Chapter 6

Angelique knew what they were saying about her. About the fact she always seem to get the easiest jobs. About the 3 new dresses she had recently acquired. About her new, small… but far more comfortable room… only a few corridors away from the young master's wing.

Yes she knew exactly what the household was saying… but she didn't care.

For the first time in her life she was actually happy. Every day at some point she would slip away from her duties and find Barnabas… or he would discreetly come and draw her away.

They hadn't slept together yet… but they had done everything but. She knew by this point he was getting desperate to finally have her.

Every night she lay awake thinking of him… longing for his touch. And every day she got closer to surrender.

It was not long after midnight when she awoke. She sat up with a sigh of frustration. She had been having a vivid, delicious dream of exactly what she most wanted. Him.

She felt hot, flustered, the sheets clinging to damp skin at she sat up in bed. The only sound was the pounding of her heart and her heavy breathing. It took her a moment to realize it had just been a dream.

Disappointment hit her like icy water. She had wanted it so badly to be real. Her skin was still tingling from everything she had imagined him doing to her. It had seemed so real…
Angelique slid out of bed and pulled a shawl on over her thin white nightgown. She splashed a bit of water on her face from the bowl on the table. It cooled her down slightly but didn't make her feel much better. The deep ache inside her was still there.
Before she could think better of it she was slipping quietly into the hall and closing her door quietly behind her. She didn't want to risk a candle… and she knew her way well enough without one.

She paused for a moment outside Barnabas's door before gently pushing it open and quickly but quietly going inside.
Barnabas was sprawled out on the large 4 poster bed. His bare chest slowly rose and fell with his breathing, the light from the embers of a dying fire flickering over his pale skin.

He looked peaceful and almost vulnerable asleep, his handsome features softer somehow. It made her want him even more.
She walked across the room and sat next to him on the bed. He didn't stir as she reached out and gently brushed the hair away from his face.

Angie couldn't help slowly leaning forward and brushing her lips against his. For a moment he remained unresponsive but then she felt him stir slightly. He started to kiss her back as his eyes slowly slid open. She saw surprise then happiness and desire in his eyes as he realized he was awake… and she was there. She had never come to him at night before.

Barnabas's arms slid around her waist, pulling her closer as he deepened the kiss. She kissed him back passionately, pressing her body against his.

The shawl slid from her shoulders and she shivered from a combination of cold and desire.

He pushed the covers over so she could slide in next to him.

The warmth of the sheets felt almost as good as the feeling off his body next to hers. She realized with a shiver of excitement he wasn't wearing anything at all. The only thing between them was her nightgown.

He moved so his body was on top of hers, his mouth hungrily devouring the side her neck. She couldn't help a soft moan as his hand slid up her ribs to palm her breast.

She felt a shudder go through his body as she trailed her nails slowly down his bare back. He retaliated by pushing up the nightgown and sliding a hand slowly up her leg. A gasp left her lips as he touched her.
It was bliss. Pure pleasure. But it wasn't quite enough.

Then he was sliding the nightgown over the head, pressing his bare skin against her in a way that made her groan softly in pleasure and anticipation.

He looked at her as if to ask permission, his expression saying clearly how much he wanted and needed her.
"Please…" she whispered, hearing the pleading in her own voice but not caring right now.

His lips found hers again as he slowly slid inside her.
Shockwaves of pleasure went through her, tearing a gasp from her throat. It felt good… too damn good. He hadn't even started to move and she already felt she was about to lose her mind.
But when he did start to move… oh god. Anything they had done before paled compared to this… this incredible feeling. It made her back arch… her body shake. Made moans and passionate cries tumble freely from her lips.

She didn't even care that anyone walking past his room would be able to hear them.

Angelique felt him speed up as he started to lose control, unable to hold back. His voice was night dark and velvety soft as he moaned her name. Just hearing him say her name like that sent pleasant shivers down her spine.

His hands curled around her hips as he went harder, faster… every movement increasing the pleasure until she felt she would lose her mind from it. It was almost too much… too intense…

She felt Barnabas's shudder as she ran her nails slowly down his back. She wanted this to last… but she was already teasingly, deliciously close…

It was several hours later when they finally lay tangled in the sheets of his bed, her arm draped across his body and her head resting on his chest.
A contented sigh escaped her lips. She didn't think she had ever known such bliss before. It had been everything she imagined… and more.
Maybe he couldn't say it yet… but he knew that he loved her. You didn't get that kind of passion with someone you didn't have feelings for.

'I love you Barnabas Collins…' she thought to herself as started to drift off to sleep in his arms. 'And one day you will be mine…'