The Wave of Darkness

Chapter 1: More Than a Nightmare

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Swiftly moving on, here is the summary for this story: The Digidestined knew this day was coming. It was only a matter of time before it happened. The creatures of the Dark Ocean are calling again ... The pairings in this fic are Takari with some PataGato, Sorato, Kenyako and Koumi. The Koumi will develop later on in the story.

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24th December 2014 note: I think that I should mention that this story, along with Better the Devil You Know, was started long before Digimon Tri was announced and probably even thought of. Please remember that if you're wondering why any events in that season aren't mentioned in this fic.

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A teenage girl with shoulder length chocolate brown hair groaned as she pushed her body up off the ground so that she was on her hands and knees. She was confused as to how she had arrived at where ever she was. The last thing she remembered was that she had been at home in her bed and trying to get to sleep. Her mind was groggy and tired. Her slowly returning senses registered that there was cold and wet sand underneath her hands and bare legs. The brunette teen remembered that the same thing had also happened to her during the last few nights.

Hikari Kamiya, better known as Kari to her friends, felt a chill run up her spine. The chill wasn't just caused by the cold temperatures of the surrounding environment. The teen girl's sixth sense, which allowed her to detect evil and dark energy, could feel the pure darkness that consumed the whole area around her. It was a frighteningly familiar feeling and it was one she hated. Kari recognised this darkness and the sound of waves gently rolling up the beach. Her anxiety quickly started to build. It was the evil of the Dark World. She had to remind herself to keep calm and that it was probably just another nightmare.

The brunette sixteen year old opened her auburn eyes and waited for them to focus so she could take in her surroundings. It took a few seconds for her eyes to adapt to the darkness of this realm but, when they did focus, she knew straightaway that this was most definitely the Dark World. The colour of the sand below her told her so. It looked like the colour had been drained from the sand so it was just a shade of grey with only a hint of its original hue remaining, like everything else in this world.

Kari shifted so she was just on her knees as she lifted her hands up to her face to inspect them. Her hands, just like the rest of her body, were translucent. They were fuzzy and flickering like the screen of an un-tuned TV. She could see them but she could also see straight through them. It was one of the typical features that defined her nightmares about the Dark Ocean. If she was really there then she would have been opaque like she was when the creatures that lived in this world had tried to make her their Queen five years ago.

The teen girl sighed in relief, knowing this was just another nightmare. Then she reminded herself that her nightmares about the Dark World were too realistic to be just normal nightmares. They always meant that those humanoid frog-like shadow creatures and the Master of the Dark Ocean were trying to pull her into their realm again. Fortunately she had always managed to wake up before they could pull her into their world during her sleep. In the past they had only ever managed to abduct her while she had been awake. That went a long way to calming the teen girl's nerves.

Kari glanced down and realised that she was still in her sleeping clothes. She also noted that the rest of her body was partially see-through, not just her hands. She was in her oversized pink cotton t-shirt that covered her smooth flat stomach and the bra that contained her ample sized breasts, which were still growing and already quite large for a girl her age. The brunette teen was wearing her short pink sweat shorts that hugged the curves of her hips and exposed her long smooth legs to the chill of the wet sand beneath them. She noticed that she had absolutely nothing on her feet, which meant it would be difficult for her to run on rough ground. Kari felt certain that this was another attempt by the creatures of the Dark World to pull her into their domain.

"Kari, are you ok?" A familiar voice asked, making her spin her head to the right to find the person who had spoken. The voice was full of concern and trying to hide the fear the speaker was feeling at that moment.

A blonde boy, who was the same age as her, knelt on the sand only a few metres away from Kari. His body was fuzzy and semi-transparent, just like hers, which meant he was in the same predicament she was in. The creatures of this world were trying to pull him into their realm too.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Kari replied as she gazed up and down his body. She felt a slight blush forming on her cheeks at the thought of being in her nightwear around this particular teen boy.

Kari's eyes inspected the blonde boy's body, noting he was only in his light grey sweat pants that he normally slept in. His toned torso was exposed and that allowed her to see the scars down the left side of his body. There was a large, deep scar on the top of his left arm which had several smaller scars around it from the surgeries the blonde boy had previously had to save his arm. There was a large scar down the left side of his chest from where it had once been slashed open. The final scar was less noticeable and ran down the entire left side of the blonde teen's face from within his medium length messy golden blonde hair down to the ridge of his jaw. These were the scars from the final battle with Neodevimon which took place nearly three years ago.

