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Note: In this chapter Liam is Bold & Others are Italicized

Chapter 1: It's all coming crashing down

*Ring. Ring Ring. Ring.

Ring. Ring Ring. Ring.*


"Wake up you groggy bum! I'm outside waiting for you"

"Niall, what the fuck are you doing it's 8 AM"

"Alright then mate, I guess you don't want to hear the good news!

"What could possibly be good about you waking me up at 8AM Niall?"

"I've got us chaps two tickets to Six flags, Now hurry your ass up and get outside! We don't got all day!"


That idiot.

—u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212 —u8212

"u8230 And where exactly did you get these tickets from?"

"I won them on a radio contest last week; I've been keeping it a secret from you because I wanted it to be a suprise, arse. "

"Why didn't you just give them to Danielle? She is your Girlfriend; and I use that term loosely"

"She's terrified of roller coasters; rollercoasterophobia I think, is that even a word?"

Typical Niall; it's so cute how stupid he is. The phobia is clearly—Wait, I don't even know.

"Glad you've taken a liking to our friendship time, ever since you and danie-"

"Yeah I know; but i'd rather spend my time with you; let's go to this attraction 'Haunted house of Doom'"

"u8230 you know I don't like it those types of things"

"Don't worry i'll hold your hand, scaredy cat"

"Am not! I just don't like dead things.. and blood.. and anything that tries to kill me."

"Yeah well i don't give a cra-"


Where r u?


6flags w/ liam. wyd hun?


Nothing, i'll b moms. don't txt me.


"Is it danielle, is she begging for your cock again? Desperate much?"

"Yes, and No you know I won't give it to her. She's probably mad im with you again. These days I'd do anything to stop living a lie."

I could tell him right now, I could tell him Im gay, that I like him. I could end these shenanigans right now.

"Nothing's stopping you."

"You know my dad would kill me if he knew, Liam. Being gay isn't easy at all."

You can say that again.

"Yeah I know, and I support you nialler. "

"Sure, whatever let's just get on this ride. After you"


"Stop being such a pansy!"