Chapter One:

Katriel gave a sigh while staring out of the window of the great library of Candlekeep. The sun was high in the sky and the summer breeze drifted through an open window distracting Katriel's attention away from the many books spread out in front of her. This was one of the times she hated being a mage... just because she accidently released ten crazy chickens with her spell last week, it wasn't her fault her spell had a wild surge. She concentrated on tuning out the droning voice of Karen as he blabbered on about the time of troubles and the death of Mystra the goddess of magic by the hands of Helm and the rising of Midnight her successor. At nineteen summers Katriel couldn't understand why she was the only youth her age still attending these classes... most of her friends had started apprenticeships back when they were fifteen, but she was an apprentice scholar destined to spend her entire life within these enclosed walls. She tilted her head into the breeze so that her mahogany red curls would float in the wind, closing her eyes peacefully.

"psst... psst"

Katriel jumped out of her trance.

"Psst" It hissed urgently before a small hard rock tapped the back of her head. A young woman dressed in bright pink outfit stood attempting to hide herself among the bookshelves. She really needed to tell Imoen that pink wouldn't help her become stealthy.

"What?" Kat hissed back.

"Come on!"

Kat glanced back towards Karen who was too busy to pay any attention on what she was doing anyhow. Quickly grabbing her brown satchel from the desk she ran over to meet Imoen who stood impatiently at the doorway. Most of the residence of the great library paid her little attention.

"Katriel. Where are you going?" A voice commanded... turning slowly to face Garion, his grey eyes narrowed as did thin line of his mouth. Twisting her hair, Katriel smiled sheepishly.

"We... We thought it might..."

"It would be good for her educational purposes to take her learning into real life situations" Imoen covered. Yet Garion's expression didn't change.

"Have you finished your thesis on Evocation and its influence on the weave" Garion asked.

Katriel shook her head grumbling. " I'm not a child anymore Imoen doesn't have to still attend school"

"What Winthrope expects of Imoen is his business but you are my responsibility and I will not have you unprepared... as for being an adult, you have another 80 years before you will be considered an adult by elvan standards so you will be in school for a long time yet to come." He explained. She had heard all of this before, rolling her eyes. She hated being an elf... she apparently was one of the fair folk and a close to immortal creature but really it just caused everyone to treat her differently, she never fit in and she would rather be like all the other kids. Katriel mumbled under her breath.

"Today, though some fresh air wouldn't be a bad idea... Maybe Imoen can teach you some what's the word street smarts?"


"Some time away from the library would be beneficial you may stay with Imoen and Winthrope for a few days" Garion smiled. Katriel paused blinking... this was not the way this situation usually panned out. Usually it was her being grounded, locked in her room until Imoen busted her out.

"Hear that Kat? you are going to stay with me, we can go shopping, dancing... I can dye your hair pink like mine" Imoen squealed.

"Do you remember what happened last time? It was way too bright and took six months to wash out" Kat exclaimed shivering at the thought of bright pink curls.

"I don't know what happened maybe I used to much dye?"

"Maybe! Face it Imoen it was a really bad idea, I will not allow you to drag me into trouble again"

"When do I drag you into trouble?"

"What about the time you stole Hull's underwear?"

"... I just want to see if I could..."

"Or the time we snuck into Ulraunt's office and found out he had a clay golem as a guard"

"That could have happened to anyone!" Imoen exclaimed. "Ok what about the time you turned Kiren blue?"

"That was a wild surge... it doesn't count"

"Enjoy yourselves" Garion smiled moving away from the two bickering girls. Garion's face dropped as he turned to look across to the library at a young man who was sitting at a desk with books surrounding him, he had a constant scowl on his face and a dark aura that surrounded him.

"But why father?" Katriel exclaimed. Garion wasn't her father she had always known that... he was a human after all but she never had any interest to make an issue about it.

"It is no longer safe..."

"We live in a fortress which rarely allows others to enter, and the main building is a library what is the worst that can happen... I can be bored to death" Katriel rolled her eyes.

"You have been complaining that you wanted to go on an adventure since you were knee high and listening to tales about Drizzt and Kelborn." Garion laughed.

Katriel shifted her weight uncomfortable as looking around her tiny dorm. She had been in this room since she was twelve after the awkward conversation with Garion about needing her own room. Being raised by an old man, he tended to have little knowledge of what young girls needed and went through, leaving Kat to either find out certain facts from Imoen who was a year younger. Despite her wishes to explore and travel Faerun she was amazed that it was now that she suddenly learnt how attached to this tiny dusty room she actually was.

"I know... but... I didn't expect it to come like this? Nor so sudden can't you tell me what's wrong, you're scaring me?"

Garion kissed Katriel gently on her head. "Here is some gold. I expect you to be back before sunset. Say your goodbyes I don't believe we will return... for a long time" Garion left the little bag on her desk and left. Katriel sighed while looking out of the window. This wasn't how it was meant to be... Garion had been acting strange for months now ever since she stayed with Imoen for that week... in fact during that week he had completely ignored her.

"Heya whatcha doing Kat" On cue Imoen's voice rang out into the room, leaning against the door frame.

"You know you're not meant to be in the dorms?"

"I'm a master of stealth" She grinned back.

"Garion and I are leaving... this afternoon" Kat sighed.

"Oh really wow, you are going to see the world, he might even take you to Eveneska, or Baldur's gate imagine the shops and you could get some simple spells and teach them to me" Imoen exclaimed.

"And the taverns with legendary bards singing about heroes long gone and gods and goddess... maybe even dragons" Kat's started to dance around the room she started to sing.

"You should have become a bard" Imoen laughed.

"Garion said that traditionally elvan bard's don't travel into human lands due to something about causing a constant pain of longing in human patrons..."

