Forbidden Game Fanfict.

***A twist from the begining**

Life wasn't fair.

But of course we all knew that.

Jenny opened the door and the monsters came rushing out. She didn't even flinch, she only stared, mesmerized by the eyes of the monsters.

They were all so frightening that Jenny couldn't tear her golden green eyes away. "Famished," a chorus of voices said. The voices made Jennys arms fill with tiny goosebumps. "Little one, you've opened the door straight to you-"

"Jenny!" grandfathers voice boomed from upstairs. He called her name once more and it seemed closer this time, closer and frightened.

"Nothing but skin and bones. Not much meat to it," one of the voices grunted.

"I want her," another voice, like water running over rock, said.

"Jenny!" her grandfather reached her. He took her and hid her behind him. "Oh God, what have you done?"

"We want her.." the voices said.

"No, I can't. Anything but her-" grandpa begged.

"We're hungry..."

"Please! No..." after a moment of hesitation, he said, "Take me instead!"

"Grandpa!" confused Jenny screamed.

"I want her!" the voice of water repeated, growing impatient.

"We're hungry, the old man has owed us our freedom. He's the one who locked us in here!"


"A life for a life. We take the old man," the other monsters agreed.

"Whose to say we can't take both!" the musical voice disagreed. "You can take the old man, but I want her."

"Foolish boy.."

"Let him have her.."

"Better for us..."

Jenny was clutching onto her grandpas shirt, scared of what they meant.

Suddenly she felt her grandpa being torn away from her. "You have to let go Jenny, just let go," her grandpa urged and tried peeling away her fingers. Finally they were all too strong for her and she was alone in the basement.

Except for the electric blue eyes watching her from right under the doorway of the closet. Barely outside of it.

Jenny couldn't move, except when her violent sobs shook her whole body.

The electric blue eyes came closer and stood next to her. "Jenny. That's your name isn't it?" the soft elemental voice asked gently.

Jenny didn't pay attention to the white haired, and blue eyed boy sitting next to her. She didn't pay attention to him when he pushed her hair away from her face or when he pulled her into his arms.

She was still stunned from what had happened with her grandpa.

"Sh, sh, sh," he cooed. "Don't cry Jenny."

Jenny felt the warmth coming from him and followed the instict to cuddle up in his chest. He smiled for the first time and held her closer.

How was it possible that he lived so long without ever knowing such warmth. He had seen the sun before, but this was somthing different.'

This small little girl had hair like honey and green eyes that sparkled with kindness.

It was like holding the sun in his arms.

He was never going to let her go.