The brunette's gaze locked onto the boy's sapphire eyes and she knew without a doubt that he was her boyfriend, Takeru Takaishi. Takeru, or TK as he preferred to be called, had received the injuries that formed the scars when his nemesis, Neodevimon, had caught him with his claw as the blonde boy tried to save Kari's life. Neodevimon had slashed open and broken TK's left arm, cut open his chest, broke five of his ribs and created a gash down the left side of his face as the teen boy pushed Kari out of the way of the demon's attack. It had taken a year for TK to recover from his injuries, which was a lot longer than the time it took Kari to recover from her fractured pelvis that she had received during the same fight.

Kari could still feel the heat in her cheeks as she continued to stare into TK's sapphire eyes. She had no idea why she would be blushing as a result of both her boyfriend and herself being this close while they were in their night clothes. They had seen each other with no clothes on and had made love many times during the three years that they had been in a relationship. In the end she guessed her blush must have had something to do with her being in her sleeping clothes while being on a beach in the Dark World.

The two teens had admitted their love for each other during TK's battles with Neodevimon. It was an emotionally testing time for both of them and they just couldn't hold their feelings back any longer. That led to them forming an even closer bond than the one that they already had and that meant TK allowed Kari to be the only person who helped him during his battles with his nemesis. The bond deepened further after the final battle with Neodevimon when both of them had been injured and showed that they were willing to die to save each other. As a result the couple were now almost completely inseparable and spent as much of their time together as they could.

"This doesn't feel like a normal nightmare," TK commented as he stood up and made his way over to Kari.

"My nightmares about the Dark World always feel too realistic to be just nightmares. It's because they're trying to pull me into their realm while I'm sleeping," Kari replied as she stood up too. "Although the nightmares I had about this place five years ago didn't have you in, TK. You've only started being in them since I've started having bad dreams about this place again."

TK reached out to Kari and pulled her into a tight hug. He wrapped his left arm around the base of her back as he rested his right hand on the back of her head. Kari accepted the embrace by wrapping her arms around his back and then resting her head on his right shoulder. The brunette teen noted that their bodies fitted together perfectly, as always. She felt safe in the embrace with her boyfriend. She always felt like that every time they hugged.

"My dreams about this world only started three nights ago and you've been in all of them," TK sighed as he rested his right cheek against Kari's head. The teen girl noticed he was trying to remain calm but she could still hear the hints of fear and concern in his tone.

"My recent nightmares about this place also started three nights ago," Kari's worry about the situation was definitely clearer in her tone. "And we've started our conversations in those previous nightmares in almost exactly the same way. This isn't just a normal nightmare, TK."

"What are you saying?" TK asked in a much more concerned and serious manner as he lifted his head off Kari's so their eyes could meet.

"I think the creatures of this world are trying to pull you and me into their realm, which is causing both of us to be in the same dream," the brunette replied. Her fear about the situation was growing more and more by the second. "Tell me something, TK. Did you go to the Digital World with me yesterday to bring Gatomon and Patamon back to Earth so they could spend some time with us?"

"Yeah, I did," TK replied as he thought back to the previous day. "Although the real reason I wanted Patamon on Earth was so that I could tell him about these nightmares."

A serious expression formed on Kari's face. "I wanted Gatomon with me for the same reason. I wish you would have told me about this earlier at school or while we were together at your apartment. Then I would have known exactly what was going on and we could have come up with a plan to stop this."

"I thought it was just my nightmare and I didn't really want to worry you," TK answered as he continued to stare into his girlfriend's eyes. The teen girl could clearly see the fear in TK's eyes now even though he was still trying his best to hide it from her. She felt his right hand glide around from the back of her head and cup her cheek.

"This is more than just a nightmare of yours or mine," Kari continued in her serious tone. "We are both being pulled into the Dark World. How else can you explain why we are both see through and sharing the same dream?"

TK pursed his lips as he thought for a moment. "I'll ring you as soon as I wake up to confirm that this is more than just a reoccurring bad dream."

"Yeah, or I'll ring you if I wake up first," Kari nodded in agreement with the blonde teen.

