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"Tetchan! Where are you going?"

Kuroko Tetsuya turned his head towards the voice, to come face to face with his mother. The small, petite woman had her ice-blue hair up in a high ponytail, held up by a thick black band; an ever-present smile plastered onto her face. The woman held a small pot in her hands, in it the half of the ingredients required for dinner that night… or so Kuroko guessed.

"Out to play basketball again?"

"Not really," Kuroko replied with an indifferent expression. "I was planning on going to the convenience store; I forgot to buy Jump this week and they might only have a few copies left over there…"

"Well then; why don't you take #2 on a walk with you?"


When Kuroko brought Tetsuya #2, the adorable little puppy who was named after him due to the uncanny resemblance, back home that day, he didn't expect his family to warm up to him so quickly. Especially his father.

His mother, who looked so young that people often mistake them as siblings nowadays, was delighted to see the pup and immediately declared him a member of the Kuroko family. His father, whom Kuroko knew he had got his personality from, gave a silent nod of approval, but the gleam in his eyes told Kuroko that the older man was more than just delighted to have the little dog in the house.

"The poor little one is getting so restless at home; you'll do him plenty of good if you'd give him some fresh air."

"But I already took him to basketball practice yesterday…"

"No offence, my dear; but I'd hardly count a gym that smells of sweat-drenched boys and basketball as 'fresh air'."

"Ah. Can Dad take him instead? Since he goes jogging every morning before dinner…"

"I'd usually ask him first, but your father hasn't returned home from work yet. He'd be back in time for dinner, though, so he probably won't be jogging today."

"Must be tough being an editor, having to work on Sundays as well."

"That's true. I'd love for him to be around the house on weekends; but his work is really hectic. Getting back to the topic, would you please take #2 with you, Tetchan?"


"I'll treat you to vanilla milkshake at that café next week?"


"You really get bribed easily, do you now, dear?"

"But that café's milkshakes are good… and expensive. It's even better than the ones I usually have after practice."

"All right then; move along. #2 should be out in the backyard somewhere, since the weather today is perfect for rolling around on the grass, so you should be able to find him outside."

With a nod, Kuroko slipped on his shoes, retrieving #2's leash from the hook above the shoe cabinet. As obedient as Tetsuya #2 is, the item was definitely not needed. However, it's best to have it on hand if he happens to need it… which he rarely does.

Stuffing the leash into the pocket, Kuroko walked, slow-paced, towards the back of the house. It was there he found the said pup sitting on the ground, wagging his tail as if he had sensed its master's presence approaching.

"C'mon, #2," Kuroko called out as he bent down, stretching his hand to the puppy. "Come here. We're going out."


With a delighted bark, Tetsuya #2 ran over to his master, giving the outstretched hand a small lick.

"That tickles." Kuroko smiled, petting the pup on the head. "Do you want to walk, or would you prefer a ride?"


"A ride it is, then."

Kuroko picked up the puppy, placing him carefully in the hood of his light-blue pullover. The pup gave a happy yip.

"But you have to walk later, okay?"

The puppy gave a little whine as he slumped into the hood.

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