Chapter One

My body is pinned to the wall, my head smashed back against the glass, as he stands tall and strong before me. His cold, bony hand digging into the soft skin of my neck, his body pushed flush against his as I close my eyes and try to force my body to remain still against his.

"Girl, what did you do?" He asked, his other hand running over my cheek and into my cherry pink hair.

"Nothing," I whispered weakly, the usual oxygen flow being disrupted by his hand around my neck.

"Then why does Uncle Deidara say you hit him?" He asked, releasing his hand from around my neck and dropping my small body to the floor.

"I didn't mean to, I was walking around a corner and we ran into each other," I asked, panting heavily.

"Ayaka, stand," He ordered, standing quickly to my feet he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a tight hug.

"Itachi, I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you," I apologised, returning his hug.

"Ayaka, you know I can protect you from almost everything, but you have still got to be careful. If you get hurt or killed I will never be able to forgive myself," Itachi replied, looking down upon me.

"Itachi…," I began, losing what I was going to say.

"It's okay, don't say anything just get ready we are leaving by sunset. Your mother is headed this way," Itachi said plainly, pulling away and looking down at me.

"My mum?" I asked confused, knowing that she was alive but not knowing that she knew where I was.

"Sakura Haruno," Itachi answered, turning and walking away.

Lowering my head, I began the short, but confusing walk towards my room. Sitting down on my bed, time seemed to stop as my thoughts began to drift to the women who is said to be my mother. Does she have the same silly hair colour? What is she like? Is she like me? And why did she give me to Itachi, if she hated him so much?

"Ayaka, meet us outside in five minutes," Itachi called, his footsteps non-existent on the hard wooden floors.

Five minutes later as ordered, I had my stuff packed and was standing outside the akatsuki headquarters with Itachi and Kisame. Itachi with his usual blank expression on and Kisame with an unusual sad expression; watching the two akatsuki members I caught on to the chakra sign in the forest and we were off running with Itachi up front, them me and last Kisame. Reaching a small cleaAyakag a pink haired woman stood in the centre, her hair blowing out behind her as she stood peacefully watching us, as we landed nearby the edge of the cleaAyakag.

"Itachi," The women said, bowing her head in respect.

"Sakura… Ayaka go," Itachi greeted and then turned to me.

"Why?" I asked, the women Sakura stood watching me with all watching full eyes.

"She is your mother and you are going home," Itachi answered, my eyes widened in surprise and I took a step back into Kisame.

"No," I whispered.

"Ayaka, come here darling," Sakura said, stepping towards me with her arms held out wide.

"No, the akatsuki is my home," I replied, pulling away from Sakura and into Kisame.

"Ayaka, leave now," Itachi ordered, looking me dead in the eyes.

A tear fell from my eyes and I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him closer.

"I can't leave you, I don't know her and she is an enemy," I whispered into his cloak, he gently rested his hands on my back and shook his head above me.

"You will be safe in the village and I will visit, so go," Itachi ordered firmly yet softly, before nudging me towards the older pink haired women.

Looking back towards Itachi for a second, before I follow the women off in to the forest.