She was about to continue when the sound of an explosion far off in the distance caught her attention. Both the brunette girl and TK turned their heads so they could see where the sound had come from. There was some kind of battle raging over on the horizon. Kari could see the silhouettes of over a hundred flying Digimon battling in the air above several plumes of smoke that rose out of the forest below.

It was the first time the teen girl had paid attention to her surroundings beyond TK, the waves and the sand beneath her. The first thing she noted was that those battling Digimon and the plumes of smoke had never been there in any of her previous nightmares about the Dark World. It was something that further cemented her belief that this was no ordinary nightmare.

Kari turned her head and took in the rest of her surroundings. She already knew that she was on a beach with the Dark Ocean stretching out to the horizon and that there was a rocky cliff face running parallel to the water. There was a dark forest on top of the cliff that had several more smoke plumes spiralling upwards into the sky from within confines of the tall trees. The brunette girl then noticed a few huts on the edge of the beach off in the distance where a valley sat in the cliff face.

Another explosion echoed across the beach, focusing Kari and TK's attention back on the battle. It looked like there was some kind of war going on but neither of them had any idea as to who the war was between. Both of them didn't really want to know either because they just wanted to wake up so they could get out of this world.

"They definitely weren't there last night," TK stated the obvious as he stared at the silhouettes of the battling monsters.

"You can say that again," Kari grumbled just before the echo of another blast reached them. The teen girl jumped in surprise from how close the explosion was to her and TK. She felt her love tighten his hold of her to try and keep her safe.

Kari glanced in the direction where the explosion had been and noticed a new plume of thick grey smoke rising out of the forest. The column of ash rose up from the forest on top of the cliff, suggesting the battle these Digimon were fighting was also happening up there. The brunette girl instinctively tightened her grip around TK, knowing he would keep her safe.

The teen girl then concentrated on what her sixth sense was telling her about the darkness in the area around them. She could sense more individual sources of dark energy than she could count and each of these individual sources represented a single creature. The darkness emanating from each of these creatures varied depending on its power. However the numerous weaker sources weren't the ones that concerned her, it was to two greater sources of darkness that were scaring her. One of those sources was in the forest near where the explosion had occurred.

"We've got a problem," TK growled before he clenched his teeth. Kari could feel his grip tighten further. "And I'm not talking about the dark Digimon that I sense in the forest on top of the cliff."

The brunette girl glanced up at her boyfriend's face to see where he was looking. She felt TK release her from the embrace so she could turn around and see what he was talking about. Kari's extra sense told her that some of the dark creatures were approaching them from within the ocean. The girl teen gulped as her eyes set on those beings. Fear spread through her body, making her tense up. She felt TK grip her right hand with his left hand before he entwined his fingers with hers. Kari tightened her hold of his hand as she readied herself to run.

Ten creatures that were definitely not Digimon were slowly walking out of the dark water towards TK and Kari. These beings appeared to be frog-like humanoids. They walked upright on their back limbs, which had allowed their forelimbs to become arms with webbed claws. Their arms were long and almost touched the floor as they swayed back and forth while the creatures walked. Their frog-like faces was where the comparisons to any normal creature ended. The beings consisted of a black ghost-like shadow and looked similar to the ones who had previously pulled Kari into this realm to be their Queen.

Kari and TK both gulped again and Kari felt like her fear was now rooting her to the spot. The brunette girl remembered what Neodevimon had told her about the Lord of the Dark Ocean and why he wanted her. She remembered the ruler of this world was called Dragomon and he wanted her to be his bride. Neodevimon had said that Dragomon wanted to have his way with her and wanted to taint her light with darkness. That very thought and what it implied made Kari feel sick.

"They are not fully here," one of the creatures spoke as it reached the shoreline. "The One of Light and the One of Hope are still translucent. They need longer so we can fully transport them here."

"We must capture them now so the demon doesn't get them!" Another creature spoke up with panic dominating its tone. "He must not get the Queen of Light."

"We must take them to our master and then wait for them to fully arrive," a third shadow began in an authoritative tone. "Then the master can have his bride and he can punish the One of Hope for his crimes."

"Kari, you know that speed and stamina training we've been doing so we can avoid being in a situation like we were in during the final battle with Neodevimon?" TK rhetorically asked as he positioned his body so he could start sprinting.

