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Warnings: Character Death, Depression, AU (Imagine middle earth is all forest with a couple of cities).


I didn't know what to do and when I sat there staring at his corpse while everyone celebrated. It hit me; I don't want to be like these warped people. The same people that rejoiced while forgetting about the sacrifices, all that blood and death, they forgot everyone I loved. I couldn't take it, all the pitying glances and secret looks. They think I don't realise their gossiping and rumour spreading.

I needed an escape. I had no one to turn to, everyone was dead. Hermione, Ron, Neville, Luna, Fred, George, The other Weasleys, Snape, Tonks, Remus, Sirius, Seamus, Dean, all of them dead. All of their blood is on my hands. I'm almost as bad as Voldermort. I've killed so many it's almost laughable. I feel dead and numb inside seeing everyone outside smiling and laughing in their happy no wrong world.

They all expected me to marry Ginny but she's dead and it wasn't even a fortnight later when they started throwing women at me. It is sickening to think that I saved such inconsiderate, cruel, ignorant beings. I need to get away, as far as possible. I tried before but they demanded I come back and when I didn't listen they tried to kidnap me.

I was desperate and running out of hope when I found it, 'The book of secrets and hidden things By Reginald Soothwick.' I had searched for near 3 months before I came across the book. I had read every book on the other realms I could get my hands on but none of them felt right. It was when I was sorting the attic boxes that I came across it. I was some boxes when it slid from in between two boxes and fell to the floor. I picked it up and it immediately intrigued me...

It became my beacon of hope during the repair of the wizarding world. I knew I couldn't leave just yet as it would be much too suspicious especially since everyone seems to be seeking my advice on everything. I made plans, called in favours and borderline threatened people to get them to give/sell me the things I needed for the ritual. I even bought a shrunken house from a man in Knock turn Alley that I could stay in once I got there.

It was 2 days after the peace fair that I finally did it. The first thing I did was draw the circle in unicorn blood. Then I carved the runes into planks death birch and arranged them in a pentagram formation. After that I placed a blessed holy water candle on each point. I finished the ritual by placing 5 trunks in each arm section and standing in the middle section of the star.

I chanted the ancient words and felt magic rise from the ground and smiled. Finally I could start a new without the deaths following me. I felt cleansed by the soothing bands of magic that sprung from the points of the star. Then as I came towards the close all the bands of magic met in a point above me and spread to form a cocoon around me. And with a blast of light I was gone along with my possessions, a working house I'd bought and all other traces of the-boy-who-lived bar memories.


With a thump Harry landed in the open clearing of a forest. He soon realised he could see without his glasses when he saw them on the floor beside him. From the small patch of sky above him, he could tell it was daytime, around lunchtime. He sat up and took in the breathtaking view around him. The few trees that spread all around him and the beautiful waterfall he could see not too far away. He decided this was the perfect place and so he took his shrunken house and wandlessly reversed the spell. He entered the traditional Japanese style house and unpacked some of the lounge furniture he'd brought.

He was just about to unpack his bedroom furniture when he got a knock on the door. 'Ooh I have neighbours. I wonder where they live?' Harry opened the door and promptly fell over when he caught sight of the giant tree men (He later finds out are Ents) in front of him. "Um...Hello, my name is Harry Potter." He stood and extended a hand towards the men who at this point where also quite shocked as they didn't quite know what he was.

Harry could only grasp a few of the things they were saying even with a quick translation. "The New Creator.", "Healer of the forest.", "The Human Orome." The Ents eventually stopped muttering and one of them came forward and bent down to be closer to Harry's level. "I am Treebeard of the Fangorn, the Shepard of Ents. I understand thou must be confused. Please let me explain."

"It is rather simple to explain, My Lord. You are the human reincarnation of Aldaron (also known as Orome), one of the Valar who created this world. You ruled the forest and after you left this plain, as you can see while beautiful does not thrive nor flourish as it once did. Please help us great one. Ever since the Entwives perished no new Entlings have been born and we face almost certain extinction. Please help us revive this forest and create new Entwomen. We would give you anything within our power."

"Ok, this is a bit of a shock. I will help you and in return I want knowledge. I wish to know of this world and what mysteries are here." Harry smiled at the tense Ent to reassure him. The Ents understood, knowledge in this world was the key to survive. "I need a few days to recover and set myself up here. I will help you to the best of my capabilities."

