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Whoever thought that things could ever be so peaceful? Not even a year ago there was the threat of demons coming into Human World to destroy it. Yusuke was considered a threat; the barrier needed to stay up. Now, thanks to that "threat" demons and humans were getting along. Sure, humans didn't really know all that much about the demons coming into their world now that the barrier was down, but there was less bloodshed than there had been when the barrier was up, so much so that there wasn't much that needed to be done with the spirit detectives. True, Yusuke had been fired, but he still did his part to keep the peace along with Kuwabara, Kurama, and surprisingly Hiei. Botan was still a ferry girl working in spirit world, but she visited Human World often. She couldn't stay away from her friends for too long and, now that Koenma was in charge of spirit world affairs, things were far more lax.

Speaking of lax, it was Friday. Botan usually left for Human World on Fridays. Sure, she'd love to go for more than just the weekends, but she had a duty and she wouldn't give up her job for anything or anyone.

"Botan, you're going to the temple soon, right?" Koenma asked.

"Yes, it's Friday," Botan said happily. Koenma smiled and handed Botan something, a piece of paper. "What's this?"

"Just read it," Koenma said lightheartedly.

Botan opened the paper and smiled at what she read.

For over 500 years' worth of service, the ferry girl, Botan, will be granted one month of vacation time, in addition to weekends, every two months.

"Oh, Koenma sir, thank you!" Botan exclaimed, giving her boss a hug. "But won't you be short-handed."

Koenma waved her off. "Nah, besides with the reduced malicious demonic activity in Human World, death counts have been a lot lower. You and those boys helped with that. I say that deserves reward, wouldn't you agree?"

"That's very generous of you, Koenma," Botan replied still not being able to stop smiling.

"Have a good time," Koenma told her before returning to his post.

"You sure you want to go back there?" Mukuro asked. "Last time we talked, you told me you wanted to stay in Demon World. You know, when I offered to make sure no one came looking for you."

"I told you that it's not why I stay," Hiei responded. "I didn't know what I wanted then."

"What do you want?" Mukuro inquired. "You aren't one to just decide things overnight."

Hiei nodded. He had been serving Mukuro for five years now and she knew him very well. She acted as his confidant and didn't judge him for any of his quick decisions. But like she said, he never made them overnight.

"I still don't want to tell her, but I don't want to be far from her either," Hiei admitted. The truth was he missed his little sister. He knew he would never be able to tell her the truth about himself, but being in Demon World, he couldn't ensure that she was safe.

"I understand, Hiei," Mukuro told him. "I'll make the arrangements and you can leave tonight. Just make sure you don't slack off. I'd like to have a rematch one day."

Hiei smirked. "Count on it."

"So you can really stay for that long?" Yukina asked Botan after the ferry girl explained what Koenma had told her.

"Yes, it's true," Botan answered.

"Hn. Well, we better get a room ready for you then," Genkai said sounding uninterested, but actually letting a ghost of a smile appear on her face. She did like having Botan around the compound.

"We should celebrate," Yukina suggested. "The guys will be coming over later, so maybe a party?"

"I like the way you think, Yukina," Botan chimed. "We should start preparing."

"Okay, just one thing. I was going to go out to the herb garden to pick a few spices. Would you like to join me?"

"Oh Yukina, don't be silly. I can go on my own. It's the least I can do."

Yukina smiled and went into the kitchen to see what they had to cook for a party. Botan happily skipped out to the herb garden.

Hiei made it to the compound in record time. He really wanted to make sure his sister was okay. He saw her in the kitchen with a smile on her face making him smile slightly as well. It had been a year since he told her that her brother was dead and a year since she gave him their mother's hiruiseki stone, a year since he saw her.

Hiei heard footsteps heading his way, so he flitted up to the nearest tree and watched as the ferry girl who had always been around the group appeared in the herb garden. He had always found her irritating, especially her perky attitude and her tendency to blurt out information. He was thankful, though, that she hadn't blown his but he figured she was just afraid to have her tongue cut out. Hiei smirked at the thought of her fearing him. Then he got an idea.

Botan tensed when she felt a sword at her neck, but then relaxed. The only one who could move so quickly was a certain fire demon. Botan smiled and greeted the "attacker." "Hello, Hiei. It's been a while."

Hiei was shocked that she wasn't more terrified of having a sword to her throat. This onna is crazy, he thought. "Hn," he replied as he withdrew his sword.

Botan turned to face him and couldn't help but notice that he looked really good. She was surprised since he never seemed to take care of himself. "Well, you look well," she told him. "The last time I saw you was last year when we all met up here after the tournament. What are you doing here?"

"Hn. I don't have to answer to you," Hiei muttered bitterly.

"I bet you're here to see Yukina," Botan stated earning a glare from Hiei. "Oh, don't worry, Hiei; I haven't said anything. But just so you know, she does know."

"What?" Hiei growled quietly but menacingly.

Botan nodded. "She figured it out and asked me, but I didn't say anything and she took that as an answer. She's a smart girl, Hiei."

"Why wasn't I informed about this?" Hiei snapped.

"Yukina asked me not to tell you she knew," Botan said sadly. "She wanted you to tell her first. Oh and I just told you. Me and my big mouth."

Hiei had to admit that he was actually thankful for her big mouth now. "I'm still not saying anything and you won't either."

"But why?"

Hiei turned away from her but looked over his shoulder and said, "I have my reasons, onna." With that he disappeared into the trees.

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