"Yep," Kari replied even though she didn't need to do so. She knew the training she had been doing with TK was for moments just like this.

The training had started out with Kari helping TK get his fitness back for basketball games after he recovered from the injuries he had received while saving her from Neodevimon. However, both of them had decided to continue training even when TK was back to the same fitness level he was at before the incident. Their reason for continuing was because they felt that if they were faster than they might be able to avoid any future situations that could be similar to the one in the final battle with Neodevimon. Kari had even taken to playing occasional games of basketball with her boyfriend to help her fitness.

"I think we might need to use it now," TK spoke calmly before taking a deep breath.

The couple bolted to their left, sprinting hand in hand and as fast as they could along the beach. Kari could feel the cold and wet sand under her feet as she and TK tried to escape from the shadow creatures. She didn't even need to glance back to see if the creatures were following her. She knew they would be and her sixth sense confirmed it for her. Fortunately for the two teens, they were faster than their pursuers.

Another explosion echoed through the forest, catching TK and Kari's attention. The blast had come from the same area that the extremely powerful source of darkness was in. An additional adrenaline rush spread through the two teens' bodies as they realised that the powerful evil creature had locked onto the light that they both emitted. It was now following them on a parallel course through the forest, using the power from the Crests of Light and Hope to track them.

Suddenly something cold and wet wrapped around Kari's right ankle. What ever it was gripped onto her and pulled her to the ground. She screamed as she fell face first into the cold sand, dragging TK down with her. The teen girl felt her panic levels starting to rise as more of the thing wrapped around her bare leg. She pushed herself off the sand and turned around to see what had snared her.

A black, see through mist-like tendril had sprung out of the sand and wrapped itself around her right leg. She could sense that the tendril was made from pure dark energy and that it was under the control of a being who knew how to use the Powers of Darkness. The mist-like nature of it reminded her of the dark energy Neodevimon manipulated to create portholes to travel through three years ago.

Kari felt TK release her hand as he moved over to help her. Kari watched her boyfriend slide his hands across the smooth skin of her right leg and force both of his hands under the dark vine that was growing out of the beach. TK started spreading his hands apart, loosening the grip of the tendril around his girlfriend's leg. Suddenly another dark vine shot out of the sand and wrapped around TK's neck. Kari's eyes opened wide in horror as she heard it choking him.

She snapped into action, quickly removing her leg from within the coiled tendril now that TK had created a large enough gap for her to escape its grip. Kari then returned the favour by forcing her hands under the tendril that was strangling her love. She slid her hands up the sides of his neck before using all of her strength to loosen its grip. The teen girl was surprised by how weak the dark vines were as she was able to easy open up a wide enough gap for TK to remove his head from the tendril's grasp.

"Are you ok?" Kari asked as she felt TK grip her right hand again. She quickly glanced back at the shadow creatures and realised they had nearly caught up with them. The master of this realm was clearly using the tendrils to try and slow her and her boyfriend down.

"I'm fine and you?" TK replied as they both quickly got to their feet and started sprinting away from the tendrils and frog-like beings once more.

"Yeah, I'm ok," Kari answered as she tightened her grip of her love's hand.

The brunette teen noticed several more mist-like tendrils forming in the sand in front of her. They suddenly sprung towards her and TK, trying to grab them both. Both Digidestined used their spare arms to knock the physical manifestations of dark energy to one side as they chose to run through them over turning around and coming face to face with the shadow creatures.

The sound of yet another blast rang out across the beach, forcing Kari's attention to return the evil creature in the forest. The dark energy of the evil monster was now closer than ever. It had even overtaken them, adding to Kari's anxiety because she knew it could fly out of the forest and spring a trap at any moment. If that happened then there would be no escape for her and TK.

Kari felt one of the cold dark tendrils trying to wrap itself around her leg again. This time it was attempting to coil around her left thigh. She decided to try and overpower the vine of dark energy, remembering that they weren't as strong as she thought they were. The only reason the last one pulled her down was because it had wrapped itself around her ankle three times. The teen girl put all the force she could through her legs and it was enough to break free from the poor grip of the dark energy without it causing her to trip or stumble.

