Here it is! The long awaited Epilogue for CMS ;) Thank you for reading and waiting, enjoy!

Today was Lea's first day of school and she was a wreck I tell you. She wouldn't stop crying no matter even when I told her that i'll be back in a few hours. Lea didn't want to be away from her daddies, I remember my first day of kindergarten; I wouldn't let go of my mother's leg and she had to drag me by force into the classroom. I thought that she would have left me there forever.

I could hear her loud shrieks from outside the building, it made me sad but I knew it was for the best. If it was my choice I would've kept her home, but we couldn't homeschool her. Me and Li had jobs and we couldn't afford a nanny, let alone trust her with our child. We've seen what they do to children, I don't want to put Lea in that situation.

I picked her up around three and she refused to talk to me, I was heartbroken. I promised to get her some ice cream on the way home, mint chocolate chip was her favorite and she would never turn that offer down for anything in the world. The way her eyes light up when I took her into the shop. She ran her mouth about how much she loved it and if she had to choose between Nandos' Peri Peri Chicken ( which is my favorite) and mint ice cream she would pick the latter.

Children I tell ya, they can be ridiculous at times but you just have to love them. Li is just a good a father as I am. Just last week he stayed up all night playing dress up with her and it was so adorable. Lea had put purple eyeshadow on him and he looked ridiculous! I posted it on facebook and the family laughed. She struggled to fit in one of her dresses but his frame was too big and he ripped it. Lea wasn't happy about it even though she was the one who put him in it in the first place. She stopped letting him play dress up with her and moved on to me. Oh boy I have so many pictures it's just amazing.

We want to adopt again though, a boy this time. Li and I were at the adoption agency and we saw this adorable little buy name Aodhan. Li told me that he looked exactly like me. Aodhan was so sweet and he had the cutest little irish accent. When I heard it I was hooked, we're going to be meeting up with him over the next few weeks and see if he warms up to us. Lea's really excited about having a younger brother in the house, maybe she'll play dress up with him and not us. Not that it's a bad thing, it's pretty fun actually. I'm really hoping that we can add him to our small family. Raising one kid is hard enough, but two?

We're willing to sacrifice our time for our children. Lea is our everything, and soon Aodhan will be too.

I've moved on from what happened nine years ago with my father. He's serving a 50 year sentence with little to no chance of parole. It molded me into the person that I am now. Without him I don't think I would be here with my daughter and my loving husband now. Yes, I did say husband. Li proposed to me two weeks after we settled into our old place (which we moved out of due to it not being big enough to raise a small child) and It was literally the most amazing day of my life. I was so shocked, well not really but I was happy that he proposed. Liam told the story of how he envisioned our wedding in a dream at the reception. I thought it was a coincidence but fate works in strange ways.

Ugh! The sex that night was AMAZING. We hadn't adopted Lea yet and we had our house alone before we went on our honeymoon to australia. To this day it was literally the best time i've ever had. I think I came twice, but that's a little bit too much information unless you want to hear about it. That's another story for another time though and I'm sure Li would want to tell you that from his perspective. He's a much better storyteller than I am for sure, but he isn't home right now and I know we have time zone differences.

Before It slips my mind let me tell you about our honeymoon. One word; breathtaking. I've never seen such a place more beautiful in my life. It was a bit hard adjusting because of the jet lag but when we finally got out and started exploring it was like it never even happened. We took one of those tourist tours and we visited so many places like Bondi beach in sydney ( I've never seen Liam so red in my life. He was in pain the whole ride back) and we even attended the Tamworth country music festival. Neither of us like country music at all but it was definitely a great experience. Last but not least we went scuba diving in The Great Barrier Reef. I've never been scuba diving, let alone in one of the most famous places in the world. It was a spectacular trip and I was kind of sad when we had to come home, I wish we could've stayed longer and maybe move there. Definitely a possibility in the near future.

Anyway before this E-Mail gets too long I have to go, Li and Lea are back from the park and it's movie night tonight. We're going to watch Peter Pan ( which we've seen a million times because it's Lea's favorite movie) and I have to get things ready. I'll tell Li you said Hi okay?

PS: If it weren't for you, I don't think me & Li would still be together. I've never told you this but I really appreciate what you've done for us. I know it was just a discount off a ring but it shaped our lives in the longrun. If it means anything thank you so much for that and I am forever in your debt.

PPS: How's France with that guy Louis you just met? Tell me EVERYTHING.

Goodbye Harry we'll talk soon but now I've got to get back to my family. It still feels weird saying that. "My Family". Well whatever, I wish you a happy and prosperous life :) xx 3.

A/N: I really miss writing this and maybe i'll write from Liam's perspective next time? Depends on the feedback i get from this. I've had a wonderful time writing this and experiencing this with you guys and I can't say thank you and I love you enough for making my first fic a successful one.