Rosalyn's POV

Growing up in Rochester, New York as the younger sister of Rosalie Hale I always looked up to my sister but when she went missing a part of me went as well as it should be I died in a car accident 3 months later. I went to heaven well I was on my way to heaven when I saw my little brother I don't know how long it took me to reach where I was but my little 7 year old brother Beckford was now around 18-19 and he was about to drive his brand new car into a ditch he was gonna commit suicide but then he wouldn't be able to come here with me. I rushed back but before I could even attempt to stop him an Angel stopped me telling me that even if I did make it to him in time I was dead there was nothing I could I wouldn't be able to touch him but he said if I became a Guardian I could save him and possibly see my twin sister again and of course I took it being able to save my little brother and seeing my sister again.


"Until we see again Rosalyn." He disappeared in a bright light then the next thing I know I'm standing in an empty road with my brothers car speeding towards me I shut my eyes and then I open them again and I'm sitting right beside Beck in his car.

"Slow down little brother before you kill us all." He hit the breaks making the car stop but violently jerk to a stop.

"Jesus…Rosalyn?" I nodded my head "Am I dead?"

"No Beck but you would have been why?"

"Ever since Rosalie died my life has changed big sister Dad drinks all the time Mother is never happy and Jack well Jack does not understand he is 15 I know that he was young when you died and that he does not remember that well who you and Rosalie are or were but father angers easily these days and sometimes he hits mother and I. Jack is our little brother and I knew you and Rosalie would want me to protect him but there is only so much I can do I know your very disappointed in me Rosalyn but I did not know what else to do this is what father has made me turn to killing myself which is a mortal sin. I know that I would have never seen you or Rosalie ever again but I could not bear the brunt of fathers anger anymore and I cannot sit around and watch as he kills mother."

"It is okay Beck I understand."

"You do?" He asked in disbelief.

"Father hated me Beckford he blamed Rosalie's death on me he thought that someone had learned the truth behind my difference and that they had mistaken her for me."

"But you and Rosalie are not identical twins."

"I know that and father knows that but his precious Rose was taken from him father was a sick man Beck you and mother are not the first people he abused. Growing up my 'difference' caused me to be an outcast for a lot of people Beck I know growing up it seemed that I had a lot of people that loved me but the real reason they loved me was because of the power I had."

"What power?" Beck asked.

"Women secretly loved and coveted me a lot of men began to blather that I had a charm in which women could not decline I was a charmer the best one in Rochester I was. When father learned of this firstly he was appalled I was an anomaly that he wished to rid this world of but when he discovered that I was selling myself to these women he was disgusted until he saw how much I got paid."

"You were a hooker?" Beck laughed.

"In a way you are right Beck it was not that I sold myself to these women their guilt for cheating on their spouses or for committing a mortal sin just as you were about to do made them feel so bad that they needed someway to get into gods good graces again you know what they called me while I was alive?"

"No what?"

"They called me 'God's mouth' cause they said I could talk the shirt off of a persons back now I wouldn't try to depict myself as god I know that I am just a mere human I know that I am not 'God's mouth' nor will I ever try to be he is our creator and I could only wish to be able to be in his presence but the thing is everyone believes that because of my abilities that I am apart of god."

"Are you?" Beck asked fearfully.

"We are all apart of God Beckford in one way or another he created us when I died I did not make it to heaven because I saw you about to kill yourself so I raced back here to you an Angel offered me a job as a Guardian you must never tell a soul of this encounter Beck no one not Jack not momma not Father no one just forget this night ever happened God allowed me to see you this one last time Beck."

"Father made you sell yourself for cash did he not?"

"After he learned that they paid me good money he made me demand that I get paid before I ever did anything for them sometimes I gave him a little bit of my money most times I did not."

"I hate him."

"Beck you are not supposed to hate anyone he is your father whether you like it or not go home and take care of Mother and Jackson oh and Beck no one ever said you could not fight back I did."

With that I disappeared and started my life as a Guardian.