The couple continued to run from the shadow creatures, knocking the tendrils out of the way as the darkness tried to stop them escaping. Kari was becoming more and more scared with every second. All her previous nightmares about the Dark World had never been like this. There had never been any running for her life, vines of dark energy trying to catch her or explosions and plumes of smoke coming out of the forest. Her nightmares usually only ever included her and the frog-like shadow beings as they tried to pull her into their realm. All of it suggested to Kari that something had gone extremely wrong in this world.

"Double dust!" An evil, twisted voice suddenly bellowed across the beach from on top of the cliff. It was a familiar voice that sent shivers down the spines of both TK and Kari. It was the voice of a mega level Digimon that they had hoped they would never see again.

A large Digimon flew out of the forest on top of the cliff and headed straight for the two teens and their pursuers. The monster was covered by his dark red cloak, which had a black trim and a large pointed hood that completely covered his head. There were two large white horns coming out of the sides of the hood, and presumably the demon's head as well, giving the impression that this Digimon was evil. The four red spikes on the creature's huge purple wings only further confirmed that this Digimon was not one to be taken lightly.

"Oh no! It's Daemon," TK yelled with his fear clearly showing in his voice. Both teens noticed that the demon's eyes were glowing a deep purple colour and it looked as if he was powering up an attack. Suddenly his eyes released two beams of purple energy that cascaded towards the Digidestined of Hope and Light.

Kari and TK skidded to an abrupt halt to avoid the attack that was deliberately fired into their path. The attack caused an explosion when it hit the ground, sending out a shockwave and throwing sand several metres up into the air. The blast was strong enough to knock both TK and Kari off their feet and shower them with thousands of grains of sand.

The teen couple groaned in pain as they pushed themselves up into a kneeling position. They quickly shook off as much of the sand as they could before crawling over to one another. TK and Kari threw their arms around each other's backs and pulled their love into a tight embrace.

Kari let out a loud sigh of relief and took several deep breaths. The tight embrace meant both her and her boyfriend were fine and had managed to avoid any serious injuries. Feeling TK's tight grip around her body gave Kari a sense of safety and a belief that somehow everything would be alright as long as they were together. Her boyfriend's presence and the Light of Hope emanating from inside his body always helped to calm her even in the worst of situations, just like this.

Daemon's manic and sadistic laugh caught the attention of both teens. The large demon Digimon landed on the beach in front of the two Digidestined. Kari and TK quickly glanced around and realised they were trapped with no obvious way to escape. Daemon stood in front of them. To one side was the Dark Ocean itself and to the other side there was the shear rock face of the cliff that they had no hope in climbing. Finally behind them stood the ten shadow creatures that had the help of more dark tendrils than either of the teens could count.

Kari knelt there in the tight embrace with TK, frightened about what was going to happen next. However, her fear started to slowly fade as the seconds passed by without any of the dark creatures making a move. It puzzled her as she and TK both glanced between Daemon and the ghost-like creatures that had been chasing them. That was when Kari noticed the menacing glare in the shadow creatures' eyes but to her surprise it was aimed at Daemon, not her or TK.

"Dragomon must be desperate if he is trying to bring the Digidestined of Light and Hope into this world," Daemon laughed, clearly amused by the presence of Kari and TK in the Dark Realm. "I can't believe he is still trying to make the Chosen of Light his bride by tainting her. I thought he would have learnt that he should have just killed her by now."

"The Queen of Light is ours," one of the ghost beings spat back angrily. "She will help our master and we will be victorious. He will take her light and taint it with his darkness."

Confused expressions formed on both TK's and Kari's faces. They had no idea what was going on because they had expected the shadow creatures and Daemon to be working together to capture them. However, it seemed like the exact opposite was happening and that they were actually fighting.

"I can see why Dragomon thinks he needs her power because his control of the Powers of Darkness is pathetic," Daemon laughed again before he gave one simple click of his fingers. The dark tendrils suddenly dissipated, leaving no trace that they were ever there. "If that is the best he can do then there is no chance of him winning. Just like there is no chance of you Deep Ones winning against me now."

The ghost creatures, which were apparently called Deep Ones, huddled together and murmured in an angry manner. They seemed to be discussing something but neither TK nor Kari could hear what they were saying.

Daemon snorted in amusement. "I'll just have to make sure that his only hopes die right here, right now. Evil inferno!"

