Note: Just a quick story i made :) Don't judge me i know it's crackpot.

Korra ran quickly threw the rocky terrain, moving ever closer to the top of the volcano.

Korra was wounding what it would feel like when the lava touched her skin. And even as she ran up the steep mountain, she was trying to talk herself out of jumping into the volcano.

The only reason why she was doing it was because Jinora said it would do the trick to win over Mako's heart… well she said something like that anyway.

And of course, Korra being her reckless self decided to go for it. And Stole Tenzin's Bison and flew all the way to one of the many volcano's in the Fire nation.

Korra was feeling much hotter now; she was almost to the top.

Just do it Korra! She told her self. Do it and he'll love you!

The other half of her brain however spoke up in protest.

Don't Korra! It's crazy jumping into a volcano. He doesn't love you anyway he loves that Asa—

"No!" Yelled Korra to the lifeless mountainside.

No she couldn't let Asami win, just because she was scared of jumping into a volcano. No! She was going to do it.

Korra had made up her mind, and just in time to, because she had finally reached the top of the volcano.

Korra gazed at the Bubbling red-hot lava. Momentarily hypnotized. She could feel her skin burn, if it hadn't been for her being a Firebender and being use to heat. She was sure she would be screaming from the heat the Lava was letting off.

Korra now bulked up, and stretched a bit. And after a moment she breathed deeply, whispering. "Alright Jinora, let's hope your right."

And with that Korra jumped head first into the magma filled mountain.

Your probably asking if it worked right? Well my friends you'll have to try it your self's to find out. :) The end.