"Shut the hell up Iemitsu. Or I'll make sure you'll never be able to speak again."

Reborn hissed at the blonde, because we all know no one laughs at the world strongest hitman and gets away with it.

Iemitsu however, ignored the death threat sent towards him and continued pointing at the seven year old looking kid in front of him whilst releasing loud laughters. The sight of the young boy dressed in a suit that was obviously too many sizes bigger for him with a fedora that covered almost his whole face down to his lips was absolutely comical.

Right then, the boy sent another death glare towards him that promised a painful death towards him. However, it was impossible to take a kid seriously, especially when he was in that state and Iemitsu found himself doubling over with laughter. Before he knew it, he was rolling on the floor, laughing like a mad man, unable to stop.

Next to him, a old looking man sat in front of a office table with a gentle smile as he too, released a few chuckles. "Now, Iemitsu.. I'm sure Reborn would appreciate it if you kept your.. Thoughts to yourself for a while. After all, he is a guest," he reprimanded him gently.

Iemitsu chuckled, panting breathlessly before grinning, wiping tears of laughter off his eyes, "Its not my fault that he came in such a state."

Turning towards Reborn, the seven year old kid who stood there, emotionless, he grinned. A huge murderous intent was gathering behind the boy and Iemitsu didn't care. It wasn't as though the world's strongest hitman could do anything to him in that state.

As though hearing his thoughts, said boy looked up at him with a dangerous glint in his eyes as though daring him to test his limits. Leon was morphing into a gun in his hands.

Iemitsu gulped. Scratch that! That boy was scary no matter what!

The ninth, once again, released a few chuckles, shaking his head at the man's childlike behaviour. He focused back on Reborn, despite the concerned look he held, he made no effort to hide the amusement dancing in his eyes. "So, what are happened to you? Reborn."

Clicking his tongue in annoyance, Reborn released Leon from his gun shape and hissed in displeasure, "Verde's idea of freeing us from the curse."

Snapping out of his reverie, Iemitsu raised his eyebrows, "What?"

Reborn glared at him, his hands twitching for him to reach up to Leon. He was absolutely sure that there was no one annoying as the blonde idiot who stood before him.

"Will there be any after effects?" the Ninth spoke, eyes serious, ignoring Iemitsu.

"H-hey! Don't ignore me!" Iemitsu yelled in the back ground.

Reborn let out a sigh, ignoring him "Aside for the fact that we will have to grow up again, no."

The Ninth gave a relaxed smile, "That's good to know. And I take it as you're adapting well?"

At this, Reborn shrugged with a smug smirk, "I'm already used to fighting in an infant form. What difference could growing up by a few years make?"

The Ninth chuckled at the arrogance he had showed. Then again, Reborn was probably the only one who could show such arrogance in the Mafia side of the world and still manage to keep his head intact.

The Ninth seemed to consider something briefly before he smiled, "Reborn, do you still remember your mission?"

Reborn raised his eyebrows at the question but nodded his head nonetheless, "To train the useless kid of Iemitsu to become the next leader of Vongola in a few years."

The Ninth smiled, pleased, "Well, Reborn, I've decided to make some changes to your mission."

"Ninth?" Iemitsu questioned, thoroughly confused.

"Reborn, you are coming with us to Iemitsu's home in Japan next week and your job is to protect her until she can take over Vongola," Ninth stated with a smile.

Reborn raised his eyebrows before groaning.

"Nintthhh..!" he let out what seemed like a whine. Iemitsu's eyebrows flew up immediately as he watched Reborn in disbelief. The Ninth seemed amused.

"I do not need to experience a happy childhood again!"



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