The forth time that day Blaine brushed his hand against Sebastian's trying to get any reaction out of the Warbler. It had been a month since Kurt's dramatic break up over the 'family friendly' texts along with the Chandler incident. Sebastian had kidnapped Blaine for the day, taking him to the park, deciding the day was to be spent on swings and the slide, with a picnic in between. Every day Sebastian suggested something like this, Blaine's heart fluttered and mind turned into mush as the Warbler started to show the new and softer side of him. Now walking around the field, the Warbler, still dressed in uniform after an early practice, stared at the falling sun that overlooked the park and duck pond to the left of the two boys. Hands still by their sides, Blaine's attempt to brush his hand past Sebastian's again was as pointless as it had been the two last attempts. Hearing a slight chuckle coming from the boy next to him, Blaine looked up into the green eyes he had come accustom to the past month and give Sebastian a quizzical look. The taller of the two said nothing and simply smiled down at the ex warbler, taking his hand in the process, walking along the forgotten path. Staggering slightly behind, now holding Sebastian's hand, Blaine continued to have a confused look upon his face until Sebastian leant down into Blaine's ear, whispering "My date, My move." Blaine's heart jumped a beat as Sebastian continued to walk nowhere in the park, holding Blaine's hand, humming "Uptown Girl" to himself.