Dianes POV:

I lied there in bed trying hard not to go hysterical Annie clinged to me just as tight as I was holding her, she almost died a horrible death how could anyone be so sick as to have done what Dave did. My mental state detaches everything goes blank all i see is darkness and the sealing voices scream out in terror I feel nothing at all. "Please mom say something" I hear a faint voice but my body is fozen in a trance "Your scaring me. Are you okay?" not even a blink I stare into space. Something shakes me "Mommy!" I snap back to reality hearing Annie scream in terror I swallow hard hypervetalating "I'm sorry" her eyes tear up. I go hysterical she hugs me even tighter "You really had me scared.. Please.. I love you" she looks me in the eye. "Hey, it's going to get better I promise" I kiss her on the forhead everything these past few days has been like one giant demented nightmare.

Never in my life have I felt so much hatred towards someone as I do towards Dave right now bottled up emotions seeped out of my body drenching the blanket. "He really would of done it.. I can't beleive I almost died.. What did you feel after all that happened to you?". "If you want to know the truth I wanted to curl up into a ball and die at first, I felt that my existance was causing everyone pain that I would of been better off..". "Honestly I feel almost the same way right now.. like I've done nothing but cause everyone pain my life isn't worthy of the air that keeps it going". "Right now I'm just happy your back I feel pain but it's only because I love you so much.. I don't want to loose you please don't ever hurt yourself". " I love you too much to ever do that even if I don't have anything else you're always here.. This is just nerveracking.. on both of us". "Why don't we try and get some rest it's getting late we've both had a long day" "Don't let go of me please" "I'm not going anywhere sweetheart" everything goes blank.