest a bit and rethink this." She insisted. "I just don't want you rushing into something you cannot handle as of yet. I…" she let out a sigh. Marcus gently hugged her for a moment.

"I'll be fine, mom. Don't worry about me; besides, I won't be alone- Rico and Finn are going as well!" Marcus pointed out with a nod. He glances up at the sword and shield hanging over the mantle- his father's sword, "Shamgar", had been there even since his father had died when Marcus was younger. It had been nearly a decade since his father's death, but Marcus held his head high, knowing that he'd died honorably in battle.

Marcus' mom noticed her son looking at Shamgar, sighed, and brought it down. She handed it carefully to Marcus and looked at longingly. "Here, Marcus. Take it. I'm sure he would have wanted you to have it one of these days, if he'd lived to see this day."

Marcus looked at the sword with a smile. Grasping it in his hand, he gave it a few good swings and thrusts. He felt a strange, invigorating power run through him as he swung the old sword, almost as if his father's fighting spirit were in the blade. With this, he felt like he was unstoppable! His mother watched her son test his skill, and smiled proudly. He was just like his father! Marcus then looked at his mother expectantly, awaiting her final decision on whether he could go or not… and she nodded approvingly. "Alright, Marcus- you may go on this adventure of yours. I see you wield that sword, and I see a man who takes after his own father greatly, and would never forgive me if I didn't let him go…"

"THANK YOU!" Marcus cheered, giving his mom a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She returned the gesture, and told him, "Just… promise me you'll be careful, my little Markie."

Marcus rolled his eyes. He hated when she called him that, it was very embarrassing. Still, he'd let it slide for this one time. "I promise, mom. I'll come back home a much stronger man, and I'll make you proud of me."

And, with that, the matter was settled. Marcus would be heading to -according to the poster- a town a month's walk away from their small town of Willowsby called Spielberg come next morning…

Rico Larron woke up with a start to the sound of a shrill whistle, and, by instinct, drew his dagger and looked around cautiously.

"Rico, it's me, Marcus!" a voice said from below him. Rico peered out from his bedroom window, and saw his good friend Marcus looking up at him with a huge smile. He smiled back, knowing what this meant- she'd said yes. He quickly grabbed his bag- filled with food, money, and a few extra daggers (including, what his father called a 'mercy dagger', in case it came to a point where survival was out of the question and death was inevitable). Rico also had a couple lock picks on his person just in case, and also packed a pair of black leather gloves and a black cloak with a hood to conceal him in the shadows easily, which just so happened to match his black hair and thin build quite nicely.

Rico had already discussed the matter of the notice with his own parents. They'd easily said yes, seeing as they had figured that it was time for their son to head out into the world soon anyway, and fulfill their secret lives as professional thieves. Rico got dressed in a dark blue shirt, and dark purple pants, grabbed his stuff, went downstairs and said goodbye to his parents. They wished him good luck as he shut the door.

Rico looked Marcus up and down- brown vest, white shirt, and greenish brown pants. He had to admit, the red cape was a bit much. He'd stick out like a sore thumb, that's for sure. He was impressed how fit he looked though, thanks to his training in the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence Course. Looking around, he didn't see their other friend -Finn- anywhere. "Where's Finn?"

"I haven't visited him yet." Marcus replied with a shrug. Rico and Marcus started walking towards the young mage's house.

Luckily, Finn Dillon was already awake and about to head out the door anyway. He turned around and greeted his friends with a smile. Flicking his index finger, he watched a small bolt of electricity dance around his finger- the Zap spell he'd learned would come in handy, he was sure.

"Ready to go adventurin', Finn?" Rico asked. Finn nodded, adjusted his sky blue vest and violet pants, and fixed up his blonde hair to look nice. "I'm ready, how about you fellas?"

They both nodded and smiled. All three now together, with Marcus in the lead, they began walking out the gate of Willowsby to Spielberg Pass. Just before the town was out of sight, Marcus stopped and turned around to take one last look at their quiet little hometown. I will be strong for your sake, mom; and also my father's. Marcus thought to himself as the three young men headed west towards the mountains.

If they'd stood there a minute longer, they would also noticed a giant claw appearing around one of the tallest mountains, followed by another claw and lastly, the horned head of a blue scaled dragon. With a roar, a burst of flame shot from its mouth, although oddly it just seemed to "hang" there in the sky and not burn anything. The dragon breathes out a puff of smoke, which also just "hangs" there almost like a sign or "logo" underneath the floating fire. If they'd looked closely, they would have been able to see that it spelled out these words in the fire and smoke-

"Quest for Glory.

So You Want To Be A Hero."