Title: Dynamics
Author(s): Jaina_Solo_15
Timeframe: Dark Nest Trilogy/ YJK
Characters: Zekk, Jaina, Jacen
Genre: Angst, Vignette, Romance
Summary: A series of vignettes as Zekk reminesces about his relationship with the twins during their time as students on Yavin IV.
Star Wars is owned by George Lucas and Lucasfilm, not me.


It's funny now, or maybe it's just sad.

When we were children, before the war, they used to say that Jaina and I were inseparable. We really thought that we were inseparable then.

Now we know the true meaning of inseparable and it is nothing like what we used to share.

I think Leia and Han were actually glad that Jacen and Jaina had me as a friend. I think maybe they worried sometimes that Jacen and Jaina were too close – that they needed other friends. But Jaina and Jacen always shared everything.

Our friendship changed after I became the Shadow Academy's Darkest Knight and then eventually found my way back to the teachings of Luke Skywalker's Academy.

In so many ways, Jaina was my anchor on my journey back to the Light. She believed in me and she refused to let me go. She stood like a beacon – the one shining thing in my dark world. I strove for redemption to become someone that my best friends – the twins – could be proud of.

I am what I became because of them. We five young Jedi Knights had a dynamic that few could understand. To everyone it was Jacen and Jaina that formed the heart of our group and defined us.

They were all wrong. It was me.

Always me.