Damon walked into the club. Music was playing loud and the place was in full swing, he wasn't here for the atmosphere though, he was here on business. Damon was here to visit his old running buddy Alaric.

The man that used to be the in the same mob as him before Alaric fell in love with the quiet church girl Jenna Sommers. No one expected it to last as long as it did or for them to even get married but lo and behold, Alaric is married and owning the the biggest club in Chicago. The Ritz.

Some would think Alaric would be killed for leaving the mob but he was well respected and being one of the best friends of Chicago's biggest mobster Elijah, he was wished all the best.

Alaric and Damon kept in touch but because of Jenna's fear of men with big guns Damon didn't come around often. Tonight was different though, Damon hadn't seen his best friend in about a year and he was here to surprise him.

Damon continued his walk around the club looking for his friends familiar figure. The place was huge he had to give Alaric that, especially since the place used to be an old opera house.

Just as Damon was going to give up his search and come back tomarrow when the place was closed he heard the voice he was looking for. "Well look what the wind blew in."

Damon turned to see Alaric standing a few feet in front of him smiling with his arms crossed. Damon chuckled and walked over to Alaric giving him a man hug. "Nice to see you fella."

"Good to see you too, Damon," Alaric said slapping his back in a friendly manner. These two haven't seen each other in a long time and it was great to see the man you grew up with.

"Look at this place, you and Jenna have done swanky job on it," Damon said looking around.

"Well I do the money and busniess, she takes care of the entertainment," Alaric laughed walking in step with Damon.

"Considering the job you had in the mob, I could understand."

Alaric stopped. "Don't bring that up here Damon, Jenna doesn't need to know everything."

Damon smirked. "Relax, I was just teasing you. My mouth is as quiet as a church mouse."

Alaric sighed. "Still the same old fella."

Damon chuckled.

"So what brings you by?" Alaric asked walking back in step with Damon keeping his eye around the club.

"Came to see if Jenna hasn't completely turned you into a noble man. Can't tame an animal thats already run free," Damon smirked.

Alaric laughed. "Everything is still the same, a few changes but not drastic."

Before Damon could reply a woman's voice popped out from all the noise. "Alaric!"

Both turned to see Jenna running over to them but she stopped once she realizied who Alaric was with. "Damon."

"Jenna," Damon smiled. "Its nice to see you."

Jenna moved closer to Alaric and tried to smile. "I-its nice to see you too."

Damon smiled. Jenna was a tough girl but she still had a bit of a fear to all of Ric's mobster friends, reason being they didn't come around very much. Damon though had been very busy with Elijah, taking care of the kinda work Elijah didn't want on his hands, but he was also working with him on watching the operations and trades they had going on. John Gilbert was trying to move into the ranks of King of Chicago, the rank Elijah was currently withholding.

Elijah gained the mob from his father MIikael after he passed from his ripe old age. He was the eldest and his father had always promised him the mob, which pissed off his younger brother Nik who was always there to help his father unlike his older brother who was always running around getting in trouble, but nonetheless Elijah was King.

"What was it you needed Jenna?" Ric asked her.

"Oh uh, theres a call for you upstairs about the work you need done in the back," Jenna told him.

Alaric shook his head and sighed angerily. "Why can't these pricks understand I'll pay them when the job is done? I'll be right back Damon."

Alaric turned around to head upstairs to his apartment that he and Jenna shared and Damon headed over to the bar. Alcohol was a great way to relive old memories.

Switching to Damon's P.O.V

I started taking off my coat as I headed over to the bar, I kept the jacket on though to hide the holster straps I had on my chest for my pistols. Maybe it wasn't ethical but being a mobster and the best friend of Chicago's King, I had to protect myself.

I waved my hand to get the bartender to notice me and unfortunatly for me it was a male. He was a tall, athelticaly built, and had some serious bright blue eyes.

"Hello sir, what can I get for you?" he asked.

"I'll take the best thing Alaric Saltzman has to offer," I smirked telling the boy. He looked like your All-American kind of type but had a hint of a southern accent.

"You must be one of Mr. Salztman's old friends," the kid smiled. "He has a cabinet full of his best liquor just for you and any other mobster that walks in here."

"Well then you keep handing me drinks until I can't remeber the name of the president. You understand that son?" I asked him.

He smiled. "Yes sir, the name is Matt by the way," he said sticking his hand out.

"Damon Salvatore," I said shaking his hand. I could care less about him but I had a bit of respect for him, he knew what I was and yet he could still hold a conversation and give me a firm handshake. This Matt kid was very impressive.

"Be back with you drink," Matt said and walked away.

I sat at the bar taking in the surroundings of Alaric's club. He really did do a great job on it, considering he bought it and managed it with all the money he got from being in the mob.

When Ric was in the mob he was the man Elijah would call in when a business deal wasn't going the way he wanted it. Ric would meet up with the dealer and lets say he knew how to be very convincing with a pistol.

"Long time no see brother."

I turned around to see my own younger brother. "Stefan, what a nice surprise."

"Nice to see you too," he said sitting on the stool next to me.

"Since when do you hang out in this part of town?" I asked. Stefan wasn't a mobster, more like a playboy and he wasn't one to get in trouble and this was the side of town that most operations and murders happened. It was even a surprise that Jenna agreed to live down here.

"Are you kidding? This is the best club in Chicago, its worth coming down here."

"Same old little brother," I chuckled.

"So I'm guessing your here to visit Alaric?" Stefan asked looking around the club as if he were trying to find someone.

"Well it ain't for the freeze booze," I said as Matt came over with my drink.

"Here you are Mr. Salvatore."

"Thanks," I said raising my glass before taking a drink.

