Dianes Pov:

Sam hasn't come home from work yet maybe it's just as well I don't want him to see how distraught I really am my body moves towards her room. I lie down on her bed and cry the memories of blood pouring from my eyes come back I wonder if that has happened to her. The wind knocks against the windows I feel the bed rattle my eyes roll back into my head Annie is sitting on her bed it's late she looks scared. She lies down trying to shut her eyes but she can't something startles her she gets up heading in the direction of my room but Dave comes from behind. Annie lets out a scream, I snap back to reality it's painful seeing what happened to her tormenting my inner thoughts with the horrible things that happened. How could Dave be so cruel and cold to do that all I care about right now is getting my daughter out of his cluctches forever even if that means death.

My mind goes blank again when I come to Sam hugs me "You nearly gave me a heartattack" he says upset "I'm sorry what happened?" I ask confused "I came home and you were passed out on the living room floor unconsious". I try to sit up my head starts to spin "Ohhh" I moan "What time is it?" "It's 10pm Calm down Diane just take it easy" the last thing I remember is getting up to use the bathroom. Tears stream down my face "I'm so sorry" I go to move away from him but he pulls me closer "Come here sweetie hey look at me it's okay I'm not upset with you I'm just worried". He was being kind to me I feel like I don't deserve any of this my hands wrap around him trying to show understanding as well. The words blurt out of my mouth "I don't want to be alive right now" he looks at me shocked tightening his hold on me "Please Diane I need you.. both of you".

He picks me up and sets me down on the bed I pull ontop of him making out soon it turns into passionate love afterwards I feel better. "I love you Sam I shouldn't said that before this is all just very upsetting I didn't mean it" He responds emotionally "It's hard on me too you don't have to be sorry sweetie no matter what I'll always be by your side loving you". With that we settle down and try to get some rest it's late I feel depressed too worn out to keep going. Everything goes blank again I enter a nightmare finding myself dead on the bathroom floor Annie is curled up in the corner crying. She talks in her head about how much she still needs me and that she wishes I was still there, that none of this ever happened. I want to let her know that I'm still here but she can't hear me no one can, the scene switches to Annie on a floor a pile of knawed on bones. This makes me feel sick to my stomach her voice asks me "Mommy why didn't you save me?" "Sweetheart I tried" my voice echoes into thin air.

Please someone wake me up I must be dreaming theyres so many flames I scream out in pain my body is scalding why is this all happening suddenly it all goes black. Stumbling through the darkness voices scream out into the air I trip and fall hands grab me teeth rip off my body parts I scream. I wake up Sam is shaking me I run to the bathroom puking from the sickening nightmares I had I lie back down scared "Do you want to talk about it?" he asks. "Just hold me Sam" I cling to him tightly for what seems like a long time eventually I get up to put food in my empty stomach. Cerial again my stomach is still upset but feels better with eating "Sweetie are you going to be okay if I go to work" I lie "yes I can handle it go" he seems reluctant but hugs me goodbye leaving once again.

I break down again letting out all of the bottled up pain spacing out the next thing I know the phone is ringing the clock reads 11:30am I pick up the phone "This is Diane". "Detective Hane here good news, with hard work and much convincing I managed to get a search warrent for the house in dorchester it is condemned and the streets been fenced off but we can get through A squad car should be there soon to pick you up". "Thank you Detective!" This is the best news I've gotten since she went missing I immeditly call Sam "They got the search warrent I'm heading over there". He seems estatic "Be careful Diane I don't want anything to happen to you or her Please Sweetie I love you". "I love you too, come home I'll see you hopefully soon goodbye honey". Putting the phone back I quickly get dressed something inside me says that shes there the car shows up I get in it speeds off racing to that abandoned house.

10 minutes later we park outside the street part of the fence is torn down when we circle it closly "Take a picture for evidence Marno and stay here be on the lookout Carter you enter with Diane and I" Hane says. I run to the house at full speed he kicks in the door holding his gun infront of himself I hear a horrifying scream coming from from below I run stumbling around. Hane manages to find the lightswitches turning them on he kicks in the basement door "Annie!" I yell running down the stares "Mom!" the light flips on. I see her tied up in a ball I reconize the spot shes in it is stained with my blood all over it thank god shes alright tears drip down my face I run to her. Immeditly untying her I gather her in my arms standing her up hugging her as tight as I can she responds crying holding me just as tight.

"I love you mommy" she says upset " I love you too sweetheart..Oh I never want to let go of you again! I'm so sorry" "I thought you'd never find me" tears cover her face. "Hey it's okay your safe now.. I'm not going anywhere" I give her a kiss on the forhead and stroke her hair she gives me a officer says they'res to wait for the ambulance at the end of the road so they can make sure shes okay and that they will take her statement then, Dave is no where to be found "Come on lets get you out of here". Helping Annie up the stairs I take one last look back at that godforsaken basement it has caused nothing but pain to Annie and I "You'll always be my little baby girl" I whisper to her. "And your my mom I'll always need you" she whispers back I feel overly emotional walking along side her part of me expects Dave to jump out and attack us. Suddenly I feel something from behind before I know whats going on Someone hits me over the head Annie screams trying to run away the last thing I see is her falling to the ground everything goes blank