Title: Love is unbounded
Summary: Jealousy ensues. But by whom and to whom? Can be read alone and can be read after my another story "Smile". Enjoy :D
Warning: fluff, Yuki, some OOCness
Rating: T
Pairing/Characters: Kaname x Zero. Some other pairings like - Kain x Aidou, Shiki x Rima x Takuma

Author's notes: Hi peeps :) This is a sort-of sequel for my previous Vampire Knight story - Smile. It could also be read alone though. If you are interested, please read Smile too, before you begin on this story. And yes, I put Yuki as a warning for people with severe Yuki-dislike, like me:) To me, she is a warning! Oh, by the way, this is after Rido's death. And Yuki hasn't been turned into a pureblood yet. She, being the dim-witted person that she is, hasn't found out that Kaname and Zero were together yet. Yea, so sorry for having to twist the plot a bit to suit my story. But anyway...

Disclaimer: No! Shuddap! I do not own Vampire Knight, sniff, stop reminding me of that fact will ya!

Enjoy! :)

It was silent in the moon dormitory. No sound, no movement.


It was daylight and al- most of our happy vampires were deeply asleep, as they should be. Aidou and Kain were in one room, cuddling each other, like the lovers they are and supposed to be. Both had a small smile on their faces, yes, even Akatsuki Kain nicknamed Wild-Sempai.

Shiki, Rima AND Takuma were also cuddling one bed. After Rido had died and everything had settled down, Takuma and Rima had found Shiki crying, emotionless Shiki crying. Despite not having liked his father that much, Shiki was still very much saddened by the fact that his one and only biological father was dead. Takuma and Rima comforted him to the best of their abilities. After that, well let's just say...

Feelings were revealed.

Secrets were exchanged.


That's how it led to their current predicament - sleeping together. The trio were all very happy that each and every one of them had accepted both parties because they all loved each other very much.

Supposedly, all vampires were asleep. All EXCEPT one. The one and only pureblood in Cross Academy. The current King in the Vampire species. The only survival of the Kuran family.

Kuran Kaname.

And also... The hot-blooded silver-headed prefect's current lover and boyfriend. How many prefects are there like that? Only one... By the name of:

Kiryuu Zero.

Now, this not-yet-asleep pureblood was mumbling to himself.

"I wish exchange would come faster. I can't wait to see Zero."

Oh yes, it was not Yuki who he wanted to see. It was Zero who currently caught this vampire prince's attention.

Kaname had discovered many cute and fragile sides of Zero in the short six months that they had been together.

Like how Zero would blush furiously when Kaname whispered perverted things in his ears.

Like how Zero would hurry to comfort him when he realised Kaname was 'hurt' by what he said.

Like how Zero would still punch him, a pureblood, if he said anything hurtful or thoughtless to anyone. Of course, except Zero, he would not even dream of doing that.

Like how Zero would still cry when he dreamt of Ichiru and his family.

Kaname sighed in endearment. It was especially adorable considering how Zero only showed those sides to Kaname, and Kaname only.

He felt special to this silver-haired prefect and he bet, he was. To him, Zero was also priceless. He was his special person, nobody else was allowed to even glance more than once at him!

Oh yes, Kaname was protective of his property and this pureblood prince very much considered Zero his property. He would not allow anything to take Zero away from him.

He wished for exchange to come quickly; he couldn't wait to see his Zero faster.


Meanwhile, our dear prefect by the name of Kiryuu Zero is currently...

Asleep under a beautiful, big and tall chestnut tree.

Deciding that a shaded area for his peaceful sleep will be great, he skipped classes; which were to him, at the moment, not important, and went to the biggest tree he could find. Then he lied down and within moments, he lost consciousness to the blissful feeling known as sleep.

Hehe! Sorry for stopping here and the story's so short too but please enjoy and if possible, leave me a review :D