A ball of pure red hot fire formed in the palm of Daemon's right hand. He laughed sadistically as he drew his arm back, readying the attack. The evil Digimon then thrust his right arm forwards and released the fireball.

Kari's and TK's eyes opened wide in horror as they realised the attack was coming straight at them. Kari knew there was no way they could escape it. She instinctively turned her back to the fireball and felt TK cover her body with his own. The teen girl felt him grip her as tightly as he could in an attempt to use his own body to protect her.

"Break the link!" One of the Deep Ones yelled out in panic. "Break the link now!"

"Send them back!" Another one screamed as the attack continued towards its target.

Both Kari's and TK's bodies started flickering even more than they were. They became more transparent as they turned into black and white static fuzz. Both teens completely disappeared just before the fireball smashed into the sand, melting some of the grains on impact.

TK's bedside lamp was shining on his body as he tossed and turned on his bed. His skin was covered in a glistening cold sweat that was caused by his nightmare. His green bedcovers had long since been kicked off onto the floor, exposing the scars on his torso and left arm. He kept tossing and turning in his sleep with expressions of panic regularly crossing his face.

The blonde boy's body was flickering and had the appearance of the static of a poorly tuned analogue TV. It was the third night in a row that this had happened to him but it hadn't been this bad in during the previous nights. He mumbled Kari's name several times as he rolled onto his side once more.

A rookie Digimon with large batwing-like ears sat on the edge of TK's pine bedside table. The top half of his body was a warm orange and his stomach was cream in colour. The guinea pig-like Digimon's panic and fear were etched across his face and obvious in his ocean blue eyes. He frantically glanced around the room, trying to find something that would wake up his human partner from the nightmare he was currently in.

The little Digimon, Patamon, had been brought back to Earth by TK to help the blonde teen. TK had told Patamon about the nightmares of the Dark World as soon as he had started having them and they both agreed it would be best if the rookie Digimon kept an eye on him in case something like this happened. The idea was that Patamon could wake TK up if he started flickering just like he was now. However, things weren't as simple as they seemed.

Patamon had been trying everything to wake up his partner but nothing was working. He'd tried jumping on TK's chest, pulling his eyelids open and even shouting in his ear several times. The little Digimon was now desperately trying to come up with another plan that would wake his friend up.

His gaze then locked onto the full glass of water that was next to him on the bedside table. He remembered something from a movie he had once watched while he was on Earth. One of the characters had used a glass of water to wake up someone who was sleeping or unconscious or something like that.

At this point Patamon was willing to try anything. He placed his sticky black paws on the glass and carefully moved it to the edge of the bedside table. Patamon then wrapped his arms and legs around the glass before using his ears to fly into the air. He hovered over TK, who rolled onto his back once more, before tilting the glass and pouring the water over his friend's face.

The rookie Digimon quickly placed the glass back down on the pine table. He turned around expecting TK to be wide awake but, much to his dismay, the teen boy still wouldn't wake up. He started frantically looking around the room yet again for something that might work.

"TK!" Patamon screamed his partner's name as he gave up the search. He jumped onto his partner's chest and pulled his right paw back. Patamon then swung his paw straight at TK's face, slapping the blonde teen across his left cheek.

Patamon continued to slap TK's face as tears started to build in his ocean blue eyes. To say he was panicking would be the understatement of the century. He continued to slap his friend in desperation. The dam holding his tears back suddenly broke and the salty water started streaming down his face. Then an idea came into his head. It was a desperate one but it might just work. Patamon flew up into the air above his friend and readied himself by taking in a huge breath.

"Kari!" TK screamed his girlfriend's name as he lurched forwards. His sapphire eyes were now wide open and filled with a mixture of panic and concern.

The teen boy took several deep breaths as he glanced around his room and realised he was ok. He quickly wiped the sweat and water off his scared face with his left hand before he glanced over to his bedside table. TK's gazed fixed onto his green flip phone and he quickly grabbed it with his right hand.

"What happened?" Patamon asked with his concern and panic clear in his voice. "Are you ok?"

"It was Daemon," TK replied in an equally panic-filled tone as he hit the speed dial button for Kari on his phone. "He nearly got both me and Kari. I have to make sure she's ok."

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