Missing moment in iGo One Direction.

I walked out from the elevator into the Shay's apartment. The One Direction boys had to leave almost after they performed on iCarly. They enjoyed our "British sandwiches" and left with a teary and emotionally breathless Gibby sitting on the couch.

He had all of them to sign his prized scrapbook and he was currently fawning over their signatures.

It was really fun to drag Zayn into the elevator, yeah nothing happened except for me showing him some awesome kick-ass wrestling moves I saw on MMA highlights last week. Nothing feels better than rendering someone physically powerless.

As I sat down, I saw Freddie look up at me.

"What's up nerd?" I asked, just making casual conversation as Carly went out with Spencer.

"Oh, nothing much- just rewatching the iCarly bit today- big numbers." He stated. It was true- I had One Direction promoted on our iCarly twitter page to all our fans.

"Nice." I grabbed a chocolate bar from my pocket and began munching on it.

"It still seem silly to me how Harry would 'fake sick' just to get Carly's affection." Freddie questioned.

"I thought it was obvious. He was so clearly fawning over her, giving those lame excuses like getting cube fruit and warmed socks. I've seen better people who can fake an illness." I chuckled at how Carly was completely clueless about the whole thing.

Freddie chuckled back, turning to face me. "Well, we all know you can, but that doesn't mean everyone else could."

I nodded in agreement absentmindedly. "I reckon you would do the same- staying at Hotel Carlyfornia. Carly makes a mean chicken soup. Like that time I got poisoned by Missy's Persian chocolate stomach bombs."

"You still ate it all! And why would you think I do that?"

"Need I remind you of what happened from Grade 5 till Grade 9? Mr I'm Carly's second husband" I mocked him in a sing-song voice.

"Hey hey, no using my rather deprived childhood against me!"

"I'll never stop; you know that for a fact." I quipped, stretching my legs and resting them on the coffee table.

"Too much attention is a bad thing, take my mum for instance" He chuckled.

"Take my mum for the complete opposite" Oh Pam Puckett and her 'undying' affection and attention for me.

I sighed. "Yeah, I guess I'm still wondering how Carly gets all everyone's attention. Don't get me wrong- I love that cupcake, but I'm just curious, I guess I need some too?"

"Hey! Like me constantly buying you smoothies and bacon wasn't good enough?" He raised an eyebrow, smirking at me.

"You are different. You're just a nub." I shook off his previous comment. I guess what I was implying was that I really missed the attention Freddie given to me when we were dating.

"And you're just the lazy blonde. Glad we established that." Freddie rebutted.

"I don't need to establish anything." Wrong. I needed to know what we were right now. Mortal enemies who turned into frenemies, then best friend, then a couple and now what?

I mean, who except but us makes it cool to break up and still be good friends?

Just like how nothing happened. At all.

I got up and I turned to face him.

"Come on. You're buying me a huge smoothie." I stated, as my desire for sweet cold smoothies grew.

"What for?"

"You owe me for getting that many viewers for our show- a celebratory smoothie awaits!"

Freddie got up and sighed, before smiling.

"I could use a big one."

"As big as T-Bo's $36 smoothie cup?" I smirked at him, before we both walked out of the Shay's apartment.

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