Puzzle Pieces

A Rizzoli and Isles Story

By Enginerd


Rizzoli & Isles were created by Tess Gerritsen and adapted for TV by Janet Tamaro. This story takes place in the beginning of season two and contains mature themes involving the love and its physical expression between two women.

Chapter 5 – The Final Piece

Jane stood at Maura's door and pushed the doorbell. After a few seconds, she pounded on the door. Still no answer, she glanced at the driveway, confirming Maura's car was there. Jane growled in frustration as she pushed on the doorbell again and again with no effect.

Pulling out her new cell phone, she dialed Maura's number and got the answering machine.

"Come on, Maura. I'm at your door. I'll wake everyone up in your goddamn neighborhood if you don't answer. I swear to God I will," Jane warned heatedly and hung up. She alternated pounding on the door with pressing the doorbell, not intending to give up.

The light went on and Jane released the doorbell.

"I have nothing to say to you," Maura said tersely through the door.

"So you called my home at 1:30 to say nothing?" Jane blurted.

"It was 1:29," Maura responded.

"Do you really want to have this conversation through the door?" Jane said loudly, banging against it with frustration.

The door was swung open by an angry Maura. "How dare you come in the middle of the night and shout at me!" Maura hissed.

"It's the morning, Maura," Jane shot back snidely, irritating Maura. "And I wouldn't have to shout if you would have the common decency of inviting me inside."

"Common decency? I don't think you know what that is!" Maura snapped back.

Before Jane could respond, the guesthouse light turned on. "If you want, we can have this conversation in front of my mother," Jane said instead.

"This is not my definition of a conversation, Jane," Maura seethed, then found herself unceremoniously ushered into her home. "Wh…? How dare you!" she sputtered as Jane shut the door behind them.

"Get out!"

"You know, for someone who doesn't like to assume, you are making a huge one right now," Jane snapped.

"Oh, is that the assumption where you cared for me and would give me the time I needed? Well, I agree. Someone who actually cares for me would not hop into bed with someone else when they don't immediately get what they want!"

"Really? Really, Maura? You got all that from a phone call you never followed through on?" She asked incredulously.

"I . . . ," Maura said, then hesitated.

"You can't keep running away!" Jane shouted. "You can't keep finding excuses. I'm fucking sick and tired of having you get closer to me then, oh look! A new guy's on the scene."

Maura blinked in surprise at Jane's anger and what she was accusing her of.

"You get me to go to yoga. YOGA! Then you date our yoga instructor! Oh and lucky me, you set me up on a double date from hell!"

Maura looked at her with in confusion; she never indicated it bothered her before.

"We get closer yet and then you're missing in action - no wait! You're with Dr. Slucky! My fucking surgeon, Maura!" Jane spat.

Maura winced, knowing Jane didn't like the royal "we" he constantly used.

"I was still recovering from the hole in my side and you'd rather spend your free time fucking Slucky! Damnit, Maura! I needed you," Jane growled angrily, pointing to her chest and making Maura cringe with guilt as tears started to form. She had to distance herself from Jane . . . she began to feel too much. "I needed you and you weren't there," Jane said emotionally.

Tears fell freely down Maura's cheeks. "You never said . . . ," Maura whispered guiltily.

"Why would I? You made your choice and I had to live with it," she answered. "But after you dumped that jackass and we got closer? Oh look! You want to fuck a blue-collar Italian with great bone structure. Of course, I'm the wrong Italian," Jane laughed humorlessly, making Maura wince again, remembering the awkward conversation in the car.

"You'd rather sleep with a Neanderthal auto mechanic. Even after I told you, I TOLD you Giovanni was a bad idea," Jane blurted in frustration. "When I held you in my arms, if felt right, Maura. So right, I though maybe, I had a shot. As I tried to figure out how to approach you about us, I'm blindsided by the looove of your life! For someone who was supposed to your best friend, I had to find out about Ian from my mother, who just had to tell me about how good Dr. Feelgood must be in the bedroom from the sounds she heard . . . All. Night. Long," Jane spat. "I thought we were close, Maura. But it was very clear I was wrong," she said, her face contorting with pain.

Maura wiped her cheek but the tears kept coming. She knew she had hurt Jane by not sharing everything about herself . . . but had no idea how much.

"After he left and you didn't go after him, I though maybe, just maybe, after things settled down, I'd have a chance but zzzzt! Wrong again, Jane! Not only am I the wrong Italian, I'm the wrong Rizzoli! For God's sake, Maura. You flirt with my brother in front of me?"

"It wasn't . . . we never . . . ," Maura said weakly, shaking her head no. It was never anything but chess, she considered, though felt guilty for the fleeting thought of what it would be like to be with him. He was like Jane in many ways….

"Then you fly off to a conference in Madrid, anxious to hook up with an old colleague," Jane exclaimed, making Maura drop her head, recalling how she gushed about her romantic opportunities in the romantic city.

"Damnit, I'm right here, Maura! I've always been right here!"

"I didn't . . . know," Maura whispered, tears rolling down her cheeks at Jane's obvious pain.

"You didn't want to know. Any sane person would just give up and admit it's never going to happen between us. But being with you is . . . so right. I just wish . . . you felt that too," Jane finished weakly, the anger and hurt had drained her.

"Jane! You remembered all that!" Maura said with surprise, the realization finally hitting her.

"Right now, I wish I didn't," Jane said dejectedly, then chuckled humorlessly. "I should have expected you wouldn't respond directly," she said in defeat and headed towards the door.

