Chapter 18

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"Wow... We're really in Europe aren't we?" Zero proclaimed, staring widely at the view below from the plane's window, mouth slightly agaped with the big and wonderful view of the place they were going to visit - Europe.

"Yes. Beautiful isn't it? The place itself is even more beautiful. All the sceneries are fantastic and the food is just great."

"Food..." Zero drawled, wanting very much to taste the delicious food in Europe.

"Close your mouth Zero or a fly might go in. Even worse, you might start drooling," Kaname chuckled, obviously having fun teasing the prefect.

"Tsk. Idiot Kaname. I'm not gonna drool. I would wanna see your dignified pureblood ass drooling one day."

"Oh my Zero... How bolt. You want to see my behind? Well, you could have just said so. No need to be shy."

"Bastard! I did not mean it that way and you know it! Sheesh..."

There was a tint of red staining his cheeks though, was something Kaname did not point out, deciding to be merciful on such a beautiful day.

Unknown to their lovely time together, a pair of jealous brown eyes were watching them, deciding on the appropriate time.


Big bold letters. Star Hotel.

In Paris.

It was spectacular when they landed in the Paris airport. It was so big!

Thankfully there was a tour guide otherwise god knows where they would be now.

The tour guide had introduced himself as Pierre and had stated that they would be going to the hotel first to get some much needed rest from the plane ride. It was night time in Paris anyway.

On the way there, he had briefly talked about the tour that they were going to have and the landmarks they were visiting. Sadly, not many listened. Not that they didn't want to. They were just too busy admiring the scenery.

Zero was no exception. He was sitting beside his brunette lover and had childishly stated that he wanted the window seat to ogle the fantastic view outside.

Of course, not being able to resist Zero was one of Kaname's Achilles' heel and he caved in without a fight. Thus resulting in a happy Zero and a contented Kaname.

Everybody talked and laughed along the way to the hotel, making the trip a very enjoyable one.

They were currently in front of a five star hotel called Star Hotel.

After getting off the bus and thanking the bus driver and tour guide who told them to get a goodnight's sleep and wake upat 9 tomorrow morning, they went into the hotel to check into their rooms.

The interior indeed did not tarnish the name of the hotel. Within the hotel, it was bright and had beautiful chandeliers. There were intricate chairs and tables with a piano on which someone was playing. There was a buffet restaurant which served all kinds of mouth-watering food.

And that was only the first floor.

The gang approached the counter and Kaien registered for the rooms, getting five in total.

He then handed out the keycards.

"We would be rooming in pairs and a group of threes in one case."

Looking over at Shiki, Rima and Takuma, he winked, bringing a smile, albeit small, to their lips.

"Now, the roomies! Ahem, firstly, Kain-kun and Aidou-kun one room. You both are in room 1556, on the 15th floor."

Handing them the keycard, they shared a smile. Suddenly, Zero was anxious. Would he and Kaname be together? Would they get a room...?

He was cut off from his train of thoughts when the chairman spoke again.

"Next, the room of three for Shiki-kun, Rima-chan and Takuma-kun. Your room is 1558, next to Kain-kun's."

Shiki gladly received the key, bowing slightly to express his gratitude.

"Uh... The next room is 1560 for me and Yuki-chan! Yay!"

Pocketing his keycard and giving one to Yuki, he continued, ignoring the glare that Yuki gave him once she knew that she would not be rooming with 'her Onii-sama'.

"The next card is for Luka and Seiren. You two would be at room 1562. And lastly..."

Hearing that, Zero sighed in relief. That would mean he would be rooming with Kaname. Yay!

'Heh... I knew you loved me.'

'... I'm going to ignore that.'

'Aww... Don't ignore me Ze-chan. I'm so hurt.'


"Kaname and Zero, at room 1564. Thankfully, we are all on the same level and 1556 is opposite 1558, 1560 and 1562 are opposite each other and 1564 is beside 1560. This makes everything easier. Good! Everybody let's go to our rooms now. Make sure to get a goodnight's sleep and be ready for tomorrow. Bye!"