"It is agreeable, My Lord. It would be our pleasure to guide you about these forests and the world of middle-earth in general." Treebeard said, stepping away from Harry and back towards the other Ents. "We shall come back in 3 days if that is agreeable with you, My Lord?"

"Of course, take care." Harry said, waving at the retreating Ents. He walked back into the house trying to absorb what the Ents had told him. 'I'm the reincarnation of a God. Only the Gods could create a world.' Harry said making himself a cup of coffee. He headed toward the bathroom to check it out since it was the only place I hadn't seen. The room was tiled unlike the rest of the rooms which had modern bamboo flooring. There was a power shower and a deep green marble Jacuzzi style bath.

He turned towards the free surface area and gave out an unholy scream when he caught sight of himself in the mirror. He had to hold onto the counter to stop himself falling over. He looked like a holy deity; dressed in white robes, his hair was a brilliant opal colour that reflected the rainbow when the light hit it. His eyes were still green but they were darker, a healthy green instead of the death curse colour that haunted him before.

He looked at his robes in more detail; they were bordered with green leaves that were outlined in silver. He also had a white cloak lined with a silver material much like Acromantula silk. His skin was changed also. His skin was a healthy pale and all of his scars were gone. Harry raised a hand to where his legendary lightning bolt used to be. He felt a great weight lift along with hot tears fell as he finally felt free from his past.

Harry splashed his face and pushed his hair behind his ears. 'SHIT! What happened to my ears I'm not human any more.' Harry ran downstairs and into the library. "Accio: Monster book of monsters." Harry cried, waving his hands in an arc towards the bookcase. Within seconds the snarling book flew into his hands. He took it back into the bathroom and flicked to the chapter on human like creatures.

Then he looked at the different pictures for pointed ears. He came across 4 creatures that had pointed ears; Drows, High Elves and Nymphs. Now for the elimination process; he couldn't be a Drow because his skin wasn't dark blue, and he couldn't be a Dryad because he hadn't been born from a tree. He sighed; he was either a Nymph or an Elf. Hmmm...Nymphs flee and avoid conflict and both kinds of Elves are trained in weaponry and combat. That rules out Nymphs then.

Harry decided to find out which kind of Elf he was since there were two. 'Hmmm... High Elves and Wood Elves are quite different. High Elves use controlled magic, much like spells and augments while Wood Elves use natural magic that is in tune with the elements. I use spells but I feel at one with nature I don't think I control it. I think it will take a while for me to find out.

Still shocked Harry decided that he'd eat something and sleep for a while. It was around 3pm so with the ritual draining quite a bit of magic he could sleep through till morning. He went downstairs and returned the book and headed into the kitchen area. He took out the equipment and hooked it up to the system he had installed. All of the devices would run on the general magic in the area. He had a crystal that would safely take magic from the area and return it once it was finished with it.

He got a mug of warm milk and a sandwich that he ate on the porch overlooking the lake. When he finished he vanished the plate and took the mug inside. It was a present from Luna; it would fill with whatever drink you summoned. He missed Luna and the twins most of all. He loved Sirius and Remus but he didn't know them as well. He had a large family but they all started slipping away before he even knew it, he was alone.

It was forth year that he realised that people were going to die. When that light hit Cedric something in him hardened. From then on he was resolved that he would do everything to keep his family alive but it wasn't enough. Those that did make it through like Remus and Snape were too caught up in their own grief to help. So Harry fell into depression.

It was Luna and the twins that helped him move on from Sirius's death and Neville helped him pass his Newts. Hermione and Ron died during the Horcrux hunting when they were caught in the Black Forest by snatchers while Harry was in England looking in the areas around Tom's Orphanage and Family Home (Voldermort was living in Malfoy Manor).

After the war a small group of unmarked death eaters started attacking people from the order. They took out Bill, Charlie, Arthur, Ginny and Tonks. Molly was distraught but Percy and the twins comforted her. But then they torched the newly refurbished Burrow and the four of them perished. Harry grieved for a long time and he went all across the world trying to find peace. But the wizarding world couldn't leave him alone.