"Jane Rizzoli! Do NOT take another step!" Maura snapped with anger. Jane hesitated and looked at Maura. "You want a direct response? You will have to stay to get it," she said in challenge.

Jane turned towards her and glared at her.

Maura growled and took three strides towards Jane, pushing her back into the door and kissing her soundly.

Jane resisted at first, her hurt still fresh. But it faded as she was helplessly drawn into the searing passion of Maura's possessive kiss. Maura made it clear she was wanted and that made her . . . whole. Her crutch once again fell onto the floor; Jane needed both her arms to pull Maura into a bone-crushing embrace.

Want. Pent up for years, now finally unleashed. It was . . . overwhelming. It was . . . all consuming. It was . . . elation. There were no other thoughts than satisfying their hunger for one another, the need to touch and be touched. Hands urgently and almost frantically roamed over each other, exploring, revering.

"Bed," Jane hissed as she kissed her neck and grabbed Maura's perfect ass.

"Yesssss," Maura said, pulling Jane's shirt from her pants.

"Yessss. Wait!" Jane said, pulling back.


"This isn't just . . . a fling, right?" Jane blurted uneasily, annoying Maura until she heard the soft admission. "It would kill me."

"I love you, Jane Rizzoli, and I'm not letting you go," she whispered possessively and pulled Jane back into a deep, wet kiss, making her moan.

The doorbell sounded, which they attempted to ignore but it wouldn't go away. "Door. . . bell, I should . . . get it," Maura said, barely managing to get a breath.

Jane rolled her eyes, her breath ragged. "I will kill . . . whoever it is," she hissed, resting her forehead on Maura's.

"It's probably your mother," Maura said, reluctantly pulling back and causing Jane to groan.

"I don't care," Jane blurted in frustration.

Clearing her throat, Maura straightened her dress and went to the door and opened it. On the other side was Angela . . . and Tommy. "Is everything . . . ," Angela blurted with concern, then saw Jane who looked . . . restless. ". . . all right?" She looked between the two curiously.

"Everything is fine, Angela," Maura said with a polite smile.

"We heard a lot of arguing," Tommy piped up, looking over her shoulder at Jane. "If Jane is bothering you . . . ," he said.

"That's it!" Jane interrupted with a growl and limped up to the door, intending to slug him, but Maura held out a hand, stopping her.

"Janie, I'm a lover, not a fighter," Tommy said with a grin, looking at his sister, then glancing over Maura suggestively.

Angela rolled her eyes. The boy didn't listen to a single word, she thought with frustration. He is his father's son, she concluded with a frown.

"You, shut up," Maura snapped at Tommy, causing him to blink and Jane to smile happily. "You're attention is unwanted, Tommy. Stop begin such a . . . creep," Maura said pointedly, causing Tommy's mouth to drop. What just happened, he wondered, confused.

Maura turned her attention to Angela, who couldn't hide her smirk. "Jane and I had a few things to resolve and we have," Maura said with impressive calm, though she understood Jane's frustration.

"Are you sure everything is all right?" Angela persisted, feeling the tension radiating from the two women.

Jane shut her eyes, wanting to scream. Just let it GO already, she silently moaned.

"Yes, quite certain. I appreciate you're concern, Angela. However, it's getting late," Maura said with a polite smile.

"Janie, do you want me to drive you home?" Angela asked, making Jane pinch the bridge of her nose.

"That won't be . . . ," Maura said politely but Jane started to chuckle.

All three looked at Jane like she lost her mind. Perhaps she had, Jane though, laughing harder.

"No," Jane answered in a high, strangled voice as she continued to laugh as if the answer was the funniest joke in the world. "I really . . . don't," she added, wiping the tears from her eyes.

The high pitch and excruciating honesty of Jane's answer struck Maura as hilarious, making her laugh with Jane. She had to admit, the situation was bizarre, Maura snorted, causing Jane to laugh harder and grab her shoulder.

"What?" Angela looked between the two, concerned they both were drunk or . . . something.

Tommy shook his head and left for the guesthouse, concluding they must have their periods or something.

"Yes! One Rizzoli down, one to go!" Jane cheered.

"Jane!" Angela blurted with irritation.

"There's no need to be rude, Jane. They were worried about me," Maura scolded gently, rubbing her hand across Jane's back.

Jane sobered, cleared her throat and nodded. "Sorry, Ma. But if you really want to increase your chances of having Maura as a daughter-in-law, you really need to give us some time alone," Jane said with a smile, slipping her arm around Maura's waist.

Angela squinted at her daughter in confusion.

Maura was surprised but pleased, smiling warmly and kissing Jane's cheek. Jane looked at her lovingly.

"Oh. OH! But why were you two arg . . . ?" Angela blurted, then frowned as Jane gently caressed Maura's cheek and briefly kissed Maura on the lips.

"I guess I know why you don't want me to drive you home," Angela muttered.

Maura slipped her hand around her neck and slowly pulled Jane into a deeper kiss.

"All right, all right already! I can take a hint," Angela groused, stepping back from the door, shaking her head.

"Ma?" Jane called, her arms around Maura.

"Yeah, honey?"

"You might want to shut the windows," Jane said with a smirk, causing Maura's eyes to widen in embarrassment.

"Jane!" She admonished, nudging Jane in protest and causing her to chuckle unrepentantly.

Angela chuckled and shook her head as she headed back to the guesthouse, calling over her shoulder "I want grandbabies!"

The End