"And you think you will cause a constant pain of longing if you became a bard?" Imoen raised her eyebrow.

"No! But that just proves I'm not a bard, plus I would rather dance as others sing" Katriel grinned.

"So are you going on a romantic farewell date with Dreppin?"

Katriel groaned before throwing a pillow towards Imoen.

"For the last time I don't like Dreppin!"

"I think you protest too much"

"If I didn't protest you would take my silence to mean its true, I can't win!"

"Pretty much"

"Do you know how much trouble you created? He asked Garion's permission to court me... actually court me, in hopes of marriage. Thankfully Garion said no, I would be a cow herder's wife living a life of mediocrity" Katriel shook her head. "Do you want me to ask Garion if you can come?"

Imoen waved Kat away. "What's the point the old stick in the mud wouldn't listen. Well I should let you go... I have places to go and people to see"

And with that the bright pink figure of Imoen skipped off before disappearing in the shadows.

"I need to learn invisibility that way I could sneak up to her" Kat muttered creating a mental note to herself. As if on cue a small dragon's head materialized beside her.

That is why you summoned me, right? The purple scales glittered in the sunlight.

"There you are Tiryns... I thought you would miss me" Kat smiled.

The dragon arched his head to the side.

Even a moronic human like yourself should know I am connected to you... you did summon me, accidently as it was. The dragon swished his tail.

"Are all fairy dragons like this?"

The dragon made a slight shrug. I have been told that I have a few quirks... fine, do you want me to fawn all over you, yes mistress, of course mistress, your desire is my command... so did you bring me anything to eat?

Katriel smiled impishly. "Maybe..."

The dragon floated around Kat smelling her, searching her over.

mmm, are these cookies Tiryns cooed and Kat could hear a the dragon head shifted through a pocket munching on her food.

She had summoned Tiryns a few years back when she had wanted to learn invisibility so that she could sneak out and meet Imoen as one of the nearby taverns. Tiryns was less than impressed at the reason behind his summoning, he had wanted to be a familiar to a hero that would change the realms of Faeran... imagine his disappointment to be summoned to a idealistic fool of a youth that had yet to stretch her wings.

As soon as Katriel had exited the library she found she almost regretted it. Garion had told her not to take long yet every corner she turned someone needed her urgent help... and she being who she was just couldn't say no. Pheare had lost her book, yet again... Hull had forgotten his sword while Dreppin's cow Bess was sick.

Once again I see we are the heroes of Candlekeep... who shall withstand our might, oh Mighty Katriel the ward of Garion Tiryns landed upon Katriel's shoulder his tail curling around her shoulders.

"Of course we are the greatest heroes Candlekeep has ever seen... with my spectacular spells and your spark breath; books and general errands don't stand a chance" Katriel exaggerated her arms releasing a light colour spray for effect.

"Oh no hide!" Katriel gasped as ducking behind a wooden crate. The figure of a grizzly dwarf ..., his long grey beard sagged down to his chest with always tempted Kat to give it a tug.

What have you done? Tiryns asked while completely invisible.

"He wanted me to clean out the rats in his basement yet again... but I have decided that from now on I am a pacifist... oh and a vegetarian the killing of any creature is murder and I will not be a part of it... these are my deep believes and he cannot make me go against my morals" Katriel raised her head high in pride.

You got rat guts over your gown last time didn't you?

"YES! Why does blood always have to splatter and then it stains... I will not kill all his rats yet again, only to be give a couple of gold coins when I then have to buy a whole new robe because my one has rat intestines decorating the hems... he has cats... as in at least five cats what does he need me for?" Katriel ranted.

As Reever turned the corner and out of sight Kat gave a relieved sigh.

You know you can say no?

"I can't say no to someone in need, what sort of hero would I be? You don't hear tales about Drizzt saying no to helping slaves or puppies in burning buildings?"

... You don't hear about heroes collecting swords and bolts for people either Tiryns muttered.

The afternoon had raced past Katriel before she even knew it and she didn't even get the chance to visit the beach like she had planned to do before meeting Garion. She was impressed that she actually managed to collect enough money to get herself a plain wooden staff that was extremely awkward to drag around with her and made her feel extremely old... maybe that was the reason that mages in stories were always old men... or the seductive sorceress but they were usually evil. She had also bought a new travelling cloak which she had wrapped around herself. Tiryns had chosen to hide within her hood tucked down where he quickly fell asleep. Garion stood waiting at the stairs of the library... had he been waiting there this entire time?

"Ahh I see you have finished shopping and you were actually reasonable this time, didn't have Imoen with you I take it?"

"Not this time, and I would rather save my money and buy things in a big town like... Beregost!" Katriel grinned. She wasn't half as much of a shopaholic as Garion gave her credit for as she tended to squirrel money away where Imoen would struggle to find it... yet whenever she did find it straight away Katriel would have to spend it all... she had even talked Kat into spending 20 gold which had taken her an entire summer to save on a trained owl that would pass messages between them at night... but the bird wasn't as trained as the merchant had promised and the first night of his release he had flown off hunting, Kat had always wondered what had became of the message it had held.

"Child if you think Beregost is busy I really have sheltered you for too long" Garion smiled.

"So where are we going?" Katriel asked as the pair started walk towards the exit of Candlekeep. "Before we go I want to caste invisibility on you as long as you do not do anything; no one will see you... I want you to swear that whatever we come across this night that you will remain silent. You are not ready to fight head on with an enemy" Garion grey eyes stared at Katriel until she nodded and looked away. Garion started to chant under his breath, his hands eloped in a light blue mist that covered Katriel all over. Her form disappearing in front of him. Kat looked at her hands in wonder.

See why I like it? Tiryns whispered. Katriel nodded before taking hold of Garion's hand so he knew where she was hidden.