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Disclaimer: The idea came from Nolan Carpenter's story - Hope. And I do not own F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Ross walked slowly down the side walk with a beer in his hand, it was his seventh. After he and Rachel had broken up, he'd gotten drunk, again. His eyes were red and his face was stained with tears. He took a black velvet box from his pocket, opening it to reveal an engagement ring. It was the most beautiful ring ever. A 2 carat diamond head with lapiz lazuri side stones, finished off with a platinum shank. It had cost him a whole $4200 to afford. He had planned to propose on their anniversary. That moment never came because she had said no before he could even ask. She'd never know how fulfilled her life could've been if she just had the time to listen.

He leant against the wall, breaking down in tears, the thought of suicide came to his mind for the tenth time that day. Wiping away the tears, he looked up to see the barrel of a gun aimed at his head.

"Give me the ring!" The mugger was silhouetted against a street light, wielding a revolver, the barrel resting gently against his head.

Ross slowly shut the box and put it away in his pocket. He was so drunk that he didn't know how stupid his next move would be.

With the speed of an eagle, he grabbed the mugger by his gun hand and slammed it on his knee. The gun discharged a single shot, but harmlessly hit the wall behind him. As the pistol dropped to the ground. Ross swung his leg at the man's groin. The mugger dropped to his knees, and Ross finished him off with a fist to the head. The mugger dropped to the ground unconscious.

The counter attack had gone surprisingly well for a drunk man, but without a thought. Ross picked up the gun and headed towards

Manhattan Xerox Store.

(A/N: The Xerox store is where Chloe works).