Dianes Pov

I had only left sam for 2 weeks when things went terribly wrong at the time I had left it was with every intention in my words that in 6 months I would return to him. One night I had been up working late on my book when there was a loud crash of glass shattering I picked up the glass lamp on the end of the desk and ran out to the living room. Everything was dark suddenly I began to scream there was a hand placed tightly over my mouth I could barely breath something hit me hard over the head. When I woke up there was blood everywhere I was tied up on the ground in a ball the floor was hard and cold cement I began to cry tears of blood what was going to happen to me oh god did sam know? would anyone ever find me.

Now its 2 weeks later and I wonder how much longer he is going to keep me alive it's been a week since he threw a peice of bread in my mouth only every other day does he dump half a glass of water down it. my mouth is dry and my clothes are ripped and they are covered with dried blood, at least my head stopped hurting so much I had been hit with the glass lamp. I thought about sam it had been a month since we had last seen eachother how I longed for his embrace to be held tightly. Please god let sam find me soon I thought to my self but truthfully I wondered if I would make it another day in the condition I was in, dehydrated and about 10 pounds thinner than before the sement hurt my ribs. Suddenly he walked in the room again spitting on the ground next to me "are you ready for another beating diane?".

At that moment I almost wished I was dead my life was loosing it's meaning right here now i mumbled through the duct tape over my mouth "Sam will find me! he won't let me die". He spat back at me "He already thinks you are dead, I didn't leave much hope you were alive the police most likely already have declaired you desceased!" he laughed sinically kicking me. My stomach was brused maybe I had ulcers it almost hurt to breath why was he even keeping me alive just to see me suffer?. I Cried most tears of blood he kicked me in once more, did sam really think I was dead how would he even cope with such things. We both loved eachother more than anything I had thought before that nothing could ever keep us apart from eachother but now he was he without even a name was killing me slowly and painfully. "Thou must not think such things Diane" I thought to myself praying to god that I would wake up tomorrow and sam would find me with the police. It would kill me if he didn't want me any more though that would be the end of my life, he probably won't oh how defective I feel.

Suddenly I bolted awake hearing a lound noise what day was it I didn't even know he hadn't dumped me any water it must of been the next day whatever that was. my mouth felt even more dry as the expression on my face turned to horror hes coming to kill me isn't he? oh god please help me! a knot formed in my stomach. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs not just one persons but 3 suddenly the lights fipped on a rush of relief hit me there were 2 cops and the love of my life. Sam ran past them soon he was by my side untying me he ripped the tape of my mouth I started to cry blood once again. I had never been so releaved to see any one before in my whole intire life! he stood me up and wrapped his arms around me as I held onto him for dear life. My worst fear was playing out before my eyes as "he" stormed in the room pointing a gun at sam I screamed ducking down falling back into his arms on the cold cement once again. He pointed the gun once again about to pull the trigger i thought I we were both going to die when the police ran up the stairs the bullet shot up into the sealing.

The police knocked the gun out of his hands handcuffing him "Take her to the hospital sam make sure shes okay" he nodded they exited the room. I tried to get up but started to fall he caught me taking me in his arms again I rested my head on his as he wiped the blood off my face running his hand over it turning to look at him "I love you sam more than anything". He responed "I love you too Diane god I thought I'd see you again" tears started to form in his eyes he pulled me in tighter leaning in we kissed passionatly for what seemed like a long time. I rested my head on his sholder "I thought I'd never see you again ether" my breath was heavy and fast "shh..." he said trying to sooth me "Lets get you out of here sweetie". With that he picked me up caring me up the stairs out of the living room out of that god forsaken place I had been cooped up for the last 2 weeks. He sat me in the the seat of his car buckling me I winced in pain "It's okay sweetheart I'll get you too the hospital soon" I started to pass out the last thing I heard was my voice faint "I love you".

I woke up in the hospital sam was lying next to me stairing at me lovingly he kissed me on the forhead "Hey sweetie how do you feel?" I responded wrapping myself around him kissing him tenderly. "Weak my stomach hurts, am I going to be okay" there was a rather scared look on my face. " Your stomach is brused badly but the good news is you don't have any real ulcuers and the bruses should heal up in a few weeks with care" there was no more blood in my tears. The words came out of my mouth softly "I thought I was going to die in that godforsaken place" he responded with a pained expression "I thought you were dead, the police said you had lost so much blood you probably weren't alive". "I'm so sorry.." he stopped me tilting my head up "Diane you have nothing to be sorry for no one could have seen this coming, I just wish I could of been there to protect you" I said what was feeling "Please don't let go of me sam I'm afraid if you do I'll loose you". I held onto him tighter letting out all of the pain that had been bottled up for 2 weeks "I promise you I won't, I'm not going anywhere I love you". With that he gave me a cuddle we lied there in eachothers arms scared and releaved I didn't want to leave sam again almost loosing him was the worst feeling I've ever had oh how much I love him we belong together. Nothing is ever going to keep us apart again not if I have anything to say about it my life would loose it's meaning without him.