Stefan turned around. "Hey Matt can I get a Whiskey?"

"Of course," he said bringing out a glass from under the counter and a bottle from the back counter.

"I guessing you two know each other," I said.

Matt laughed. "Stefan's one of the regulars, I already know when he comes in because the girls come up to the bar gossiping about him."

"Thats my brother, more of a player then a mobster," I chuckled taking another drink from my glass. Stefan did his own kind of deals but he was more inerested in girls then guns.

"Not for long, Stefan has his eye on one of the dancers here," Matt said giving Stefan his drink and wiping down the bar.

"Does he now?" I smirked turning to see him.

Stefan laughed. "Its not what you think, shes has a sugar daddy that she doesn't want to give up on anytime soon."

"Well show her that gentleman side to you and you'll have her in your arms in no time."

Stefan smiled. "I did, shes to smart to be seduced."

"Looks like you have a challenge little brother, whos the lucky gal?" I asked patting him on the shoulder.

The lights in the club went down and everyone became silent. The mood in the room changed which caused me to turn a look at the stage wondering why everyone became so intruiged with what was about to be presented on it.

"See for yourself," Stefan said low enough only I could hear.

I watched the stage and heard music begin to play. Three spotlights were frozen on the curtain and the music still played butwhen it got to the climax of the intro a dark skinned beauty came out on the stage singing and dancing.

I knew this wasn't the girl Stefan was talking about because he at the moment was more invested in his beverage. I watched as the crowd was entranced by the beauty singing and introducing herself as Bonnie. Once her part was done she stood of to one side of the stage and the second spotlight was filled with a gorgeous blonde.

Stefan stood up straighter and set his glass down on the bar, it was then I knew this was the girl Stefan was falling for.

She was tall and slender and her hair fell like golden ringlets. Shes was a beautiful piece of sunshine, a golden angel. I could see why Stefan would spends his time here.

"I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this is the girl?" I asked already pretty much knowing the answer.

"Caroline Forbes. The only women who can carry a pistol and sing her ass off," Stefan smiled admiringly.

I glanced at Stefan, what he said was something I heard before when Nik described a lady he was very interested in and her name was Caroline Forbes. "Stefan whos the guy she won't give up on?"

Stefan turned back to me and hid face fell a bit. "Nik."

"Lovely," I muttered and finished my drink.

Stefan and I grew up Elijah and Nik along with Alaric in our neighborhood. Elijah and I were the oldest in our families and Alaric was an only child so we became very good friends in school and we always had each other's back when we go into fights in the streets. Nik and Stefan used to be very good friends too until Nik became sort of a wannabe of his father. Stefan didn't like to be friends with people who kissed ass.

He was always around Mikael trying to be a perfect mobster in training while Elijah never really cared for it. Nik knew all of his father's business plans where he had money stashed who was currenty holding wars with and just about everything but because of Elijah being the eldest, the mob went to him.

Nik was extremely angry that after everything he did for his father he didn't get the title so he became an outcast. We didn't socialize with him, he didn't socialize with us but him and Elijah still did business together sometimes and at times he would hang out with us. Nik was more of a smuggler then mobster, he didn't care for title, just power and money.

What happend with him and Stefan ruined their entire friendship because Nik blamed him for Rebekah's death. One night she and Stefan were going to have dinner at one of Elijah's resturants but Stefan had asked her to do a quick deal for him while he finished up some other business. She went to the alley that was going to be used for the deal when the people she was supposed to meet fired on her.

She died from loss of blood. Nik blamed Stefan saying it was him who was meant to die that night not his baby sister. What Nik didn't know though was that there was a hit put on Rebekah, she had gotten into a fight with a rival mobsters girl and he put a hit on her. Some of his followers purposely set up a deal with Stefan so they could get closer to Rebekah and kill her. They hoped she would come with him or on her own and lucky for them she did it on her own.

Stefan did feel guilty for her death but he knew that even if he didn't send her to do the deal she would still end up dead some how. That didn't keep his nightmares away though, he really loved Rebekah. Elijah never blamed Stefan because he knew about the hit but he couldn't do anything because he had only found out about it hours before. Both Stefan and Elijah feel guilty they couldn't stop Rebekah from dying but they knew she died because of the life she was born into.

What sucked now was my brother was falling in love with a girl who only wants his enemy. I slapped Stefan shoulder in comfort and lifted my glass in cheers, saying I had his back with anything.

He nodded and took a sip of his whiskey.

After the golden angel Caroline did her number the song started to reach a climax again and this time people were really on the edged of their seats. The song reached the climax and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life entered on the stage.

Her legs could go on for days, her skin was a lovely color and her hair was silk flowing in the wind. I couldn't take my eyes off her for a second, she was like a magnet and my eyes were attracted to her. Her chocolate hair and charming smile and good god those doe eyes.

"Looks like your brother has eyes for Elena," Matt said to my brother as I kept staring at the stage.

Elena. A beautiful name for a lovely woman.

Elena kept dancing around the stage, moving her legs in ways I've never seen a dancer do, singing in a voice that was heaven's melody and swinging her hips like rattlesnake. Thats what she was, a rattlesnake. Gave off a wicked sound but could have a deadly strike. I haven't met the girl but just by looking at her I could see her story.

Girl grown up tough on the streets with no love, no support and found a way to escape the horrors of life by bringing joy to other with her voice.

I need to meet her.

The music began to slow and the first two beautys began to strut off stage going with the rthym of the music.

Elena had the stage to herself and she continued to awe the crowd. When the last note was played she struck a pose and looked into the crowd with those vixen eyes, whisper-singing the last words of the song.

"All That Jazz."

The lights went out.

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