This fic is very short and very silly. Enjoy!

Now, you're finally at that age when… things start happening.

Your body is changing, you're getting taller, your voice is getting deeper, and you might start to have, w-well, dreams. Dreams involving you doing things with another person… Or another person doing things to you. O-Or you might just be watching them doing things, and th-they won't even realize you're there, just bloody watching them, and you wish that you could just go up to them and—


Anyways, you might find yourself attracted to others in a way you hadn't been before. You'll start noticing their, uhm, assets and want to touch them and bury your face in them. You might not just be attracted to women though. You might also find an interest in men. Men you thought you hated for hundreds of years, but suddenly you want them to throw you down and—and do things to you.

What are "things"?

N-Nothing, lad. I'll tell you when you're older.