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There was a deafening 'Boom!' as dirt and soil flew up upon the large impact. The once calm and clear sky was overtaken by dark clouds as the sky cackled with energy. The air was suddenly active and the people of Asgard froze.

A figure loomed from the crash site and as if a switch being clicked, a pathway was formed silently amidst the once loud and busy crowd. All of them kneeled and bowed their heads until they kissed the ground, not daring to even glance a look at the God of Thunder.

Thor was furious.

He knew that he was scaring his people, but he didn't care. All he knew was the rage bubbling inside him. He stormed through the pathway, aiming for only one place, looking for only one person.


"Look, just leave me here. I am the most pathetic-"

"Glad that you know." Natasha interjected calmly.

"-And useless man in the whole wide Earth!" Tony continued, without giving any signs about hearing what Nat had said. "Go on, just leave me here."

Bruce and Clint did not bother to hide their smiles behind their hands.

"Tony… it isn't that bad. If we can work together, it may just work." Steve tried to soothe the agitated man down, but it was not working.

"No, no! I mean it. Just leave me here. I'll just drag you all down-"

"Should I end your misery then?" Nat cut in again coolly.

"No. I shall not burden you, if I want to; I'll just jump off the building, lest people accuse you of murdering the Great Tony Stark."

"Oh, now you are the Great Tony Stark? More reasons why I should help you end your life. And, don't worry; all it takes is one quick twist of your neck; in one second. There will not be enough time for your sissy scream to work its way out of your smart mouth." Nat smiled, drawing closer and closer to Tony, flexing her hands.

Tony gulped.

"Hey, hey." Steve slid in between the pair. "Chill and— Clint, Bruce! Why aren't you all helping instead of just sitting and laughing by the side?"

"I- I just could not imagine that- that all these started out with a simple- attempt to cook!" Clint choked between breaths.

Well, it was true. All of them had been hungry and bored out of their minds. Finally after some discussions, they had decided to bake a cake. It was simple enough: get a recipe, buy the ingredients and follow the recipe accordingly and tada! They get a cake!

All was smooth until they came to the stage to cook and to add the ingredients together.

Long story cut short, Tony messed it up and the kitchen became a floury and sticky mess. The floor and walls were splattered with wet cocoa and the printed recipe was left forgotten on the table, the ink only half visible. Not to mention they are covered equally with their share.

Tony grimaced and had immediately called in Jarvis to clean up the mess, but all the loyal machine had replied was, "My apologies, Sir. The kitchen needs special equipment to make sure it returns to the previous state. I am not made and designed to do this, Sir. I do not have the ability."

All of them face-palmed.

Tony and Steve started on the floor, while Bruce cleaned up the tables and Nat wiping the walls. Clint was washing the used equipment.

It took about an hour to scrubbing and wiping but at last, they collapsed onto the couch, all showered and cleaned, with the exception of Tony and Thor.

Thor was still nowhere to be seen and Tony was still in the bathroom, cleaning Clint's wheel chair.

"Well, that was…. was… a good experience." Steve started on a good mood.

"I believe the right word would be traumatic." Nat stated drily.

They cracked up again and Steve tried to protest but Thor entered the room at the same time.

"Thor." Bruce greeted but Thor's did not seem to hear. Instead, he looked at Clint before heading to his own room.

It was a one second glance, but it had Clint stunned, the jovial atmosphere dissolved into thin air. It was glance filled with sadness, burden and apology.

Why was he apologetic?

Why was he looking like he had a whole load of burden on his shoulders?

"What had happened to him?" Steve worried tone cut through Clint's haze.

"Hey, guys!" Tony cheered happily, "Look! I even polished the wheels!"

Silence was his only answer and his mood died out, glancing from one face to another, trying to find the reason for the change in atmosphere.

What seemed like an eternity, Tony dared to speak up again.

"Anyone want a take-out?"

"Oh, Tony." Steve sighed, "What am I going to do to you?"

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