This was during the start of the repairs just after the Burrow was torched again. He was bombarded with Howlers and Screamers almost 24/7 people always wanted him to do something, be somewhere, talk to someone. It was then he found out about other dimensions. He was in Latvia and there was an open meeting in a hotel. The topic was parallel universes and whether we should close the portals or not. He bought a book that described the different universes and how they compared to earth. In the back there was a small paragraph;

Arda is the most unusual of the universes and some believe that it is our world in a distant time period. There has not been a documented visit in 13,000 years so it is unknown as to how it has developed. There are 7 main races and they live in harmony. Though it is rumoured that a war started at some point since the last visit. The last person to visit was called Dracmortis Noirnugarse an ancestor of the Noble and Ancient house of Black.

Harry put the thought aside and asked for a glass of water. He took the mug and headed up stairs with the 2 of the trunks. He put the trunk with the sports and potion equipment in on room and the bedroom furniture in the master bedroom. He dug out a towel and bathroom things and took them into the bathroom. He took a quick shower and headed back into the bedroom.

He took out all the shrunken furniture for it and resized it before making it more appropriate for the room's layout. He had a luxurious black king sized 4 poster bed with blue silk sheets and soft fluffy pillows. He also had a dresser and French style armoire he'd found in Grimmauld place before he'd left. He'd brought a lot of furniture not just because it was Sirius' but because it was tasteful and elegant.

Harry changed into a pair of satin pyjama pants and settled down for bed. That night he dreamt of vast lush forests and the Ents when all of a sudden he felt a presence drawing him towards a light. When he emerged from the light he was by a beautiful lake and he was wearing sky blue robes. He looked around and noticed a man sat by the lake. The man wore emerald green robes and had an elven wrought circlet on his forehead.

"Please, stay calm. I only wish to speak to you." The man said turning to face Harry. Harry gasped, 'So this is the man that I am, was.' , the man looked similar to him. He also had braided silver hair, green eyes and tanned skin, his was longer, but that was where the similarities stopped. The man had pointed elven ears and a taller warriors physique. He had aged eyes full of wisdom and sadness. "My name is Aldaron, also known as Orome and I wished to meet you, Harry Potter."

The man stood up and walked closer to Harry. He sent out a sharp whistle and the sound of hooves could be heard. Harry's eyes were blown when he caught sight of the white holy steed that cam around the corner. 'He can ride unicorns...I wonder if...' "Her name is Samara; you should be able to ride her. When you wake up she will come and find you." He extended his hand to Harry and helped him onto her back before climbing up.

He didn't try to control her he just asked her and she would lead them. They travelled across the forest until they reached the peak of a high hill. The man helped him off and explained to him. "Our borders stretch from that tower on the left to those mountains on the right. In my stead you must protect them." Aldaron looked upset and weary as he changed topic. "I brought you to this time because this is the only point after I left that these lands weren't seized."

He sat on a large rock and gestured to the one next to him. "I never met my mate in this world and so I left therefore leaving it unprotected." He sighed dragging a hand through his hair. "I was naive and selfish. Saruman took the land from that tower to the cliff there (He pointed) and used it to create his army. It was done in secret from the elves and no one found out until the battle of Helms deep when he brought out the hybrids he created from the elves that were killed in battle. I cannot change my past self so I brought you in hopes that I can teach you magic and become in tune with the forest and it's magic."

"I can already use magic. I was a wizard in my previous world." Harry questioned for the first time in the conversation. "I have learnt spells. I used some earlier. The Ents came to me yesterday and asked for me to create new Entwomen. I am not sure how to revive the forest. It is looking rather bare." Harry sighed before turning to the Vala.

"They have been waiting a long time. I can give you the knowledge to revive the forest and protect it so that Saruman can't take it. He will first attack the border in 200 years time. I will teach you what you need in that time. I will teach you through dreams. If I had allowed you to arrive in the time equal to your old world then all of the forest from the tower to the cliffs would be burnt and the rest would be in a worse state than it is now." He had a grim smile on his face.

"I'm sorry Harry. I know you wanted to escape war but this war needs you. You will have to stop Saruman from creating his army. He lives in the tower at Isengard. It is where he will create his Orcs, his weapons and the Uruk-hai. I will not lie, you will have to fight for the forest and destroy his base of operations. If you do not get rid of his base then he will just use the Angren river as a source for Hydro power. The Uruk-hai are cruel vicious and more cunning than general Orcs. At Helms deep he springs them on those in the fortress of Aglarond and the fellowship members nearly die. They do not find until it is too late. If you can destroy Saurman's base at Isengard then their numbers will be considerably less."