With that, the only adult grabbed Yuki's hand and dashed off, once again ignoring her 'wait's and 'Onii-sama's. Everybody else headed off to the lift too. Since they were all on the same level, they went to their rooms together.


Zero slotted the card into the slit before sliding it out again, earning a green from the small rectangular light box. He opened the door and went into the room eagerly, not bothering about the luggage seeing as his lover would help him bring it in.

Kaname grinned at the silverette's childlike eagerness. He found it cute how the prefect had such innocence, especially since he didn't seem like the type and had a fierce and icy mask.

He slowly dragged the luggage in and bumped into a body. For obvious reasons, he knew whose it was.

"Wha... Why did you stop, Ze.."

Looking over said person's shoulder, he gaped in surprise. The room was very well-furnished, almost fantasy-like. There was a small chandelier on the ceiling and other beautifully-decorated lights around the room. The curtains were a stunning red and contrasted with the outside night sky perfectly. There was a small table and two couches beside it. A huge gold mirror hung in front of the table. The carpet was also a soft red, making the room very dreamlike and perfect.

However, what made him gape wasn't the wonderfully-furnished room. Neither was it the beautifully-designed interior. It was the bed...

In the middle of the room, there was a bed. A bed... As in ONE bed. And it was a king size bed with red and silver pillows and blankets decorating it. The color coordination of the room and the bed was great... But!

It was ONE bed and there were two people. Sure, they had shared a bed before, many times in fact. But, not like this...

Well, Kaname sure didn't mind the bed. It looked nice and cozy.

But would Zero?

He looked over at his roommate's face. He had wanted to see the expressions in his eyes but the beautiful lilac were being covered by Zero's bangs and Kaname couldn't read what Zero was feeling.

No matter, if Zero didn't like it, Kaname could always sleep on the floor.

"Zero, if you do not like this arrangement, I could easily cut the bed into half and then we can each sleep on one half," Kaname suggested, nonchalantly saying that he could cut the bed which probably caused thousands of dollars into half.

Zero stared at Kaname in horror, sending amusement into Kaname's eyes.

"Kaname! How could you even think of something like that! I mean, it probably costs hundreds and thousands of dollars and you wanna cut it into half. They could kick us out for doing that or maybe even sue us for damaging public property. Not to mention, it would be a waste of a bed and useless spending of money..."

He was cut off by soft and warm lips on his own. Eyes wide and staring into those chocolate-brown eyes filled with mirth, he found himself not minding this situation as much as he should be. Or should not be.

"Sheesh, I was just joking Zero. Of course I wouldn't cut the bed into half. I would never miss such a good chance to sleep with you. No other intentions of course."

Not really caring about what Kaname was saying, Zero let out a whine of disapproval when those soft lips left his. He missed them already.

Chuckling when he realized what his lover wanted, he stooped back down and claimed those petal-like lips again, enjoying their privacy to the maximum. After all, who knows when such a chance might come again...? Might as well make the most of it.

The second kiss was much hotter than the first, passionate and warm. Zero felt his knees grow weak and he had almost slid to the ground when strong arms came up to wrap around his waist, cuddling him possessively.

His lips were attacked, bitten and invaded. It was all so intense that he could not even think nor have rational thoughts. His heart was beating so fast in his chest, he felt like it might explode.

He let out a soft moan when a tongue went in and entwined with his. He shyly joined in with his own tongue and they had a fiercesome battle, resulting in Kaname's enjoyable victory.

Finally, though it felt like forever to Zero, they parted and gulped for desperately needed air.

"Now...that was ... Intense..." Zero mumbled softly, heard by the person hugging him.

"I agree. It's getting rather late, why don't we take a shower and get to bed? I'm sure you must be tired," Kaname said to the person nuzzling into his chest, failing to conceal a yawn.

"Okay then."

After they had both finished showering, the couple climbed into bed and pulled the covers over them, resuming the position they were in before — Kaname's arms around Zero's waist and Zero's head on Kaname's chest. Then, they closed their eyes for some much needed sleep.

The City of Love was definitely working its magic.