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Everything was so hazy. The colors blended together and he couldn't see anything expect for red. Maybe it's because of the glass embedded itself in his eyelids or because he was lying in it. His body was numb and even lifting his own arms seemed as if he was lifting a whole thousand kilograms. He tried to shift his body an inch to try to relieve the caused by lying on his quiver. But instead, his system got overloaded with it.

"Agent Barton? Agent Barton report your status." Steve's voice crackled through his earpiece. Clint drew in a breath to reply, but he got a mouthful of blood and ended up choking on it.

"Agent Barton?" With all his remaining strength, he rolled to his side, biting back a scream as his already broken ribs rubbed together. "Yes, Capt?" He tried to make his voice strong, but it came out as a weak whisper.

"Are you okay? How bad are your injuries?"

"Not in the greatest form, I think I've busted a few ribs…"

"Really…?" Came Natasha's sarcastic reply. However, Clint knew otherwise. He could hear the concern and worry underlining beneath it.

"I- I don't know. Every movement hurts. I can't exactly feel my legs… " He hated admitting but the fact that he can't even get up changes his exceptions.

Everything seemed to be at a standstill. 'Holy shit. Did Clint Barton, the master marksman, also known as Hawkeye, just admitted being in pain?'

"Where are you?" Another voice asked urgently- Tony.

Great. Is everyone listening to his conversation?

"Opposite the Stark-" This was all he could manage as he felt something rising up his throat. A cough overtook his body as he spat out blood.

But Steve got it and Clint could hear him barking out orders.

"Thor, get to the helicarrier and summon a medical team here. Tony, get Agent Barton and see how bad he is. Agent Romanoff, continue to speak through the com link to keep him awake until Tony gets to him. He may have a concussion. And Dr Banner…. We wait."

Tony activated his launches and made his way to the Stark building. He tried to ignore the fear and panic that has started to build itself at the bottom of his stomach. He could hear Natasha rambling whatever crap she that came into her mind and the waver in her voice. If the black widow is worried or afraid of something, that means business.

"Jarvis, locate Agent Clint Barton."

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