"What will the numbers be if they have the forest, without the forest and how many are in the fortress?" Harry asked with a serious face. He knew what war was like and that the fellowship needed as many numbers as possible. "Would creating the Entwomen help with numbers? By the way, why are there no Entwomen?"

"They died out almost as soon as I left. They started dying during labour and so all the Entlings now, are the last of them. To bring them back you need to restore and bless the forest's wards. They encompass everything from the tower to the mountains. They are not split by the men yet. The elves left the forests alone but the men used the trees for fuel and building. You must not let them use the trees in excess or in waste. Let me show you where the crystal lies."

They climbed onto Samara's back and sped through the forests until they got to a small covered altar. 'Looks more like a bandstand than an altar' Harry thought as they walked toward the crystal. "Ummm... How exactly do I charge it up? I don't know how to do it with my wand." Harry said as he pulled his wand from the holder on his arm. Aldaron seemed to ponder for a moment before taking the wand from Harry and ran his hand over it.

"I will teach you tomorrow night because it will take too long to start teaching you now." Aldaron asked turning towards Harry. "Have you used your wand yet?" He said as he handed it back to him and Harry put it back in it's holder.

"No, I haven't used it just in case someone has put tracking spells on it." Harry replied conjuring two chairs for them to sit in. "Let's just say everyone in my world were very controlling and there is probably more than just tracking spells on my wand." Harry said scathingly with a glare directed somewhere in the distance. Aldaron watched Harry, He was startled by Harry's tone and wasn't sure how to tell him...

"Harry, they had much more than tracking spells on your wand." He left a pause before continuing, "They had compulsion spells designed to falsify feelings for someone named 'Ginevra Weasley' and to leave all your money to someone named 'Albus Dumbledore' but the last one is broken. There are also suppression spells and a spell to break down your mental barriers." Harry was sat in unconcealed shock. He knew there were spells but now he knew.

Harry felt dirty and manipulated. His love was fake that explained why he went from being gay to suddenly wanting Ginny. They only wanted his money. He had wondered to after forth year if Ron was actually his friend. Harry knew the dangers of leaving your mind open which must be why his lessons in Occlumency with Snape didn't work. Harry was internally raging, How DARE Dumbledore suppress his magic. That must be why he struggled casting spells with his wand. He was fine without it; in fact he never knew why he could cast wandlessly so well.

Aldaron moved nest to Harry and gave him a comforting pat on the shoulder. "I have a feeling you knew somewhat of their manipulations." He spoke with a hint of sadness. He knew of betrayal and how it felt when Nyssa went behind his back and threatened Vana away from him, even when she knew that it was he courting her. It hurt him deeply to find out that it wasn't his lacking but her conniving that stopped her from marrying him.

He was pulled from his thoughts by Harry, "I had my suspicions but not that my love, my FEELINGS weren't even my own. That hurts more than anything. I thought that was the one thing that was true." Aldaron noticed the tears falling from Harry's eyes and felt his sadness. He knew that it was better for Harry to know because he could move on and eventually meet his mate, their mate in effect but he lived in the Valar and left 400 years before the birth of their mate. And once you leave for the Valar you can never return.

"Harry, I don't know if I should tell you this but as my reincarnation you have a destined person on this plain." He said it slowly so that the implication would sink in. "He will not be born for 300 years but I thought you would like to know that there is someone for you. I believe in your old world he was called... Lucius Malfoy. Remember Harry in this world he has been brought up in a much different world as an elf." Harry was about to interject but Aldaron stopped him.

"Harry I know who he was in your world. But he is an entirely different person. Like you and I are the same soul but from different worlds. He is a kind and gentle person. He is an elf they are noble but respectful to most living creatures. That is, if you include Orcs and Uruk-hai as creatures... Anyway, Please don't snub him before you get to know him." As he said it he looked across the horizon and noticed the sun peaking above the mountains.

"Ah it is nearly morning in your world. I shall let you go. I know you have a lot to think about, so I will visit you sometime next week. In the mean while I will give you some basic knowledge. Like the languages, customs and looks of the different races." He smiled at Harry before placing a hand on his forehead and closing his eyes. Harry felt the flood of knowledge blend into his mind as if he had grown up knowing it.

"I feel as if I have grown up with this knowledge. Thank you for giving me this knowledge. I appreciate everything you've told me, though it hasn't all settled in yet." Harry said. He gave the smiling God a quick hug as he watched him start to fade and the darkness of sleep pull at him again.