Me and my friend, Kevin. :)

"Sports are dull, and boring, and really rather stupid," she said, looking over dully at her pale friend, who was clutching nervously at her wand as they sat in the shade of the tree.

The redhead glared at her friend. As a Gryffindor, she really wasn't supposed to be friends with a Slytherin, but in her book, Katherine wasn't really supposed to be a Slytherin. She was nice, and smart, and very friendly and had faced a Blast-Ended Skrewt in the most serious manner, so it was anyone's guess as to why she was Sorted with the snakes. But the same could be said for Ren, who had been inconsolable at the sight of a lint that had looked "suspiciously like a bug."

Katherine looked up from her book, blinking at the expression on her face before wincing and grinning apologetically, "But, ahh, good luck anyway."

Ren sighed, looking at her helplessly before standing up and squaring her shoulders, staring defiantly at the Quidditch pitch before breaking down completely, crumpling into the grass and looking pleadingly at her, "Help me."

With a sigh, Katherine stuffed her book in her bag, stood up, and tugged her friend halfway to the pitch, shoving her into the locker rooms to change into jeans and a t-shirt. As she made her way to the stands to resume reading, she caught sight of a rather large looking girl trying out for the same position as her friend. She debated her thoughts, before sitting down with a grin, setting her bag – with her interesting Defense book – down beside her feet.

Ren jumped any time somebody accidentally bumped her, the Weasley twins having a field day with this and poking her in the sides randomly, making her twitch, jump or scream, or a combination of all three. Angelina finally barked at them to stop it, as she couldn't deal with a "passed out ginger on the field."

Madeline Ridgebrook, the girl trying out for Chaser as well, completely ignored the smaller girl standing beside her as they stood, awaiting instructions from Angelina on what to do. And she really had no need to, not when a blonde Slytherin in the stands was grinning happily, her wand in her hand as she watched the Gryffindors. Once they took off, Ren in one direction and Madeline in the other, her wand twitched, making Madeline whirl around and glance wildly about her before shrugging it off.

This happened multiple times, sometimes Madeline shrieking any time the Quaffle was passed to her. Ren caught on, and couldn't stop grinning for the remainder of the practice. Once they touched ground again, Madeline shaking like a leaf, and Angelina telling them she'd post the results in the Gryffindor Common Room, she made her way over to their tree and waited, grinning at Katherine.

"Slytherin," she teased once she sat back down in her original spot.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she grinned back.

"Oh, come off it, I saw you at practice," she smirked, crossing her arms over her chest, "Don't lie."

"I'm not going to lie – I totally had a stick in my lap to make you think I was jinxing Madeline to make you seem like a better Chaser, when really it was all you and your Gryffindor bravery," Katherine smirked back, the smile sliding off Ren's face halfway through the explanation.

She was silent for a few moments before glaring at her once more, "How are you not in Ravenclaw?"

Katherine only grinned back as she flopped on the grass. Maybe in a few years, she'd fess up and confess that she'd only jinxed Madeline before the practice. Like, maybe when they were fifty or so and she was so senile that she wouldn't remember who Dumbledore was. Yeah, that seemed like a good idea.