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That night, Kuroko plopped onto his bed, sinking into the sheer comfort of the sheets and the soft mattress.

"So comfy…"

"Tetchan! Dry your hair before you sleep; you'll catch a cold if you don't," his mother called from the hallway, knowing her son's habit of hitting the bed the very moment he was done with his bath.

"Okay." Came the muffled reply.

As he sat up in a cross-legged position, he grabbed the towel that had been hanging around his neck. He draped it over his head, but made no effort to rub it through his damp locks of light blue hair. He remained seated, lost in thought as he recalled the events of the lengthy afternoon and of the evening.

It had taken a lot of convincing, but finally Kagami agreed to join the Kuroko family for dinner. Though he wouldn't admit it, Kuroko knew the other boy was curious to discover whether his family… and perhaps even his house, was as 'invisible' as he was.

Imagine the surprise received when his mother greeted him enthusiastically, bursting into an outbreak of chatter of how he was how she had imagined him to be.

And the even greater surprise… or shock he had gotten that day when Kuroko's father… or better known as Papa Tetsu in the household, returned home from work that day. Apparently, all the three (now four) members of the household happened to have the word 'Tetsu' in their names; which Kagami thought was a little odd.

Kagami had expected the man to be a lot shorter than he had imagined… but was left utterly flabbergasted when he had realized that the man was about his height, if not a little taller than him.

Apparently, Papa Tetsu had spent most of his school life since elementary school playing basketball, too; and was darn good at it. However, his love for literature was stronger than his love for the sport and decided to pursue a career in a famous publishing company as an editor rather than to play for the national team. Now he is the editor-in-chief of one of Japan's most popular sport magazines.

His only son had inherited his interest for the sport… but apparently not majority of the genes that was often present in most players of the said sport. Height, obviously, was one of them. (There might even be a gene for basketball; but who knows, really.)

It was then Kagami Taiga had (not so) cleverly deduced that his shadow had inherited all physical appearances from his mother and his personality… and invisibility from his father.

Still, the man had invited the boy into his house with a warm welcome, despite his monotonous way of speech and expressionless face. According to Mama Tetsu, the man was actually more than happy to have 'Tetchan' bring a friend home for dinner, but was too shy to admit it.

Kagami looked as if he had his doubts, but Kuroko let it slide.

They had a hearty dinner of rice with curry, which Kagami had said was the best that he had ever tasted. They had their fair share of conversations, too, with Kagami and Mama Tetsu doing most of the talking. The red-head had even asked for the recipe after the meal, which the woman was more than happy to share.

Afterwards, the three guys headed out for a game of basketball, which had Kagami winning with 76 to 22 (Papa Tetsu lost count for Kagami after that) even with Kuroko utilizing his special shoot. Well, for a better or for a worse, Kuroko could now score; so who's complaining?

"Arf!" Tetsuya #2's bark interrupted Kuroko from his thoughts.

"You want to sleep here today, boy?"

The dog wagged his tail with more enthusiasm than all the members of Seirin could ever have put together before a big match.

"Give me a moment, okay?" Crawling off the bed, Kuroko made his way to the bathroom while drying his hair, hanging the now damp towel on one of the metal hooks fixed on the wall. Dragging his feet slowly back to his room, he turned on the lamp by his bedside, picking up his half-read novel from his table and tossing it onto his pillow.

Bending down, he lifted up the pup and settled under the covers, placing him on top of the blanket next to him. He then proceeded to pick up his book, flipping the page open to where he had last stopped reading and continued where he had left off.

Sometime passed after that; and a few chapters later, Kuroko gave a loud yawn. Marking the page where he had stopped and closing the book, Kuroko spotted the puppy sound asleep on the blanket. He gave a light smile, turning off the lamp as he lay down to sleep.

"Good night."

Side Note: Papa and Mama Tetsu's names are Kotetsu and Tetsuno. I modeled Kuroko's parents somewhat after Yukina's in the shoujo manga 'Watashi ni xx Shinasai!'. And if you're wondering why Papa Tetsu is an editor, I decided on a whim. You'll probably get to see Papa and Mama Tetsu in Parallel (though I haven't thought of how to include them yet)

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