Chapter 1: The Beginning

Hi guys! Sorry about the super long as hell hiatus, there were a number of things that went on none being very pleasant for me. I have sort of given up on my former fic, when I read it over I realized that it had turned into something that was not in my original plans. I received some very useful advice saying that I should plan out a story before I write it and that is exactly what I'm going to do with this fic. Don't worry it's still about MS just that this time I'm using my two favorite Legends!


The rain.

Cloudy and overhanging, giving an atmosphere of malevolence, yet, at times peace, it falls today, pooling around my feet. Why does it fall, what kind of rain is it? The wind blows, the wind that tells either of an evil, or new hope, it whips through my hair. What does it signify in our future?

As I sit here, pondering these questions, let me tell you my story...

Excuse me ma'am but may I interest you in my fine wares?"

I looked over at the merchant who had addressed me. He offered few goods that I would be interested in: A mug, a pocket knife, some paper, and a package of food. I decided to buy the pocket knife, never know when you might need one.

"I'll take the knife please."

"A wise choice ma'am, in these times one never knows when one may run into trouble."

I took the knife with me and placed it in my traveling bag while walking further down the road. It was a cheering scene, small children were playing with each other, yet, as I watched them play, a feeling of sadness fell over me as I realized that they were wearing the clothes of an orphanage, their parents having most likely been another casualty of this war.

This war, caused by who we know only as the Black Mage, has ravaged our beautiful Maple World; so far he has not moved beyond the land of the El Nath Mountains. However we have also been unable to stop his advances whenever he chooses to. His power grows and people lose their hope, shamefully we, the resistance force, have been unable to destroy his forces.

These troubled thoughts run through my head as I walk through the streets of Orbis, the City in the Sky.

As I round the corner I see a thief running off with what looked like someone's money sack, petty criminal, isn't it bad enough that we have to live under fear of the Black Mages attack? Too bad for him. Running after them I quickly caught up with my superior agility.

"Stop! You can't get away!" As with all criminals he of course did not listen to me, not that I really expected him to anyways, looks like the knife I had just bought would come in handy sooner than I thought.

Soon he found himself facing a dead end, stereotypical. What was not stereotypical was what happened next, 2 other thieves came out from behind us. Should have figured that he wouldn't be alone, I was beginning to regret my decision to come un-armed bar the small knife in my bag now.

The original thief was smirking, "Now who's the one who can't get away girl? You can't take all three of us at once."

Indeed, if I was a normal human such a feat would be nigh impossible, luckily I wasn't.

Whipping around I took out one of the thieves by hitting his pressure point with my fingers. One down.

Recovering from their initial shock, his companions came after me; I quickly neutralized another by introducing him to my fist which, as a bonus, introduced him to the wall.

The third of the trio started running in out the only exit while I was beating his two friends, excuse me, accomplices, but I digress. I wouldn't catch him even with my speed; he was a thief after all. Damn, looks like the original is going to get away, I chased anyways; you could always get lucky.

Skidding as I ran around the corner a shocking sight greeted me. The thief was caught in what seemed to be liquid shadow; the controller seemed to notice I was there for as soon as I saw him he disappeared. Well at least I caught the thief...

~~~1 Hour later~~~

"Thank you ma'am, three have been wanted for theft for over 2 months now!"

"No need to thank me officer I was just doing what anybody else would have done."

'Then again' I thought, 'A normal person wouldn't have caught them in the first place'

I glanced down at my watch, the boat to Victoria Island would arrive in about 20 minutes, just enough for me to get there grab a ticket and hopefully something to eat before I got on board the massive vessel.

~~~20 Minutes later~~~

'Damn!' I mentally screamed, 'Why did I spend the time to get lunch!'

I just barely reached the boat in time as it was beginning to take off.

'Looks like I would be able to make it to Victoria Island peacefully after all.' I thought as the boat began its journey through the air.

I enjoyed the air whipping through my hair as we soared in the sky.


"Or that could happen" I muttered under my breath, cursing my luck.

As the Crimson Barlog attacked the ship I ran to get under the deck, I thought wistfully of my weapons which I had sent back home to be repaired. And of course the brutish air pirate would target me as I run. Curse my luck…

He fired a shot of black lightning at me, 'No time to dodge!'

"Magic Guard!" I heard a voice shout out and a blue mana barrier formed around my body as the black lightning bounced off harmlessly.

"Magic Flare!"

A terrific bout of flame shot from just behind me impacted the Barlog. I watched as it disintegrated into particles.

"Well looks like I saved your butt, although I never expected you to be one of those helpless girls!" came a voice from behind me.

"I'm not, and I didn't need your help."

"Right… And on what are you basing that on."

"On my contempt for you." I deadpanned.

"Ouch that was harsh"

"Well that sucks for you then doesn't its, Freud?"

"I suppose there's no changing you is there, Queen Mercedes?"


Anyways first chapter of my comeback fic!

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