Of Wine and Coffee


~Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don't even notice it~

Pissed. Kurt Hummel was pissed.

Standing in front of Lima Bean, hands on his hips, Kurt glared at the person in front of him. The said person was handsome; brilliant green eyes, hair with a soft brown color and a perfect smile. At least, it would have been perfect if it was not for the fact that it was shaped into an arrogant smirk.

"You are such a jerk, Sebastian," Kurt snapped, completely ignoring the curious bystanders near them.

"That's the best you can do, princess? Your talent in insults seems to be wearing thin," Sebastian answered coolly.

Kurt narrowed his eyes. "Shut up,"

"Why? Can't handle the fact that Blaine actually came back to his senses and broke up with you?"

The words hurt. And what's worse, Kurt could not deny it.

Blaine was kind about it-he was always kind. He was not harsh or cruel when he initiated the break-up. In fact, he brought up the right reasons that made Kurt felt as if breaking up was the right thing to do. Long distance relationships…what if it doesn't work out, Kurt? Would that end our friendship? I don't want that to happen…

Santana said the reason was stupid and cowardly. And maybe Kurt agreed. Just a tiny bit. But he could not bring himself to hate Blaine. That's your weakness, Kurt, Rachel had sighed. You're too forgiving to the ones you love.

Kurt blinked away tears. He brought back his focus towards Sebastian, his glare intensifying. "I don't see how that's any of your business, Smythe. Unfortunately for you, Blaine doesn't go for badboys,"

Sebastian's grin grew wider. "You may never know. He might have a secret kink for guys like me. Guys who don't strut around in clothes those only girls would normally wear,"

Shut up. You know nothing. At least I don't go around smelling like Craigslist.

The words died at Kurt's lips. He simply had no more energy on insults. In fact, Kurt felt drained for some reason. The weight of the drama he had gone through these past few days was still heavy on his shoulders. His soon-to-be departure to New York, missing his friends, his breakup with Blaine…

Blaine. The heaviest weight of all.

Kurt sighed. He cast a tired look at Sebastian.

"Someday, Sebastian, you'll know what's like to lose someone you cherish,"


It was two weeks later when Kurt saw Sebastian again.

Okay, maybe 'saw' was not the accurate word. It was more like he heard of him. Kurt was going through the music sheets in the local music store. His very last assignment- was it really, truly the last? Kurt could not seem to wrap his head around the prospect just yet- was to perform a song during the graduation ceremony which was only a week and half away.


The idea seemed so unreal to Kurt, seemed so far away. New Directions had returned triumphant from Chicago, winning first place in Nationals; securing not only the glee club's permanence at McKinley but also Coach Sylvester's control over the Cheerios ("Come on now. Don't make it sound like that was the only reason I helped out," she had insisted). And now, the only thing left for the seniors to do was to prepare for their upcoming graduation.

Blaine had offered to help Kurt prepare for his move to New York which will be in a few months' time, but Kurt had politely refused. It was not that he did not want him to. God, how he wanted him to, really. But Kurt had not gone past the stage where he would see Blaine's face and remember the tearful conversation in Ms. Pillsbury's office.

But I promise, you aren't going to lose me…

Heh, Kurt smiled inwardly. What a joke. A cruel one at that.

He was so focused in searching for the right song to sing that at first, he did not notice the news could be heard from the old television that stood at the corner of the counter. Its image was fuzzy and inconsistent, but its sound was crystal clear.

"—the car crash took the lives of Andrew and Julia Smythe, who died on the spot due to a head-on collision -,"

That caught Kurt's attention. Andrew and Julia Smythe? His eyes strayed to the television where for once, the image was clear and did not disappear. It showed an accident scene where a Mercedes Benz had crashed into a truck. The car looked badly damaged. The female news anchor continued to drone on about the details of the car crash and Kurt was beginning to grow disinterested. As he was about to tear his eyes away from the screen, the news anchor's next words made Kurt's heart skip a beat.

"—the only known survivor was the couple's only son who got away with only a minor head injury and a few scratches. He was rushed to Lima Memorial Hospital-,"

And on the screen, showed the picture of Sebastian Smythe.

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